CANCER BATS Release New Live Music Video For “True Zero”

cancer_bats_announce_new_album_details_for_searching_for_zeroYou all know I love Cancer Bats. I shouldn’t have to reiterate. Well, the band has released a new music video for their recently released Searching For Zero. The album was released last month by Metal Blade and the band recently did an in-store performance where a live performance footage music video for their track “True Zero” was shot. It’s a cool video and a great song, so check it out below.      Continue reading

DIAMOND YOUTH Streaming New Album “Nothing Matters”

diamond youth nothing mattersI’ve talked about Diamond Youth before. This band is pretty rad and I enjoy them a lot. They will release their new album Nothing Matters next week and you can hear the album right now. Nothing Matters is very fun and very enjoyable. I’ve listened to it a few times through and I keep finding more and more stuff about it I like. Check out the album after the jump. Now.      Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: WOLFNOTE’s Bo Lueders

WOLF web 2Recently I was introduced to a new band with some familiar faces. Those faces belonged to Bo and Chris from the band Harm’s Way, whom I adore. This time around, these dudes came in the form of Wolfnote, a rad new band with a completely new sound for these guys. I reviewed the bands debut EP recently (see here) and I wasted no time to hit up Bo Leuders, vocalist and guitarist of Wolfnote and got down to the nitty. Check out my full interview after the jump where we talk about the band, Bo’s IMDB profile and more.       Continue reading

FOUR YEAR STRONG Streaming New Track “I’m Big, Bright, Shining Star”

Four Year Strong are currently promoting their new, Kurt Ballou-produced record, which is due out in June. The band has released a new song and, personally, I think it sounds pretty rad. I enjoy Four Year Strong and I can’t wait to check out their new, self-titled record. If you didn’t like the bands previous material, you probably won’t be into this, but it’s worth a shot. Check out “I’m Big, Bright, Shining Star” below.     Continue reading

REFUSED Streaming New Track “Elektra,” Announce New Album

Who’s ready for some new noise from Sweden’s premiere hardcore punks? We all are! Refused are making their long-rumored comeback in the form of their new album Freedom and, to make things even better, the band is currently streaming a new track titled “Elektra.” This band is fucking huge. Legendary. Their comeback gives me serious hope for the future of music. Check out the details regarding Freedom below as well as the first new Refused song in seventeen years. Get fucked.     Continue reading

Review: WOLFNOTE – “Wolfnote” EP

cd694-wolf2bcover2bwebI am one of those people who always crave something new and interesting. This is most definitely reprensented in the music I listen to. At the end of every year I clear out a large amount of my iPod to make room for new music, something intriguing that I haven’t heard before. Well, this year I have experienced one of my favorite records of the year and it consists of only three songs. The band is Wolfnote and they consist of two members of Harm’s Way. However, if you go into this EP think you’re going to experience Harm’s Way-style hardcore, you may be disappointed. If you go into it with an open mind, I think you will be happily surprised.       Continue reading

FUCKED UP Streaming New Track “California Cold”

Every year Fucked Up release yet another installment in their Zodiac series. This year we will get a taste of Year Of The Hare. If you know Fucked Up, you know what you can expect from the music, but it’s still an amazing listen. The B-side of Year Of The Hare is called “California Cold” and it is an 8-minute blazer. You can check out the track below. It’s sick.      Continue reading