GOATSNAKE Streaming New Track “Elevated Man”

goatsnake - black age bluesYay! New Goatsnake! I haven’t thought about Goatsnake in a few years, mainly because the band hasn’t released an album in fifteen years. Holy shit! FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS SINCE FLOWER OF DISEASE came out. This site wasn’t even a consideration back then. Well, luckily for us faithful fans, the band is plotting a Summer release for their new album Black Age Blues and they have unloaded a sweeeet new track titled “Elevated Man.” Said track is grandly awaiting your listening after the jump.     Continue reading

ROYAL THUNDER Streaming New Album “Crooked Doors” In Full

royal thunder - crooked doorsWell, well. After releasing sooooo many singles, Royal Thunder‘s grand new album Crooked Doors is now streaming in full! I have been championing this album since the tracks first started rolling out and now you can check it out for yourself. Crooked Doors is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year and for good reason. Check out a stream of the album over on NPR and see for yourself.  Check out a new track from the band below. Get crooked.     Continue reading

WEEDEATER Streaming New Track “Cain Enabler”

[Photo by Scott Kinkade]

Southern-fried, resin-soaked sludge trio Weedeater have premiered a new track from their forthcoming fifth full-length album and follow up to 2011’s Jason… The Dragon, Goliathan, over at Noisey. The new track is titled “Cain Enabler” and features everything Weedeater is known for; hazy-eyed, distorted sludge and raspy vocals. You can check out the new track at this location.

Goliathan will be released on May 19 via Season of Mist. Pre-orders can be found here. The album’s artwork and track listing can be seen below.

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ROYAL THUNDER Streaming New Track “Glow”

royal thunder - crooked doorsI am getting so fucking excited about this new Royal Thunder album. I mean, I keep hearing tracks from it and I cannot wait to hear the album in full. Well, until that time comes, the band has given us all a new track to stream! The new track is called “Glow” and it is spectacular. Check out the track below and let it wash over you. Enjoy.      Continue reading

CHIEFS Streaming New Track “Vovi”

chiefsHeavy stoner rockers Chiefs will release their new album Tomorrow’s Over next week and the band has released a track titled “Vovi” for streaming. I really love this track and I think this band has the makings of a band on part with Red Fang and bands of that ilk. Check out “Vovi” after the jump and see for yourself.     Continue reading

TORCHE Streaming New Album “Restarter” In Full

Torche_Restarter-600x600Well, thank god. I was growing tired of posting about Torche singles. The band has finally made Restarter available to stream online. Trust me, fuckers, you want to hear this. This is definitely one of the raddest albums you will be hearing all year, so keep a close watch on it. Torche never do anything nice and easy and this album is a crusher of souls. Check out a full stream below.      Continue reading

TORCHE Streaming New Track “Barrier Hammer”

Torche_Restarter-600x600Torche are on a roll this week. The band has unloaded numerous tracks and today have graced us with “Barrier Hammer.” The band is killing it and I cannot wait for all of you to hear the bands new album Restarter. This is one of the greatest albums of the year by far and you all better take notice. Check out “Barrier Hammer” below and see for yourself.     Continue reading

TORCHE Streaming New Track “Restarter”

Torche_Restarter-600x600Dudes, this new Torche album is easily one of the raddest albums of 2015. Wait, you don’t believe me? Well, you will after you listen to the title track off of the bands new record Restarter. This track is heavy, rumbling metal of that filthytorchestonery variety. Trust me, you will definitely be seeing this album on numerous year end lists when the time comes. Now, get crushed by “Restarter” below.      Continue reading

ROYAL THUNDER Streaming New Track “Forget You”

royal thunder - crooked doorsLast week Royal Thunder released a teaser for their new album Crooked Doors, which got me very excited. Well, the band has just released the first official single from the new album and it’s pretty amazing. The track is titled “Forget You” and it is seriously soooooo good. I love Royal Thunder and this track shows you why. Click on over after the jump and get a dose.      Continue reading

HEAVYDEATH Streaming New Track “Heavy As Death”

Heavydeath album coverI only recently learned of Heavydeath, but I’m really glad I did. If you want to know what this band sounds like, their name doesn’t leave much to the imagination. The band is heavy as fuck and their new album Eternal Sleepwalker is a crusher of souls. Heavydeath has unleashed a new track off of the album over on CVLT Nation titled “Heavy As Death.” Check out the track below and see for yourself.      Continue reading

ROYAL THUNDER Release Teaser For New Album “Crooked Doors”

royal thunder - crooked doorsI’ve been digging female-fronted heavy rockers Royal Thunder for a good while now and I was very excited earlier when I learned that the band would be releasing a new album. The bands new record is titled Crooked Doors and it currently has an April release date. The band has issued a teaser for the album, which you can hear below. It’s sounds pretty damn rad to me. Check it:      Continue reading

TORCHE Streaming New Track “Loose Men”

Torche_Restarter-600x600Torche are always brilliant and their new album Restarter is sure to be no different. The band has already released two tracks off of the album and now they have unloaded another one. The latest track is titled “Loose Men” and it was premiered over on Rolling Stone. Check out this heavy-hitting thunder smasher below. It’s so fucking good.    Continue reading

THE GREAT SABATINI Streaming New Track “Bleeder Of The Pack”

the great sabI love coming across free compilations. I mean, you check them out because a single band on there piques your interest and then the next thing you know, you’ve discovered five new bands to follow. Well, a band that we love here at AA, The Great Sabatini has been featured on a new compilation and in doing so, they have a brand new track streaming. The track is called “Bleeder Of The Pack” and it sits comfortably on the Sludge Hummer Septic Murk​-​Tape Vol​.​2 alongside Greber, Godstopper and Fuck The Facts. Check out the track below.      Continue reading

TORCHE Streaming New Track “Minions”

Torche_Restarter-600x600Just last week Torche released a teaser for their new album Restarter and now the band has unleashed their first official track. The track is titled “Minions” and it’s a crusher. If you’ve been a fan of Torche for any matter of time, you’ll dig this track. If not, fuck off and listen to something else. I’ll be here. Jamming this tune for the fifth time. Crunch.     Continue reading

TORCHE Tease New Album “Restarter”

Torche_Restarter-600x600Sludgy kingpins Torche have unloaded a thirty-second teaser for their forthcoming album Restarter. The album is slated to be released in February and it’s sounding pretty killer so far. Based on the short teaser, I am all sorts of moist for the prospect of new Torche. Check out the short-but-worthy teaser below. CRUSH.     Continue reading