Premiere: CAPE OF BATS Give You A Dose Of “Violent Occultism”

NAC_4-Panel_Jcard_BACK_Template_forILLUSTRATORA genre of music that I find mesmerizing is blackened punk. It’s filthy, it’s raw and it’s amazing. I really love Raspberry Bulbs and now I’ve been turned on to a new band called Cape Of Bats. These guys absolutely destroy with their doom-influenced blackened punk madness. The band has given me the first five tracks off of their forthcoming album Violent Occultism and you can stream those after the jump. Check it out. It’ll crush you.     Continue reading

NIGHT BIRDS Streaming New Album “Mutiny At Muscle Beach”

Night Birds

New Jersey punks Night Birds have premiered their upcoming full-length, Mutiny at Muscle Beach, over at Impose Magazine. The album will officially be released on October 2 via Fat Wreck Chords and can still be pre-ordered at this location. The album features a vibrant, old school punk feel with a modern twist to it. Stream all 12 catchy anthems after the break.

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NIGHT BIRDS Release Music Video For “Mutiny At Muscle Beach”

night birdsNight Birds will soon release their new album Mutiny At Muscle Beach and the band has released their new music video for the albums title track today. The video is pretty cool, with most of it taking place on a VHS tape. The track is only two and a half minutes long, but the band packs a lot into the video. Check it out below and see if you’re digging it.     Continue reading

NIGHT BIRDS Streaming New Track “Blank Eyes”

I believe Eric introduced me to punk heathens Night Birds soon after he started here and I’m glad he did. The band is really fun and energetic and I am super stoekd that they will be releasing a new record this year. The album is titled Mutiny At Muscle Beach and if you want to hear a radical new track titled “Blank Eyes,” just click on over after the jump. It’s siiiick      Continue reading

STOP BREATHING Streaming New Album “V”

Hardcore punk horde Stop Breathing will release their new album V tomorrow, but if you can’t wait that long I’ve got news for you. Revolver is currently streaming the album in full! This is a really rad record from Stop Breathing and it is also my introduction to the band. You can check out the stream below. Get pummeled.      Continue reading

KNUCKLE PUCK Release Music Video For “True Contrite”

knuckle pckOh, I adore Knuckle Puck. They’re one of those bands. Well, they’ll be releasing their new album Copacetic in September and it is sounding so sweet. The band has released a new music video to amp up the excitement for the album. The video is for their track “True Contrite” and it is a spectacular video. Check it out below and see if you’re digging it.      Continue reading

BL’AST Streaming New EP “For Those Who’ve Graced The Fire”

Where have I been? The last I heard about Bl’ast, they were releasing their long lost album Blood!. I seriously must have been in the dark since then because from my research the band has released another album and now they have signed to Rise Records and are releasing a new EP. The EP is titled For Those Who’ve Graced The Fire and it is pretty fucking rad. The EP features Dave Grohl and Chuck Dukowski filling in on drums and bass respectively. You can check out the EP below.     Continue reading

RAMMING SPEED Streaming New Track “Choke Holds And Bullet Holes”

Thrashpunks Ramming Speed have marked an early September release for their new album No Epitaphs. We’ve already heard one new track from the album, but the band isn’t going to let that stand. Ramming Speed have unloaded their fierce new track “Choke Holds And Bullet Holes” for the world to grind. Check out the track below or you’re dead to me.     Continue reading

THE WONDER YEARS Release New Music Video “Cardinals”

Wodner YearsThe Wonder Years will release their new album No Closer To Heaven next month and the band has released a new music video to amp us all up in anticipation. The video is for the bands radical new track “Cardinals,” which is an amazing song. The video is very simple but really cool. I think this might be the video I’ve been wanting to see for some time now, I was just waiting for The Wonder Years to make it. Check it out below.     Continue reading

KNUCKLE PUCK Streaming New Track “True Contrite”

Ohhhh, man. Some new Knuckle Puck comin’ at cha! This band is just great. I have a soft spot for pop punk and these dudes do it right. I’ve completely missed the news that the band would be releasing a new record, titled Copacetic, but I am so stoked now that I not only know, but have heard a fantastic new track. The track is titled “True Contrite” and it is beautifully melodic and catchy as hell. Check it out below.      Continue reading

POWER Streaming New Track “Slow Train Coming”

After premiering a new track here on AA last month, Power have released another barn burner for us to hear. This new track is titled “Slow Train Coming” and it is so damn good that I can’t think straight. Loud, crunchy riffs and raw, real vocals ripping through, it’s so damn good. Check out the new Power jam below.     Continue reading

STATS Streaming New Track “The Freeze, The Fritz”

Stats are an up-and-coming featuring vets from the likes of Psalm Zero, Aa and Extra Life and they are making some killer progressive punk tunes. The band will release their debut album Mercy at the beginning of August and they have premiered a seriously killer track over on BrooklynVegan. The track is titled “The Freeze, The Fritz” and it is remarkably heavy and powerful wrapped up in a coat of rad. Check out the track below and take note, Stats are going to turn heads this year, Mercy is a beast. Continue reading

CANCER BATS Streaming Mini-Documentary “Zeroed In”

cancerbatzBy this point, you should all know I love Cancer Bats, so with that said I was very excited to learn the band had released a short documentary titled Zeroed In. The documentary centers on the bands most recent offering, Searching For Zero. It’s a really cool watch and it’s just under twenty minutes, so you’ve got plenty of time. If you’ve been digging the new Cancer Bats record, then check out the video after the jump.      Continue reading

CANCER BATS Release New Music Video For “Beelzebub”

cancer batsCancer Bats are one of my favorite Canadian things ever. And I love Canada. The band has never made music that I didn’t enjoy and this continues over into their music videos. The latest video that the Bats have released is for their song “Beelzebub,” which is a brilliant track and a really cool video. Shot while the band was in the UK, the editing is superb. Check out the video after the jump.      Continue reading

DEATHWISH Streaming New Track “Out For Blood”

Dubbing a band speed punk is an easy way to to get me to listen to your band. This is the story of Deathwish. The band hails from Wisconsin and they are prepping the release of their debut record Out For Blood. The band are quick to the punch and have also released the title track off of the new record and it crushes. Check out Deathwish below and let them smash ya face.      Continue reading