DAUGHTERS Tease New Music

Rhode Island’s infamous noise makers Daughters subtly announced last year that they were in the process of writing. Now, the band recently posted two short, cryptic videos in which new music can be heard. The clips are a little hard to hear, but they are enough to get one excited for what’s to come. You check out the clips after the break.

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MELVINS Streaming New Track “Captain Comedown”

Melvins are prepping the release of their split 10″ with Le Butcherettes and they are currently streaming new track for your listening pleasure. The split will see release very soon and the track they have premiered is titled “Captain Comedown.” It’s a noisy, fun track that crushes and peels and leaves you wanting more. I mean, it’s Melvins. What else would it do? Check out the track below.     Continue reading

MUTOID MAN Streaming New Track “Reptilian Soul”

Oooooooh, Mutoid Man, you so niiiiiice. I love this band and their funky sound. The band will release their new album Bleeder next month and the band is streaming a new track titled “Reptilian Soul.” This track is fucking phenomenal and I cannot wait to hear Bleeder in full. Mutoid Man keep getting better and better and why would they not, they feature members of Cave In and Converge. Get rad with “Reptilian Soul” below.     Continue reading

KEN MODE Streaming New Track “Management Control”

Man, Success is definitely going to be one of the best albums of the year. This much is clear. KEN Mode are a fucking beast and each and every album shows the band advancing in their craft. I personally think the band can do no wrong and Success is going to live up to it’s title. Further proof? KEN Mode have unleashed a new track titled “Management Control” and it will lay you out. Check out the track below.     Continue reading