LOMA PRIETA Streaming New Track “Love”

Californian screamo outfit Loma Prieta have premiered the opening track from their upcoming full-length, Self-Portrait, over at Brooklyn Vegan. Titled “Love”, the track tangles together angular melodies, kinetic chord progressions and scathing, emotionally-charged vocals in one explosive package. Experience it for yourself after the break.

Self-Portrait will be released on October 2 via Deathwish, Inc.

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SILVERSTEIN Streaming New Album “I Am Alive In Everything I Touch”

Those of us who still worship at the altar of post-hardcore and screamo, there is a soft spot in our heart reserved for bands like Silverstein. The band has released fantastic music in the past and they’re new album isn’t half bad either. The album, titled I Am Alive In Everything I Touch is currently streaming in full and it’s definitely worth you’re time. I mean, it’s Silverstein.       Continue reading

YOUTH FUNERAL Streaming New EP “See You When I See You”

Youth Funeral‘s new chaotic EP, See You When I See You, can now be streamed in full over at Alternative Press. The six-track, jarring and emotional effort is officially out today via Twelve Gauge Records and can be purchased at this location. While you’re spending your hard-earned money, stream the record at this location. The next 11 minutes is going to be wild.

YOUTH FUNERAL Streaming New Track “Weak But Warm”

photo by Reid Haithcock

Youth Funeral have premiered a new track from their forthcoming EP, See You When I See You, over at Noisey. The new track, titled “Weak But Warm”, cycles back and forth between serene, clean guitar strums and hyperactive barrages of knife-sharp riffs in its short, 84-second duration. Stream the track for yourself at this location.

See You When I See You will be released on January 27.

FROM FIRST TO LAST Streaming New Track “Dead Trees”

FFTL - DTWe all know that From First To Last have made an epic comeback and that they have added Spencer Sotelo (Periphery) to their ranks. We also know that they sound great without Skrillex. Well, now we know that FFTL have signed to Sumerian Records who will release the bands new record. To go along with the announcement, the band has unloaded a rad new track titled “Dead Trees” which can be heard after the jump. Enjoy.      Continue reading

FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND Release Music Video For “Pencil Pusher”

ffaf-CAVI have loved Funeral For A Friend for years now and I can’t wait to hear the bands new record Chapter And Verse, but to tide me over, the band has released a music video for their song “Pencil Pusher.” The video was directed by Ryan Mackfall and it’s not only really well made, it’s really funny. This band does so much good, I don’t think they’ll let me down now.       Continue reading

YOUTH FUNERAL Streaming New Track “Confidante”

New Hampshire screamo outfit Youth Funeral have premiered a new track from their forthcoming EP, See You When I See You, over at New Noise Magazine. The new tune is the EP’s second track, “Confidante”, which aims to rip every listener a new one with its opening erratic barrage of riffs and closing display of emotional rawness. Head over to New Noise to stream the track now.

See You When I See You will be released on January 27th via Twelve Gauge Records.

FROM FIRST TO LAST Streaming First New Track With New Vocalist

From First To Last died out a few years ago when vocalist Sonny went all Skrillex on us and we all wondered if anything would become of FFTL. And then Periphery front man Spencer Sotelo joined the band as their new vocalist. I’ve been very curious as to how the music would be now and how the vocals would fit in. Well, I think it’s pretty great. The band successfully crowdfunded their new album Dead Trees and they are now streaming the albums title track. Check out “Dead Trees” with the new and improved From First To Last after the jump.      Continue reading

YOUTH FUNERAL Streaming New Track “When It Pours”

New Hampshire screamo outfit Youth Funeral have premiered a new track from their forthcoming EP, See You When I See You, over at Brooklyn Vegan. The new track, entitled “When It Pours”, is a two-minute kick in the teeth that is raw, rambunctious, emotionally charged and often technical at times. Check out the face-melting jam for yourself at this location.

See You When I See You will be released on January 27th via Twelve Gauge Records. The EP’s track listing can be seen after the break.

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CODE ORANGE Streaming New Track “My World”; Announces Fall Tour With TWITCHING TONGUES


The recently renamed Code Orange have released a new track entitled “My World” off of their upcoming sophomore LP, I Am King, in conjunction with the opening of pre-orders for the record as well as announcements  for an upcoming Fall tour with direct support from Los Angeles metallic hardcore act Twitching Tongues and indirect support from peers (Soul Search, War Hungry, Nails, Discourse, Axis and Blistered) whose appearances will vary by tour date. Aside from the trimming of denomination, the first two singles released for I Am King so far, the title track along with this most recent number, feature a similar change (in my opinion, for the better), narrowing down the band’s technical metalcore assault for a simpler approach that still retains the band’s experimental edge. Stream “My World” exclusively over at Alternative Press here, peep the poster and details for Code Orange’s upcoming tour below and pre-order I Am King via Deathwish Inc. hereContinue reading


boysetsfuneralWe’ve already heard Boysetsfire cover Funeral For A Friend‘s “10:45 Amsterdam Conversations” and I have been sitting, waiting for FFAF‘s cover of “Rookie” by Boysetsfire. Well, just as I expected, it’s fantastic. It’s totally FFAF playing a Boysetsfire song in the style of BSF. It’s really phenomenal and I’ll happily listen to this split relentlessly for the rest of the year. Check out Funeral For A Friend‘s cover of “Rookie” below.     Continue reading

WOLVES AT THE GATE Release Lyric Video For “Dust To Dust”

wolves at the gateWolves At The Gate are a band that I have listened to a few times but I wouldn’t say I am extremely familiar. Well, the band will be releasing their new album VxV in June and I have just checked out the bands new track “Dust To Dust,” for which they have just released a lyric video. It’s not a horrible song whatsoever. Pretty cool. Check it out after the jump.     Continue reading


boysetsfuneralNot too long ago I told you about the split 7″ that would be released featuring Funeral For A Friend and Boysetsfire covering each others songs. I am so excitebike for this split it’s unbelievable. I also stated that I wasn’t a huge fan of Boysetsfire, but the bands just released their cover of FFAF‘s “10:45 Amsterdam Conversations” and it’s great. They totally captured the song in all it’s glory and still made it theirs. Check it out below.     Continue reading

FROM FIRST TO LAST Confirm New Vocalist

Scarlet Music Video Day 1I have a soft spot deep in my heard for good screamo and also for some less than good screamo. I hold Alexisonfire and From Autumn To Ashes in high regard and I also listened to From First To Last quite bit back in the day although not nearly as much as the former two. I was interested to learn that From First To Last were coming out of hibernation and that they would not have Skrillex as their singer.      Continue reading