THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Release Music Video For JARREN BENTON Collaboration “Rage”

dillinger-escape-plan-headerThe Dillinger Escape Plan have been teamed up with rapper Jarren Benton for a Converse compilation titled Cons EP Vol. 2, which sounds to me like a revamped version of Judgement Night. The collaborative track is titled “Rage” and it’s pretty phenomenal. Jarren‘s rapping over whacky Dillinger riffs rules. You can check out the music video for the effort after the jump.     Continue reading

MELLOWHYPE Release New Mixtape “INSA”

mellowhype-artworkOdd Future hip-hop collective MellowHype (Hodgy Beats and Left Brain), who released the phenomenal album Numbers back in 2012 have just released their new mixtape INSA. As a fan of the group, I was thrilled to find out that I had new jams to enjoy and, yes, the music is fantastic. You can stream the mixtape after the jump and you can find the link to download the album for free. Daaaaaamn right.       Continue reading

CONDUCTING FROM THE GRAVE Stream Cover Of “Natural Born Killaz”

conducting-from-the-grave-6Metalcore act Conducting From The Grave have done something that many have done before and I almost always find it enjoyable: they’ve covered a rap song. Conducting From The Grave have released their cover of Dr. Dre & Ice Cube‘s “Natural Born Killaz” and it’s pretty great. I have no idea if this was for a release or just for fun, but I’m into it. Check out the lyric video after the jump, homie.     Continue reading

Review: SCHOOLBOY Q – “Oxymoron”

Schoolboy QI am new to ScHoolboy Q and his latest offering Oxymoron is the first I’ve listened to. When I go into a rap album, there are a lot of factors that need to be present to keep my attention. First and foremost, the artist has to be interesting and they need to have a good flow. ScHoolboy Q has both of those factors. Another thing he has is that he brought the right people in to work on this album. The beats are off the charts and the featured rappers fit perfectly in the mix. Continue reading

Best Hip-Hop Label Of 2013: STRANGE MUSIC

These past two weeks I have, alongside numerous new 2014 metal releases, been catching up on a lot of 2013 hip-hop albums that I missed. One thing I have noticed is that Strange Music’s artists are the ones that I find myself listening to constantly. I put a few of these albums on my Hip-Hop Year-End List and the order of those may have changed by this point, but I have gotten into a few more records from the Strange Music roster and it is with that that I dub Strange the best hip-hop label of 2013. After the jump you can check out my thoughts on my favorite records from Strange artists from last year.      Continue reading

This is Violence Now: DEATH GRIPS Drop Surprise New Album


Sacramento’s own Death Grips have a history of surprising just about anyone that follows their exploits. 2013 proved to be no different due to various show cancellations and other controversies, but the band seems to be finishing the year out by dropping a new record for free on the internet with absolutely no warning whatsoever.

Continue reading

Love 2 Dislike Me: TECH N9NE Releases New Music Video

I’ve been posting a lot about Tech N9ne over the last few months, you may have noticed. Well, that’s because I am a huge fan of the rapper and his latest effort Something Else is spectacular. There are many stand-out tracks on this album, but one of my favorites is a track called “Love 2 Dislike Me” which is a completely metal-oriented track. Tech N9ne was joined by vocalist/guitarist Tyler Lyon of Evalyn Awake on this track (not sure if the backing band is Evalyn Awake) and the beautiful Liz Suwandi, another artist on Tech‘s label Strange Music.     Continue reading


Tech FiveSo yeah, this happened. I don’t pay attention to press releases or news items dealing with Five Finger Death Punch because I am not a fan of the band. That is, until the following headline crossed my radar: “LISTEN: Five Finger Death Punch – ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ (Feat. Tech N9ne).”

Yeah, I said the same thing. What the fuck? Of course we are all familiar with the classic LL Cool J tune and I have posted much praise about Tech N9ne, especially his new album, but how the fuck did this happen?     Continue reading

Straight Out The Gate: TECH N9NE Releases New Music Video, Featuring SERJ TANKIAN

Recently I told you about viper-tongued rapper Tech N9ne‘s new album Something Else which features a collaboration between Tech and System Of A Down vocalist Serj Tankian. Well, I’ve listened to this song numerous times and I fucking love it.

The album was released today and along with it MTVU has premiered a music video for the track. You can check this out after the jump as well as an interview in which Tech discusses working with Serj and sings a bit of “Sugaaaaaah.” Continue reading

Deranged Visuals: MICKEY NAPALM Releases New Track

Underground hip-hop crusher Mickey Napalm has finally unveiled his first new material in 2013. I’ve been patiently awaiting these new tracks ever since two of his records were on my never-posted Hip-Hop year-end list. If you’re new to Mickey, or if you’ve also been waiting on this shit, click on after the jump. Dude’s on some mad shit.     Continue reading