COHEED AND CAMBRIA Streaming New Track “Eraser”

Only a few weeks left until the entirety of Coheed And Cambria‘s new album The Color Before The Sun hits. I am really excited for this record and the first two tracks released have been great. Well, lets go for a threepeat because the third single from the album, “Eraser,” is also really, really good. You can check out the track below. Stream it with everything you’ve got.     Continue reading

Interview: Get To Know Andrew Lima of I AMONG YOU

A while back I got in contact with a dude named Andrew Lima to acquire a cover song for a compilation I was putting together. The guy was really awesome and he gladly gave me a song to use. His cover was Nirvana‘s “Negative Creep” and since then I have called him friend. He’s given us many amazing new covers and now, as he preps his sophomore album, I bring you his first ever interview. Continue on to learn the world that Andrew Lima resides in. Continue reading

RED FANG Streaming ELVIS Cover “Can’t Help Falling In Love”

Southern heavy rockers Red Fang have always had their eye on the prize and they’re always cranking out rad tunes. Today the band released a new track that might be on a different level. The track is a cover of Elvis‘ “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and it will appear on a new 7″ whose b-side is a cover of Fraggle Rock‘s “Why.” What the hell is going on here? Awesome. Check out Fang‘s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” below.      Continue reading

BARONESS Release Music Video For “Chlorine & Wine”

baronessMan, Baroness are making one hell of a comeback. I loved “Chlorine & Wine” when it was released and I really dig the music video that the band has just released for it. It’s a really cool video that is mostly studio footage, but the way it was edited and choreographed, it is fantastic. Check it out below. All hail Baroness.       Continue reading

COHEED AND CAMBRIA Streaming New Track “Here To Mars”

the color before the sunWe all know how much I love Coheed And Cambria and how much I’m looking forward to the bands new album The Color Before The Sun. The band has already released a new track titled “You Got Spirit, Kid” and now the band has released a lyric video for their newest song, “Here to Mars.” This song is beautiful and simple and I cannot wait for more. Coheed will make waves again this year. Take my word. Check out “Here To Mars” below.     Continue reading

CAVERN Streaming New Album “Outsiders”

I try to keep up on up-and-comers, but I have somehow missed Cavern doing my rounds. I came across the band today and I was pleasantly surprised by their music. The band’s Baroness-esque stoner attitude is on par with any band out there I’d say. The band has teamed up with MetalSucks to stream their new album Outsiders and it is definitely worth your time. Check it out below.     Continue reading

KNUCKLE PUCK Release Music Video For “True Contrite”

knuckle pckOh, I adore Knuckle Puck. They’re one of those bands. Well, they’ll be releasing their new album Copacetic in September and it is sounding so sweet. The band has released a new music video to amp up the excitement for the album. The video is for their track “True Contrite” and it is a spectacular video. Check it out below and see if you’re digging it.      Continue reading

THE WONDER YEARS Release Music Video For “Cigarettes & Saints”

the wonder yeatsAt the beginning of July, The Wonder Years released the phenomenal music video for their new song “Cardinals.” Well, now the band has released their second music video this month! This video is for “Cigarettes & Saints.” This is an absolutely wonderful video for a fantastic song. Check it out below and take in all of The Wonder Years awesomeness. Can’t wait for this record.     Continue reading

CHRISTIAN MISTRESS Streaming New Track “Stronger Than Blood”

Man, today is a good day. New Hammercult. New Huntress and now new Christian Mistress. The latter of which has also just unleashed a new track titled “Stronger Than Blood.” A while back we heard “Open Road,” which I loved. This latest track is a wonderful, rocking beast and you need to stop what you’re doing and LISTEN. Check it out below.     Continue reading

CHELSEA WOLFE Streaming New Album “Abyss”

The time is here! Chelsea Wolfe will release the highly anticipated Abyss next week! If that doesn’t excite you as much as it does me, then how about a nice little stream of the album a week in advance? Oooooh hell yeah. Chelsea Wolfe‘s Abyss is one of the most stunning albums I’ve heard all year and it is a terrific listen over and over. Check it out over on NPR right now.

ZOMBI Streaming New Track “Pillars Of The Dawn”

Electronic, instrumental space rockers Zombi haven’t been on my radar in a long time. I mean the band hasn’t released anything since 2011, so the fact that they are back and prepping the release of their new record Shape Shift is pretty cool. The band has released a new track for us to enjoy and it’s pretty rad. If you’re familiar with the band, you know what you’re in for and you’ll dig it. Check out the track below, it’s called “Pillars Of Dawn.”     Continue reading

CHELSEA WOLFE Streaming New Track “Grey Days”

It has been documented that I was not into Chelsea Wolfe until she started promoting Abyss. I have since gone back and listened and, while I do not dislike the music at all, I think Abyss may be Chelsea‘s grand slam. All of the songs so far released have been absolutely mind blowing, the most recent of which is currently playing. “Grey Days” is a bleak, outstanding, haunting track that thunders and lulls all at the same time. Check it out below. Do it.     Continue reading

STATS Streaming New Track “Countach”

Brooklyn math-rockers Stats will unleash their new record Mercy next month, but the band has teamed with NPR to clue you in to exactly why they rule so hard. The band has premiered their new track “Countach,” which you can hear below. Now, before this album’s promotional cycle, I had no idea who Stats were, but I have fallen in love with their noisy madness. Check out the new track below and see if you dig it.     Continue reading

SAVIOURS & WINO Streaming Cover Of BLUE ÖYSTER CULT’s “Hot Rails To Hell”

The fabulous thing about Decibel’s Flexi series is the occasional cover song we get. They are usually awesome and you know I love covers. Well, the most recent cover is of Blue Öyster Cult‘s classic “Hot Rails To Hell.” Who performed this amazing track? None other than riff-worshipers Savious with a little help from Wino. It’s brilliant. Check it out below.
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