BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH Streaming New Track “Philosopher’s Blade”

Sludgecrushers Behold! The Monolith are prepping the release of their fantastic new album Architects Of The Void and they have unleashed one of the fiercest weapons in their arsenal, the “Philosopher’s Blade.” I love this track and I love it’s thick, chunky riffs. If you’re not digging Behold! at this very moment, then this track will make you a fan for life. Stream away below.     Continue reading

THE OXFORD COMA Streaming New Album “Paris Is Mine”

Last month we here at AA premiered a rad track from The Oxford Coma. That track was my introduction to the band and I am stoked that I got the hand out. This band is seriously incredible and I am now excited to inform you all that you can now hear the album in full! That’s right, The Oxford Coma are currently streaming Paris Is Mine over on our homie-site HBIH. You can check it out below. It’s raaaaad.       Continue reading

KYLESA Streaming New Track “Lost And Confused”

Kylesa are legends in the game nowadays. We all know and love the band, so it is exciting that the band is releasing a new record in October. Said album is carrying the title Exhausting Fire and it is going to be epic. Kylesa has released a new track titled “Lost And Confused” and it’s great. Check out the track below and get puuuumped.     Continue reading

KOWLOON WALLED CITY Announce New Album “Grievances”

KWC - GrievancesYeah. I’m gonna go ahead and call Kowloon Walled City‘s Grievances as one of the best albums of the year. Nope. Haven’t heard a single second from the album, but I know from past experiences that this album will wreck the fucking shop. Kowloon are one of my favorite bands in the last 15 years and they absolutely kill it over and over. The band has announced that Grievances will be released on October 9th via Neurot and you can check out the track list after the jump. Get excite.     Continue reading

TRAPPED WITHIN BURNING MACHINERY Streaming New Album “The Fifth Element”

Sludgy doomsters Trapped Within Burning Machinery will release their sophomore album The Fifth Element on Wednesday, but you can hear the whole thing right now. The album, which is indeed themed around the classic Bruce Willis vehicle The Fifth Element, is grand in every way. I wasn’t familiar with TWBM before sitting here today, but this band is defintiely on my radar now and I look forward to spending a good chunk of time with their new record. Check out a stream, courtesy of CVLT Nation, below.      Continue reading

SUMAC Announce August Tour

sumacSumac (Baptists, Old Man Gloom) released the amazing The Deal not too long ago and the band has just announced an unbelievable tour. Taking over the Midwest to the East Coast, Sumac will wreck your town starting August 1st. The band will also team up with Neurosis and Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, which will be legendary. Check out the dates below to see if the destruction is coming to your town.     Continue reading

Review: Will Haven – Open the Mind to Discomfort


I’ve been following Will Haven since the release of their 1997 album El Diablo, when I encountered the song Ego’s Game on a Revelation Records sampler CD (back when those still were a thing).  I saw them live the summer of that year and was hooked by the downtuned, sludgy riffs and hardcore intensity. Continue reading

WINDHAND Streaming Radio Edit Of New Track “Two Urns”

I’m going to get the “Between Two Urns” joke out of the way right at the top. Okay. We’re good. The doom-sters Windhand will be releasing their new album Grief’s Infernal Flower this Fall and the band has released a radio edit of their new track “Two Urns.” Seeing as this radio edit is over six minutes, I’m gonna assume that the actual track will be almost twice this length. The track itself is spectacular and it’s the Windhand I want in my life right now. Check out the track below.     Continue reading

IRON WITCH Streaming New Track “Left Behind”

English sludge act Iron Witch are plotting a winter release for their new record and, although we know nothing about the record, we do have a new track called “Left Behind.” The track is a brutal, dooming beat down and I love it. I have loved Iron Witch for a while and I am so stoked for new music. Check out “Left Behind” below.      Continue reading

Exclusive: THE OXFORD COMA Premiere New Track “Canadian Question Mark”

When that ill-as-fuck band comes across your radar, you reach out a loving hand and thank your PR rep for thrusting something your way. I was recently introduced to The Oxford Coma and, damn. They are siiiick. Sludgy, filthy madness tucked into a nice, neat package.

Wait, you don’t know The Oxford Coma? Well, welcome to Awesometown. I am stoked to premiere a new track titled “Canadian Question Mark.” This track comes off of Paris Is Mine. Click on over after the jump and get a dose of rad.      Continue reading

KEEPER Streaming New Track “Four Walls; A Home”

Keeper, a vicious Californian sludge machine, are prepping a split with Canada’s Old Witch and it is shaping up to be massive. Keeper is currently streaming a dark and dank new track titled “Four Walls; A Home” and it is fucking deep. The track is locked down with blackened doom sludge of the finest variety. To check out the new track, stream it after the jump. Oh, it’s good.      Continue reading

Review: Bleak – We Deserve Our Failures


Syracuse, NY’s Bleak has come of age on their first full length release We Deserve Our Failures via the venerable HEX Records. Since I first encountered the band at a very random live show in 2013, they’ve changed considerably.  Most notably, they changed vocalists later in that same year, eschewing the raspy scrape and sneer of former singer Mike, and trading it in for the vicious growl of current frontman Skot.  With that altered lineup and a couple of shorter releases under their belts (2014’s s/t EP and a split 7” with PA hardcore crushers Sovereign), the band has grown from a noise drenched, simplistic assault into something somehow beefier, more mature, and more complexly heavy. Continue reading

PRIMITIVE MAN Streaming New Track “Futility”

Any day is a good day if you get new Primitive Man, am I right? Of course I am right. Primitive Man are one of the nastiest, filthiest, most disgusting, loudest and most sickening bands of the last decade. Tell me I’m wrong. These sludge lords have unleashed a new track titled “Futility” and you can stream it and download it for free right now! How fucking awesome is that? Check it out below.     Continue reading

FIGHT AMP Streaming New Album “Constantly Off”

fight amp-constnatlyoffThe time is now! Fight Amp are now streaming their highly awaited and even higher-ly anticipated new album Constantly Off! Have you, like so many people, been sitting around begging to hear the album? Of course you were. we all were. Well, click on over after the jump and let the warm, noisy tones of Fight Amp‘s Constantly Off wash over your filthy body. Enjoy it, sucka!     Continue reading