HEADS. Release Music Video For “A Mural Is Worth A Thousand Words”

headsGerman noise rockers Heads. released a really cool, self-titled album last month and the band has followed it with a really cool music video. The video is for the albums first track “A Mural Is Worth A Thousand Words” and I really like it a lot. The video has a lot of really cool elements to it, although it it mostly a static shot of who I am assuming is either Ed or Chris but with a lot of post effects added in. You can check out Heads. video below. I dig it.      Continue reading

ÅRABROT Streaming New EP “You Bunch Of Idiots”

arabrot idiotsOver the years, I have gained a ton of respect for Årabrot. The Norwegian noise rockers have won awards for their music in their home country and have gained a world-wide cult following. Why? Because their music is spectacularly crafted. The bands latest offering You Bunch Of Idiots will be released tomorrow and if you’re behind feel free to catch up. Årabrot is currently streaming this album is all of its noisy glory. Get some below!      Continue reading

WATERTANK Streaming New Track “Contrails”

Watertank are a really sick French band who perform killer, noisy rock. The band will release their new album Destination Unknown very soon and to amp up anticipation, the band has released a new song. They have unfortunately released it on my least favorite platform: Stereokiller. It’s a great song though, so head on over and stream the shit out of it. It’ll blow your socks off.

STATS Streaming New Track “The Freeze, The Fritz”

Stats are an up-and-coming featuring vets from the likes of Psalm Zero, Aa and Extra Life and they are making some killer progressive punk tunes. The band will release their debut album Mercy at the beginning of August and they have premiered a seriously killer track over on BrooklynVegan. The track is titled “The Freeze, The Fritz” and it is remarkably heavy and powerful wrapped up in a coat of rad. Check out the track below and take note, Stats are going to turn heads this year, Mercy is a beast. Continue reading

FIGHT AMP Debut “Ex Everything” Video

Philadelphia noise rockers Fight Amp have released the official video for their track “Ex Everything”, which can be heard on their recently released Constantly Off LP. The sludgy stormer is set to a Steve Perrong-directed clip shot on an old VHS camera. The group comments on the new video:

“If you aren’t already aware, we sort of have a soft spot for outdated technology. So it only made sense to shoot the first video for ‘Constantly Off’ straight to an old VHS camera handed down by our high school’s A.V. Club to director Steve Perrong. Throw in a touch of tin foil hat conspiracy, and the 24 hour news cycle, and there you have our new video for ‘Ex Everything.’ This was a lot of fun to make, hope you enjoy.”

View the video after the break.

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KEN MODE Streaming New Album “Success”

Who’s been anxiously awaiting the new Ken Mode album Success?! I know it’s not just me because this band is fantastical and their music is unbelievable. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to hear the new album in full a few times and I gotta admit, it is spectacular. If you want to hate your life and the people you love, then please do not stream Success after the jump. Ken Mode rule, you sucka. Don’t let this album slip past you.      Continue reading

GAYTHEIST And RABBITS Announce Split LP “Gay*Bits”

Two of Portland’s greatest noise makers, Gaytheist and Rabbits, have announced the release of their new split album. The LP will be titled Gay*Bits and will be released through Good To Die Records on August 21. The record will feature two new tracks from each band as well as covers of each other’s songs. The album’s track listing can be found after the break.

Brooklyn Vegan is currently streaming Gaytheist‘s reworking of their song “I Quit” with Rabbits‘ Josh Hughes providing vocals. Check it out now.

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Noise rock duo Invisible Things have premiered the official video for their track “F”, which comes from their new album Time As One Axis, over at NPR. The discombobulating track is set to an equally weird and abstract clip directed by Dylan Pecora. The track is completely zany and colorfully disfigured yet doesn’t skimp on melody or the essential grooves.  Check it out for yourself after the break.

Time As One Axis is out now on New Atlantis Records.

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FIGHT AMP Streaming New Album “Constantly Off”

fight amp-constnatlyoffThe time is now! Fight Amp are now streaming their highly awaited and even higher-ly anticipated new album Constantly Off! Have you, like so many people, been sitting around begging to hear the album? Of course you were. we all were. Well, click on over after the jump and let the warm, noisy tones of Fight Amp‘s Constantly Off wash over your filthy body. Enjoy it, sucka!     Continue reading