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FLORIDIAN WINTER Offer Two Albums For Free Download

floridian winterI am a huge black metal fan and one of my favorite styles of the genre is black punk. What is black punk, you ask? It’s a raw and filthy style of black metal that drips and oozes with punk tones. The band that got me into the genre is Raspberry Bulbs and now another band has crept into my peripheral. The band is called Floridian Winter and I have heard whispers about the band here and there across the interwebs but sitting down right now and listening to the bands material, I am blown away. Check out a stream below that is being hosted by our friends at CVLT Nation, who also have a free download of both releases in the stream.     Continue reading

MetalSucks Releases “NYC Sucks, Vol. 3″ Compilation

NYC-Sucks-Volume-3A while back MetalSucks released their first two compilations: NYC Sucks, Vol. 1 & 2 and now they have returned with their third. This compilation features tracks by Primitive Weapons, Ruine, So Hideous, Car Bomb and many more from the New York metal scene.. You can stream the whole thing below and download it over on MetalSucks. Rad tunes.      
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LIONS OF TSAVO Offering “Traverser” For Free Download

traverserBlackened death metalcore act Lions Of Tsavo who released the fantastic Traverser last year are currently offering up this album for free download until April 14th. This offer is to support the bands upcoming Southeast tour, of which you can check out the dates for below. So click on over and stream and download the album and then figure out if this tour is coming near you.       Continue reading

Bandcamp Spotlight: WHORESNATION

whoresnation 2Whoresnation are a band that I have been listening to for a while but for some reason I missed the release of their latest album earlier this month. The French band with such an amazing name takes grindcore to new heights and completely decimates everything in its way. Taking cues from Napalm Death and Rotten Sound but adding their own distinct flavor and flow, Whoresnation are most definitely one of the most important grindcore bands that you don’t know exist. Continue reading

CARA NEIR Streaming New EP: “The Overwatch”

Cara Neir OverwathcCara Neir are one of my favorite black metal acts of the last few years and not just because I’m friends with the guys. I love their music and how consistently they release albums. The band released their third full-length album last year titled Portals To a Better, Dead World and now the band has unleashed a new EP called The Overwatch. Coming in with seven tracks of hatred and despair, Cara Neir have once again totally destroyed. Check out a stream of the new EP and download it after the jump!       Continue reading

Waiting Oblivion: CAPTAIN OVERBOARD–RADIO EARTH! Release Music Video

COREMy good friends and heavy rockers Captain Overboard–Radio Earth!, over the holiday break, released their debut music video for the title track off of their most recent record Waiting Oblivion. I really dig what the guys have done on this record and the video is very well put together. Although it is a performance video, it tells a story and sticks to it. Check out the video after the jump and be sure to download Captain Overboard‘s new album Waiting Oblivion over on their Bandcamp.      Continue reading

Happy Holidays!: MEEK IS MURDER Release Free Christmas EP

Awww. Aren’t those dudes in Meek Is Murder sweethearts? Not only do they release an awesome album in 2013, they follow it up with a FREE holiday EP! That’s right! Three more rad Meek Is Murder songs for your holidaze, collected and titled Infant Worship. The band recorded the songs at the Converse Rubber Tracks’ studio, where they had some free recording time. The EP was recorded and mixed in a single day.

So, let’s kick this shit! You can stream and download the EP after the jump as well as check out a video from the sweeties themselves.       Continue reading

American Lives: THE ARMED Release Split With THARSIS THEY

Armed TharsisRegrettably, I have only posted about The Armed once on here, but I do love this band. Vicious, spastic grindcore with an Atrocitus-sized level of raging anger. If you’re new to The Armed, you can get completely caught up over on their Bandcamp page, but what I want to really talk about is the new split the dudes just released with Tharsis They. This is mad shit right here, kids.

Where The Armed assault you with their mathcore elements, Tharsis They are more straight forward vicious hardcore. The pairing of the two is something of dreams. Seriously. You can stream and download the split below. Give yourself over to it.      Continue reading

Pigs Kissing Pigs: PHILIP H. ANSELMO Offering Two Free Tracks

PhilaTo celebrate the upcoming Housecore Horror Film Festival, which is run by Phil Anselmo and author Corey Mitchell, Scion A/V has released two new Philip H. Anselmo And The Illegals songs to download. For free! If you dug Phil’s latest offering under this moniker, you definitely need to check these tracks out. Check out the tracks after the jump and download ‘em. Get into it! Perfect for Halloween.     Continue reading

Straight To The Point: Quick Review of SOKUSHINBUTSU’s “Holy Ground”

QReview Banner


Formed out of the remnants of the late and great Lapse and Eddie Brock comes Sokushinbutsu, a new Baltimore based group so accurately self-described as “not metal dudes playing death metal”. Presenting death metal strained through the filters of hardcore, powerviolence, grindcore and d-beat, Sokushinbutsu assault with a bite not ill-compared to the more recent iterations of Mammoth Grinder and Hatred Surge on their debut demo Holy Ground, albeit sustained with a bit more focus. In accordance with the aforementioned groups and in contrast to the dirgy death metal archetype, Holy Ground’s tracks run short and sweet with the majority of tracks running under two minutes, however, the tonality and vocals remain firmly ingrained in doomed out death metal, making the group’s excursions and diversions into their more familiar genres seem just that, extremely moshable “additives” to an already firm death metal base. Holy Ground is currently available for streaming below and free download via Sokushinbutsu’s official bandcamp here. Follow Sokushinbutsu through their official Facebook here and be sure to lookout for a tape version via Arctic Night Records soon as well as a full length from these maniacs on the horizon.


Rating: 9/10
Label: Self-released
Release Date: September 23rd, 2013
Favorite Track: “Nail Through The Immortal Hand”
For Fans Of: Coffins, Mammoth Grinder, Hatred Surge

Free Shit Friday: GOJIRA / KVELERTAK Live Split & New FREYA EP Free To Download!

FreyaWell, it’s a good day for free downloads! Earlier today MetalSucks unveiled a live split EP from Gojira and Kvelertak, which is pretty intense by itself and now we have a new EP from Freya, the hardcore group headed by Earth Crisis front man Karl Buechner. Now, if I know my readers, at lease ONE of these albums must peak you interests and even if they don’t, the fact that the EPs are FREE should! I mean, who doesn’t love free music?! We all do! Click on over after the jump to find out how to acquire these free jams!     Continue reading

American Aftermath Presents: Autumn Annihilation – A Sludge/Doom Compilation

Avtvmn AnnihilationThis compilation has been months in the making. Originally, this was supposed to be released in late June or early July under the title Summer Of Sludge Vol. 2, but things got crazy, we got busy and the Summer flew by. I am thrilled to finally release the latest American Aftermath digital compilation Autumn Annihilation. After three months of delay, you can now stream and download this compilation for free. Enjoy!      Continue reading

Coming Up Short: CAPTAIN THREE LEG Release Incredible Covers Album

I have been a fan of Captain Three Leg for a while now and I have listened to damn-near all of the bands releases. In the last eighteen years, the band has released 43 albums in various formats and they show no sign of stopping, planning to hit their 50th release by the end of the year.

So you know I like Captain Three Leg and you all should know how much I love covers songs, so what happens when Captain Three Leg release my favorite covers album in recent memory? Fucking madness.     Continue reading