WEEDEATER Streaming New Album “Goliathan”

It’s time to get doomsludged! Weedeater, kings of crush, have unveiled their new album Goliathan for all to stream! This album is a devastating pulse of pure sludge and it’s magical. I highly suggest you check out this beast and do it more than once. If you partake in the greenage, like I assume some of our readers do, I hear it brings the music to a new light. Regardless, steam Goliathan from the great Weedeater below. They hate your face.       Continue reading

WEEDEATER Streaming New Track “Bow Down”

Weedeater have premiered another new track from their forthcoming album, Goliathan, over at High Times. The new hazy jam is titled “Bow Down” and it trudges along with more of that fuzz-ridden sludge that you’d come to expect from the band. Bow down to Weedeater at this location now.

Goliathan will be released on May 18 via Season of Mist. In case you missed them, stream the previously-released cuts from the album “Cain Enabler”“Claw of the Sloth” and “Bully”.

ILSA Streaming New Album “The Felon’s Claw”

Speaking of A389 and June release dates, Ilsa is currently streaming their fabulous new record The Felon’s Claw. Can A389 just, for once, release a shitty album? I mean, everything in their catalog is fantastic and you should all be throwing them your monies. You can hear the new Ilsa album in full after the jump. Check out The Felon’s Claw and see that I’m right about their awesomeness. Enjoy.     Continue reading

WEEDEATER Streaming New Track “Bully”

Weedeater. [Photo by Scott Kinkade]

Weedeater have premiered a new track from their upcoming album Goliathan over at NPR. The new track is the short but sweet “Bully”, which will flatten you with its steamroller of dirty riffs while frontman Dave “Dixie” Collins recites a comical rendition of the infamous “Nanny Nanny Boo Boo” taunt. Check it out for yourself at NPR now.

Goliathan will be released on May 19 via Season of Mist.

ROZAMOV Streaming New Track “Ghost Divine”

Exactly twenty days ago Deathkings premiered a new track from their upcoming split with Rozamov and now the latter has done the same. Rozamov have unleashed their new track “Ghost Divine,” which reeks of filth and heathenism. You can check out the track after the jump, as it premiered over on Noisey today. If you’re not digging “Ghost Divine” and/or Rozamov, kindly fuck off.     Continue reading

UNEARTHLY TRANCE Announce New Album + Live Dates

After calling it quits a few years back, I am THRILLED to announce that Unearthly Trance are making their comeback! These dudes are seriously one of my all time favorite bands and them getting back to create more filth after all these years excites me to no end. The one thing that worries me is this: Serpentine Path was formed after Unearthly Trance concluded in 2012. Now that UT is back, will Serpentine cease? Regardless, we are getting back one of the fiercest bands and it’s coming to Relapse Records! Excite!      Continue reading

ILSA Streaming New Track “Smoke Is The Ghost Of Fire”

Ilsa are a fucking beast. That is the only sentence that ever need be spoken about this phenomenal sludge act. The band is plotting the release of their new album The Felon’s Claw and you can now get a taste as to what you are in for. The track is a six and a half minute monster and if you don’t listen to it, I don’t ever want you to show your face around here again. Listen to “Smoke Is The Ghost Of Sleep” after the jump.     Continue reading

COLISEUM Streaming New Track “Course Correction”

Coliseum will soon unleash the madness that is their new album Anxiety’s Kiss and they have released their third song from the album. This track is titled “Course Correction” and it is fucking mean. Sludgy punk through and through and it’s so fucking killer. Check out the track via the lyric video after the jump. You’ll thank me later.      Continue reading

WEEDEATER Streaming New Track “Claw Of The Sloth”

Fuck, man. I don’t know how the weather has been wherever you happen to be, but in my neck of the woods it has been cloudy and rainy for days now and the only thing that really makes everything look better? Down and dirty sludge. One of my favorite bands, Weedeater have whipped out a huge dose of filthy sludge for us all to enjoy. Check out “Claw Of the Sloth” after the jump. It’ll fuck you up, son.      Continue reading