FUCKING INVINCIBLE Streaming New Track “The World Keeps Turning”

Fucking Invincible (Daughters, Dropdead) have premiered another auditory eviscerator from their upcoming album, It’ll Get Worse Before It Gets Better, over at Blow The Scene. The track is entitled “The World Keeps Turning” and in just 30 seconds it manages to inflict major damage. Head over to Blow The Scene and hit “play” 10 times.

It’ll Get Worse Before It Gets Better will be released on July 15th via Atomic Action!

WATER TORTURE Release Album Teaser For “Pillbox”

water tortureWater Torture, Buffalo New York’s greatest drum-and-bass powerviolence band, took me by storm a while back and the band has yet to lose my attention. I mean, these dudes continue to gain momentum and its not often that an album teaser can give me a perfect idea of what to expect from a bands forthcoming album, but I think I have a pretty good idea of how Water Torture‘s Pillbox will come out. It’s going to destroy everything you love. Don’t believe me? Check out the bands teaser for Pillbox and stream their last release Shellfire!. Yessir.      Continue reading

FULL OF HELL And NOISEM Announced North American Tour

full of noisem 2Two amazing powerhouse bands, Full Of Hell and Noisem have announced a co-headlining tour that will take them all cross the US and it is sure to be epic. As if not be be outdone… by themselves, the band will also be teaming up with powerviolence legends Dropdead on select dates along the West Coast (best Coast!). I mean, damn. That’s an unbelievable bill. Check out the dates and full poster after the jump to see if this amazing package is coming to a town near you.      Continue reading


DI PLFDead Instruments and PLF are both band that I have followed for a good while now and I dig both of them, but I’ve been wondering when I would hear new tunes from either. Well, lucky me. The band will be releasing a split EP titled Season Of Velocity, which  you can stream after the jump. Both of these bands destroy and it’s amazingly awesome that they are together at last. Check out the tracks after the jump.     Continue reading

Review: MALADJUSTED – “Death Is The Only Relief”

This review is far from unbiased. I confess I’ve booked this band before so I can personally attest to their awesomeness. But biased or not this review will give light to one of the most promising up-and-coming punk acts in So Cal or anywhere.

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Review: BLEED THE PIGS – “Overcompensations for Misery”

After being exposed to Nashville, TN’s Bleed the Pigs’s debut EP Mortis Fatum I was intrigued by the promise this young band showed. While showing great potential they nonetheless fell short of expanding their
sound beyond the already aging Entombedcore sound pioneered by Nails and further popularized by a host of bands. However on their followup EP, Overcompensations for Misery they have smashed right thru the
glass ceiling and have, in my mind, established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the national punk/hardcore/powerviolence scene.

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Review: BODDICKER – “False Flag”

My attention was first alerted to the existence of Boddicker last fall when I was tasked with the responsibility of reviewing their split with Kata Sarka. I was immediately impressed with the unbridled fury Boddicker was able to contain in each of their songs so I was very much interested in reviewing their latest release, an EP entitled False Flag.

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ACXDC Streaming New Track “Paid In Full”

ACxDCACxDC need no introduction here on American Aftermath, as they are always welcomed with an open hand and an inverted cross. I have adored this band for years, as have Lane and Eric. They totally destroy and they are the embodiment of west coast grindcore.  The band will release their new album later this month and, as if they haven’t pumped you up enough, the band is streaming a new track called “Paid In Full.” Check this shit out, courtesy of CVLT Nation.     Continue reading

ACxDC Streaming New Track “Destroy Create”

ACxDC have premiered a new track from their forthcoming debut, Antichrist Demoncore, over at Invisible Oranges. The track just so happens to be the opening number, “Destroy Create”, and it makes for a vile 63 seconds. Be sure to stream it now at Invisible Oranges.

Antichrist Demoncore will be released on June 24th via Melotov Records. Check out the band’s upcoming tour dates after the break.

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Review: CHEST PAIN – “Weltschmerz”

chest pain - weltschmerzSo, a few years back I was buying up a ton of 7″ records because, well, I dig the power and intensity that bands can pack into that little slab of wax. One record that I bought without really knowing who the band was happened to be the self-titled 7″ by a band called Chest Pain. This band blew my mind with their aggressive powerviolence and I still find myself going back to that album for a good pick-me-up. I also recently learned that the band will be releasing their new LP Weltschmerz soon and, although it took all of my power not to scream out in excitement, I was beyond stoked. And guess what. Yeah, this destroys.    Continue reading

CHEST PAIN Streaming New Tracks “Moron” & “Wolf’s Den”

chest pain - weltschmerzI fell in love with Chest Pain on their self-titled 7″ (released in 2011 by To Live A Lie) and I have loved the band ever since. Today I learned that the band has a few new tracks from their forthcoming album Weltschmerz already streaming from their new album (check here) and now they are streaming two more. Today, CVLT Nation has brought us the tracks “Moron” and “Wolf’s Den,” both of which are fucking destructive. If you’ve got a powerviolence itch that you need scratched, Chest Pain can be that scratch. Check out the two new tracks below.     Continue reading

ACxDC Streaming New Track “Filicide”

Los Angeles powerviolence outfit ACxDC have premiered a new track from their forthcoming debut full length, Antichrist Demoncore, over at LA Weekly. The new track is the nearly two-minute “Filicide”, which is sure to inspire listeners around the world to punch the person or thing nearest to them. Stream the new teeth-kicker at LA Weekly now.

Antichrist Demoncore will be released on June 24th via Melotov Records. The band’s upcoming U.S. and European tour dates can be seen below.

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ACXDC Streaming New Track “Endless Failure”

ACxDCI fucking adore California grind quintet ACxDC and I have been a fan for years. This band is preparing to release one of the most relentless, unapologetic grind albums of 2014 in the form of their debut LP. The band has unleashed a brutal new track titled “Endless Failure” and it will destroy you and everyone around you. Check it out:    Continue reading

ACXDC Detail Forthcoming Debut Full Length


Everyone’s favorite Californian powerviolence outfit, ACxDC, have released the official artwork and track listing for their upcoming self-titled debut full length. You can find those goodies after the break. The 16 track, Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise, etc) mastered monstrosity will arrive on June 24th through Melotov Records.

The band checked in with Decibel to give a brief studio report, so head over there to check that out as well.

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