WINDHAND & SALEM’S POT Streaming Halloween Split 10″

10-Windhand-Salems-Pot-SPLIT-webDoomsters Windhand and psychedelics Salem’s Pot have teamed up with RidingEasy Records to release a special Halloween 10″. If you’re not excited about that, you can hear the split right now! You seriously need to hear this split, it’s phenomenal. I love Windhand and I’m new to Salem’s Pot, so it’s cool to check them out on this as well. Stream this rad release after the jump.      Continue reading

Stream The Southern Metal Documentary SLOW SOUTHERN STEEL

slowsouthernsteelposter1As a resident of the south and a fan of southern sludge, I was very excited when I when I learned (years ago) that CT from Arkansas band Rwake was putting together a documentary spotlighting the heavy music scene in the south. Well, the documentary, titled Slow Southern Steel has been released and is available for streaming now. You can check out the full-length doc after the jump, which features members of Goatwhore, Eyehategod, Down, Dead Bird, Music Hates You and more. Enjoy your Friday.      Continue reading

RABBITS Streaming New Track “Pack Up Your Shit”

rabbitscoverDown-tempo heavy hitters Rabbits have just unleashed hell in the form of their new track “Pack Up Your Shit,” which comes off of the bands forthcoming Untoward. This track is a thundering blitz of buzz and mud and I think it is some of the bands best material to-date. And all that off of a single track! Trust me, you don’t want to skip out on this. Rabbits will be hopping through your forest and you ain’t gonna say shit.     Continue reading

VICES Streaming New Track “That’s Life”

VICES cover webLater this month Vices will release their debut album New Breed and the band has just unleashed the fourth track off of the album. This track is titled “That’s Life” and it is a fantastic mix of hardcore and their branded “swamp rock” that picks you up and doesn’t put you back down. I have listened to this album numerous times and I can honestly say that there is no low point to the album as a whole. Check out “That’s Life” after the jump, courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan.     Continue reading

KARMA TO BURN Streaming New Track “57”

K2B ArchStantonInstrumetal heavy-rockers Karma To Burn will be releasing their new album Arch Stanton in August and the band has unveiled the new track “57” for your enjoyment. If you’ve enjoyed the band in the past then there is absolutely no reason why you won’t love this track. “57” contains everything that made me fall in love with Karma To Burn a long time ago. Check out the track after the jump and get yourself a face-full of karma.     Continue reading

HE IS LEGEND Announce New Album “Heavy Fruit”; Stream New Track

He Is Legend have announced the release of their fourth full length album and follow up to 2009’s It Hates You.  The new 13 track album will bear the title Heavy Fruit and will be released on August 19th via Tragic Hero Records. You can check out the artwork, track listing and a stream of their new track “Miserable Company” after the break.

Pre-orders for the record can be found here. The band will be touring in support of the upcoming effort this summer. You can find those dates below.

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RED FANG Streaming New Track “The Shadows”

7inch_TemplateNot too long ago I told you about that new track from Red Fang that I was digging. You remember, right? Well that track was the a-side of the bands newly released Scion A/V 7″, which Scion will be handing out for FREE at upcoming shows. Well, the band has now released the b-side to said 7″. This track is titled “The Shadows,” as opposed to the previously released track “The Meadows.” Check it out after the jump.      Continue reading

GREENLEAF Streaming New Track “Ocean Deep”

Swedish stoner rockers Greenleaf have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Trails and Passes, over at Doomed and Stoned. The new jam goes by the name of “Ocean Deep” and it’s full of classic rock swagger and melody as well as some impressively crunchy bass work. Head over to Doomed and Stoned to get, well, doomed and stoned.

Trails and Passes will be released on May 13th via Small Stone Recordings. The band’s upcoming tour dates can be seen after the break.

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Exclusive Interview: FLOOR


The anticipation for a new album from Miami, FL-based band Floor has been building since their welcomed 2010 reunion. Featuring Torche vocalist/guitarist Steve Brooks, along with guitarist Anthony Vialon and drummer Henry Wilson, Oblation is the group’s first new release in 12 years and it picks up right where their highly revered 2002 self-titled LP left off. In a recent interview with American Aftermath, Vialon discussed Floor’s return, the making of Oblation, the band’s unique set-up, and more. Continue reading

RED FANG Streaming New Track “The Meadows”

red fangRemember that Weedeater track from last week? The one about doughnuts? Well, I mentioned that Scion A/V released that as a 7″ to give out at future shows and it seems they are doing the same thing with a new Red Fang track. As always, Red Fang fucking kill it. Check out their new track “The Meadows” after the jump.       Continue reading

WEEDEATER Love Hot Doughnuts Now

weedeater3Why am I not surprised that Weedeater love doughnuts? I mean, everyone loves doughnuts so why wouldn’t a stonerdoom band love them?! Well, Weedeater want to show you exactly how much they love the sweet delectables in their new track “Hot Doughnuts Now.” The track was recorded after Weedeater performed at one of Scion A/V’s shows at the Satellite in L.A. Apparently, every band that plays records a track that is then pressed onto 7″ vinyl which is then distributed for free at future shows.

Check out the track below.     Continue reading

FLOOR Streaming New Album “Oblation”

floor-oblationSo, I’ve been listening to the new Floor album Oblation for a few days now and I’m completely blown away by how amazing it is. The bands third overall full-length and first since they reunited in 2010, is a spectacle of heavy music and it… Well, it just rules Pitchfork is currently streaming Oblation in full, so you need to stop what your doing and go listen to it. YOU NEED THIS. YOU WANT THIS. Check out the track “Sister Sophia” after the jump. Continue reading

KING DEAD To Release Debut EP

Pennsylvanian instrumental bass and drum outfit, King Dead, have announced the release of their debut self-titled EP. The six-track release was recorded live in their practice space, The Living Room, in Stroudsburg by Dave Reiser of Rock Hard Studios. The album will be self-released by the band on April 19th and can be pre-ordered through their Bandcamp page. You can check out the album’s cover art, track listing, and King Dead’s upcoming tour dates after the break. Additionally, The Obelisk is providing a stream of their new track “Length of Rope”. You may stream it there or you can find an alternate stream after the jump.

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