SAVIOURS & WINO Streaming Cover Of BLUE ÖYSTER CULT’s “Hot Rails To Hell”

The fabulous thing about Decibel’s Flexi series is the occasional cover song we get. They are usually awesome and you know I love covers. Well, the most recent cover is of Blue Öyster Cult‘s classic “Hot Rails To Hell.” Who performed this amazing track? None other than riff-worshipers Savious with a little help from Wino. It’s brilliant. Check it out below.
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DREADNOUGHT Streaming New Track “Bridging Realms”

Bridging Realms cover art

Denver progressive/psychedelic doom quartet Dreadnought have premiered the title track to their forthcoming album, Bridging Realms, over at Heavy Blog is Heavy. The over 11-minute closing tune combines elements of post-rock, post-metal and doom with ethereal and folk nuances to create a massive, multi-faceted monolith that does belong in a single category. Stream the eclectic track after the break.

Bridging Realms will be released on August 11 and can be pre-ordered here.

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THE SWORD Streaming New Track “High Country”

I meant to post about this track yesterday, but the site was being spazzy and I couldn’t get the song to stream. I’m not going to post about something I didn’t listen to. Well, today I am stoked to talk about the great new The Sword track “High Country.” It’s a great Sabbathian track that soothes and storms. Check out the track over on The Sword‘s website. Pre-orders are available here.

VICES Streaming New Track “The Dealer”

Fuzzy rockers Vices recorded eight new tracks that I am assuming will be released as an album at some point and one of those tracks has made its way online. Like all of Vices material, you get doses of hardcore but mostly stoner rocking madness that will beg you to bang your dome. I hope we get more material from this band sooner rather than later. Let’s hope. Stream “The Dealer” after the jump.      Continue reading

HIGH ON FIRE Streaming New Album “Luminiferous”

highonfireluminWell, we are all excited about the new High On Fire album, right? Duh. Of course we are. The band is phenomena and their new album Luminiferous is a sight for sore ears. That doesn’t make sense… The album is killer, so there. High On Fire will definitely end up on year end lists for 2015, as they should and if you wanna know why, stream Luminiferous over on NPR.

ABRAMS Release Music Video For “Sea Salt Lines”

At the end of last month I talked about Abrams‘ track “Sea Salt Lines.” Well, that same band has released a new music video for that same track! It’s such a great track and the video is pretty cool. It’s really fucking weird, but it is Abrams, so that was expected. You can check out the video now, just click on over after the jump.     Continue reading

GOATSNAKE Streaming New Track “Grandpa Jones”

goatsnake - black age bluesGraaaandpa Jones and me… Tell each other fair–Oops. Sorry. Not that. Goatsnake! Yes! It has been far too long but the stoned rockers are making their highly anticipated comeback and it is glorious. The band has unveiled another new track off of the upcoming Black Age Blues. The band is killing it nowadays, just as they did way back when. Goatsnake forever. Check out “Grandpa Jones” after the jump.     Continue reading

SONS OF HUNS Streaming New Track “Philosopher’s Stone”

Stoned rockers Sons Of Huns will release their new album While Sleeping Stay Awake at the end of July. The band has released a new track in the meantime, though. The track is titled “Philosopher’s Stone” and it features Melvins drummer Dale Crover. Nice. The track is rad as hell. I love this band and I can listen to their seventies groove all day. Check out some new Sons Of Huns below.     Continue reading

HIGH ON FIRE Streaming New Track “The Black Plot”

highonfireluminWho’s ready for some High On Fire?! I know I was when I stumbled on it. “The Black Plot” is a sickeningly sweet tune off of High On Fire‘s new record Luminferous. This album is going to absolutely destroy everything. Stoner metal will destroy you! High On Fire will destroy you! Enough. Enjoy “The Black Plot” below. Smoke plot and… Whatever.      Continue reading

ABRAMS Streaming New Track “Manic”

Okay, when I first heard Abrams, the comparison I heard was Blood Mountain-era Mastodon. Now, that is a heavy order right there, but it is absolutely right. Abrams definitely have that proggy-stoner vibe to them that maintains both heaviness and melody. It’s just amazing. Well, the band has premiered the first track off of their upcoming album Lust.Love.Loss. The track is titled “Manic” and it’s fucking brilliant. Check it out below.      Continue reading