Late yesterday famed doom metal group Electric Wizard posted a flyer on their Facebook page indicating a new record would be coming this year. The flyer does not specify a title or release date, but the band later posted what appears to be a scan of some kind of magazine article describing the as yet untitled release. Jus Oborn describes the new record as “primitive,” “morbid,” and “death obsessed.” That’s just what I like to hear, considering that I wasn’t a huge fan of the washed out heavy psych direction the band took with Black Masses nearly four years ago. Here’s hoping for some nice, bassy riffs you can smoke it out to on this new one. Links to these respective facebook posts after the jump.

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The Fall of Troy disbanded back in 2010 but the band may make a resurgence very soon. Former guitarist and vocalist Thomas Erak took to Twitter to make a brief, vague update that stated:

Announcement is coming everyone, just a few more details to iron out but it is coming in the next day or two. Seriously, worth the wait

Thomas clarified that the announcement would not pertain to his recent involvement in Chiodos. The Fall of Troy updated their Facebook status to read “Oh what!?…” moments later. This has created the rumor that The Fall of Troy are reuniting. I sincerely hope this happens but I wouldn’t hold my breath. WE’LL SEE!



According to a recent update from their official blog, Seattle, WA’s infamous powerviolence duo, Iron Lung, are apparently going to be hosting a TED Talk. For those unaware, TED is a nonprofit organization dedicated to “Ideas Worth Spreading” and draw in speakers from the realms of “Technology, Entertainment and Design”. TED Talks have ranged from presentations featuring Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs speaking on the value and current stigmatization of work to the well-known interviewer Nardwuar speaking on the do-it-yourself aspects of journalism. Listed below are some of the issues the abstract powerviolence duo will be speaking on: Continue reading

TURNSTILE Debut New Video “Canned Heat”



Baltimore, MD’s grooviest metallic hardcore act, Turnstile, have just debuted a video for “Canned Heat”, a new track we last saw the group performing live at Florida’s Bringin’ It Back For The Kids Fest 2: Electric Boogaloo. Strewn together with pro-shot live footage from that very show, we are now treated to a mastered and complete version of the track…along with news that Turnstile will be releasing a new EP/LP/?? possibly entitled Step 2 Rhythm through Reaper Records this year. Metallic hardcore release of the year? I’d put my money on it. Stream “Canned Heat” below. Continue reading

CARCASS Finishing Up New Record?

According to Blabbermouth, the legendary Carcass are rumored to be putting the finishing touches on their first LP in 17 years. Long time active members, guitarist Bill Steer and bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker are reportedly recording the effort with producer Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Machine Head). Carcass have been working with drummer Matthias Voight (Heaven Shall burn) in the studio as well and are eyeing a 2013 release for the record. The group has set to secure a label home however.

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According to The PRP, Every Time I Die and The Acacia Strain are rumored to co-headline a tour next year sometime in March. The shitty Buffalo dudes and the chug masters will see support from Vanna, Hundredth and No Bragging Rights. No other details have been released as of yet but I can assure you I will keep your little ass updated.

-Lane Oliver

Summer Slaughter’s Opition Paralysis: THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Rumored To Participate In Next Years Summer Slaughter

The people who put together the summers most “extreme” touring festival have taken to their Twitter posing the question “Dillinger Escape Plan?”. The tweet in question can be read one of two ways; the promoters trying to get a feel if people would be into DEP as a possible headliner or are already in talks with the band. Obviously the former is the most plausible, however the promoters for Summer Slaughter always hint at one of the major bands once they have them locked in. A prime example of this would be last year when the festival promoters posted “Hammer Smashed Mordecai” on their Facebook.

In recent years I have always felt a little lackluster towards the fests line up, but still end up going. If Dillinger is on this shit this year, not only will I go, but for the first time in years I’ll be excited to go. I guess we will just have to wait and see though. Use the comment section to tell me how you wanna see on this years Summer Slaughter.


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— Josh Huddleston



Yesterday, ex Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Brian Benoit (active 1999-2005) was captured in photo showing himself jamming with Ben Weinman on Weinman’s facebook. Rumors of course are spreading that Brian will be Jeff Tuttle’s replacement. This is most likely just a rumor and nothing more but just imagine if Brian rejoins the band for their new record. I’ll just let your imagination do the work and stop talking.

-Lane Oliver