MASTODON Release “Asleep In The Deep” Music Video

mastodonLast year Mastodon released their highly-praised Once More ‘Round The Sun. Over the last few weeks we have been getting hints as to what Mastodon were doing with their new music video for “Asleep In The Deep.” Well the waiting is over and you can now watch the video for yourself. The concept of the video is what do cats do when their owners are asleep and it’s fucking weird. A video this strange, only Adult Swim could be involved. Check it out below.     Continue reading

THE EARLY NOVEMBER Releases Music Video For “Boxing Timelines”

the early novemberThe Early November recently released their amazing new album Imbue and the band have had a quick turnaround and have now released a music video for their new song “Boxing Timelines.” Admittedly, this is one of my favorite tracks on Imbue. It’s a really great song and I really like the video the band has crafted for it. You can check out the video after the jump. I honestly think this is some of The Early November‘s best work to date. Thoughts?       Continue reading

BLOOD DRUGS Releases Music Video For “Division”

blood drugsPsychrockers Blood Drugs released their spectacular album Blood Drugs and now the band has released a new music video. The video is for their song “Division” which comes off of said self-titled album. The video is pretty cool. It takes place in pretty closed quarters, but it’s it’s still cool. The song is great, even if you’re not digging the video. Get a dose of Blood Drugs below.      Continue reading

Exclusive: lLLOGISTICAL RESOURCE DEPT. Premiere “March Of The Urchins”

Album CoverAre you digging proggy rock that gives nods to Rush and bands of that ilk? Well, I might have something here you might be interested in. I was recently introduced to a band called Illogistical Resource Dept. who play a weird brand of spacy rock. Their music is definitely unusual, but it is pretty cool too. If you’re interested, may I present an official stream of the bands new track “March Of The Urchins.” The track is very bass-heavy and it’s got a fun groove to it. Check it out below and see if it’s your kinda jam.     Continue reading

CANCER BATS Release New Live Music Video For “True Zero”

cancer_bats_announce_new_album_details_for_searching_for_zeroYou all know I love Cancer Bats. I shouldn’t have to reiterate. Well, the band has released a new music video for their recently released Searching For Zero. The album was released last month by Metal Blade and the band recently did an in-store performance where a live performance footage music video for their track “True Zero” was shot. It’s a cool video and a great song, so check it out below.      Continue reading

SONS OF HUNS Streaming New Track “Philosopher’s Stone”

Stoned rockers Sons Of Huns will release their new album While Sleeping Stay Awake at the end of July. The band has released a new track in the meantime, though. The track is titled “Philosopher’s Stone” and it features Melvins drummer Dale Crover. Nice. The track is rad as hell. I love this band and I can listen to their seventies groove all day. Check out some new Sons Of Huns below.     Continue reading

DIAMOND YOUTH Streaming New Album “Nothing Matters”

diamond youth nothing mattersI’ve talked about Diamond Youth before. This band is pretty rad and I enjoy them a lot. They will release their new album Nothing Matters next week and you can hear the album right now. Nothing Matters is very fun and very enjoyable. I’ve listened to it a few times through and I keep finding more and more stuff about it I like. Check out the album after the jump. Now.      Continue reading

THE EARLY NOVEMBER Streaming New Album “Imbue”

Well, fuck me. The Early November put their new album Imbue up for streaming in the middle of last week and I fucking missed it. Well, since the album comes out tomorrow I guess it’s a good a time as any to tell you folks about it. If you’re not into The Early November, give it a shot anyway. I love this band so much and Imbue is a wonderful album. Check out a full stream of the album below. Do it.     Continue reading