PRIMITIVE MAN Streaming New Track “Futility”

Any day is a good day if you get new Primitive Man, am I right? Of course I am right. Primitive Man are one of the nastiest, filthiest, most disgusting, loudest and most sickening bands of the last decade. Tell me I’m wrong. These sludge lords have unleashed a new track titled “Futility” and you can stream it and download it for free right now! How fucking awesome is that? Check it out below.     Continue reading

HOT LUNCH Release New EP For Free Download

hot lunchI love Scion A/V because every once in a while they release some killer music for free download. We’ve gotten albums from Revocation, Corrosion Of Conformity, Phillip H. Anselmo and The Illegals and more in the past and now I would like you introduce you to a killer band by the name of Hot Lunch. The band produces filthy acid rock worship of the greatest sort. It’s dank and smelly and I love it. You can check out a stream and download the album below. For free. Thanks, Scion!     Continue reading

KYLES, ANGRY GODS And More Contribute Tracks To BLACK FLAG Tribute

cvltnationsessionsBFIn the past CVLT Nation have released tributes to bands by releasing compilation cover albums featuring however many bands it takes to complete the album. I usually post about these compilation and the latest is no different. The new CVLT comp is a complete cover of Black Flag‘s Slip It In and it features bands like Kylesa, Angry Gods, Augurs and more. Check out the comp below and download it for free.     Continue reading

MELLOWHYPE Release New Mixtape “INSA”

mellowhype-artworkOdd Future hip-hop collective MellowHype (Hodgy Beats and Left Brain), who released the phenomenal album Numbers back in 2012 have just released their new mixtape INSA. As a fan of the group, I was thrilled to find out that I had new jams to enjoy and, yes, the music is fantastic. You can stream the mixtape after the jump and you can find the link to download the album for free. Daaaaaamn right.       Continue reading

RED FANG Streaming New Track “The Shadows”

7inch_TemplateNot too long ago I told you about that new track from Red Fang that I was digging. You remember, right? Well that track was the a-side of the bands newly released Scion A/V 7″, which Scion will be handing out for FREE at upcoming shows. Well, the band has now released the b-side to said 7″. This track is titled “The Shadows,” as opposed to the previously released track “The Meadows.” Check it out after the jump.      Continue reading

BAPTISTS, XAPHAN & More Featured On MISFITS Cover Album

misfitscvltA while back CVLT Nation started doing their CVLT Nation Sessions, in which they would enlist numerous bands to cover albums in full. Thus far, Black Sabbath‘s Masters Of Reality has been Cvltified and so has Discharge‘s Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing. Well, there is no slowing down The CVLT, the site has just released it’s third installation in the form of MisfitsEarth A.D.! Bands like Baptists, Xaphan, Woes and more have all come together to cover one of the greatest bands there has ever been. Check out a stream of the album below.     Continue reading