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This is Violence Now: DEATH GRIPS Drop Surprise New Album


Sacramento’s own Death Grips have a history of surprising just about anyone that follows their exploits. 2013 proved to be no different due to various show cancellations and other controversies, but the band seems to be finishing the year out by dropping a new record for free on the internet with absolutely no warning whatsoever.

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In this review Profane Existence, one the most trusted names in crust/d-beat, were kind enough to furnish me with preview copies of their 2013 Limited Edition Singles Series. With 12 7″s of some the best crust, d-beat, powerviolence, grind,Oi!, and even some folk punk; your ears will sure to never find themselves bored with this eclectic mix of all things punk.

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If You Can’t Trust Me: IRON CHIC Streaming New Album

Iron ChicWhen the band emerged, I didn’t really think I would be getting into Iron Chic. I thought their name was funny enough but I didn’t think their music would live up to my expectations. As a huge fan of punk, the term “melodic punk” isn’t usually something I usually seek out, but I decided it was time I check into Iron Chic because, well just because. As it turns out, the band is currently streaming their new album The Constant One right now and you can check it out below thanks to the Dan Ozzi over at Noisey!     Continue reading

Yes Way: WEEKEND NACHOS Streaming New Album


The time is here: the long anticipated new album from Chicago-based powerviolence quartet Weekend Nachos is being streamed via SoundCloud thanks to good ol’ Relapse Records! Get some of this blisteringly heavy, beat-you-in-the-face hardcore for yourself after the jump!

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We Bite: A MISFITS Playlist For Your Halloween Enjoyment

MisfitsHappy Halloween, gnargonauts. In celebration of this most dreary of Halloweens, I have put together a Misfits playlist for you to enjoy. This playlist covers my favorite Misfits songs as well as some very well done covers by other artists including Cradle Of Filth, Aiden and Earth Crisis. So put on your hockey mask and grab your chainsaws. It’s that time of year. Enjoy.       Continue reading

Buried Beneath Riffs: COP PROBLEM Streaming New EP

Philadelphia’s hardcore unit Cop Problem’s new EP Buried Beneath White Noise is available now and can be purchased through Bandcamp. “Oh no, Bandcamp isn’t streaming all the tracks!”. Get a hold of yourself because Invisible Oranges is exclusively all four juicy songs now! So head over there and get your skull crushed.

Acid-Fueled Animation: TOXIC HOLOCAUST Release New Music Video

toxic holocaustA few days I talked about Toxic Holocaust because they were streaming their radical new album The Chemistry Of Consciousness and now the band has released an acid-fueled music video for their song “Acid Fuzz.” This video is animated, extremely bright and colorful and brilliant all around. This is one music video that you do not want to pass up. Check it out after the jump.       Continue reading

Review: HOAX – “Self Titled”

Hoax are on the shortlist of hottest DIY hardcore bands. All on the strength of 3 superb EPs. With such a volatile style it’s always the fear of underground punks that a band like Hoax will breakup without putting out an LP. But lucky for us Hoax deliver on their many fans’ wishes and come through with one of the best releases of the year.

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Free Shit Friday: GOJIRA / KVELERTAK Live Split & New FREYA EP Free To Download!

FreyaWell, it’s a good day for free downloads! Earlier today MetalSucks unveiled a live split EP from Gojira and Kvelertak, which is pretty intense by itself and now we have a new EP from Freya, the hardcore group headed by Earth Crisis front man Karl Buechner. Now, if I know my readers, at lease ONE of these albums must peak you interests and even if they don’t, the fact that the EPs are FREE should! I mean, who doesn’t love free music?! We all do! Click on over after the jump to find out how to acquire these free jams!     Continue reading

Aftermath Exclusive: HARM WÜLF Show You Their “Silk Soul”

harmwulf2-e1369238898691What’s that? You have never heard of Harm Wülf? Well, that is because this is a new project by a veteran. Headed by Blacklisted front man G. Hirsch, Harm Wülf is Hirsch’s first solo outing and it is a hodgepodge of different genres from different eras in many different ways. I honestly don’t know how to describe the music that is about to flow forth from your speakers or headphones, but I will tell you that it is brilliant and mesmerizing.

There’s Honey In The Soil So We Wait For The Till is the title set for Harm Wülf‘s debut and it will be released by Deathwish, Inc. on 12″ vinyl and as a digital download. You can pre-order the album here. And now, I present to you, “Silk Soul,” the dissonant, emotional eruption from G. Hirsch’s Harm Wülf. Howl, baby.      Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: LOCUST’s and RETOX’s Justin Pearson

There are few people in the hardcore community who have done as much as Justin Pearson and done it their way. From all the bands he’s been involved with over the course of his 20+ year “career” to his label Three One G, Mr.Pearson has not only maintained relevancy in the minds of punks worldwide but he’s done it on his own terms. Plus he’s a swell guy, as evidenced by agreeing to be interviewed by a nobody like me. Read on after the break.

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Born Into Debt: CRUEL HAND Release New Music Video

Born Into DebtPortland, Maine’s Cruel Hand will be releasing their new 7″ Born Into Debt, We All Owe A Debt this month and in anticipation of said release, the band has unveiled a music video for their track “3S.” I’m really digging this track, which is making me want to go back and listen to older Cruel Hand. You can check out the video after the jump. It’s pretty rad. Continue reading