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WEEDEATER Love Hot Doughnuts Now

weedeater3Why am I not surprised that Weedeater love doughnuts? I mean, everyone loves doughnuts so why wouldn’t a stonerdoom band love them?! Well, Weedeater want to show you exactly how much they love the sweet delectables in their new track “Hot Doughnuts Now.” The track was recorded after Weedeater performed at one of Scion A/V’s shows at the Satellite in L.A. Apparently, every band that plays records a track that is then pressed onto 7″ vinyl which is then distributed for free at future shows.

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FLOOR Streaming New Album “Oblation”

floor-oblationSo, I’ve been listening to the new Floor album Oblation for a few days now and I’m completely blown away by how amazing it is. The bands third overall full-length and first since they reunited in 2010, is a spectacle of heavy music and it… Well, it just rules Pitchfork is currently streaming Oblation in full, so you need to stop what your doing and go listen to it. YOU NEED THIS. YOU WANT THIS. Check out the track “Sister Sophia” after the jump. Continue reading

KING DEAD To Release Debut EP

Pennsylvanian instrumental bass and drum outfit, King Dead, have announced the release of their debut self-titled EP. The six-track release was recorded live in their practice space, The Living Room, in Stroudsburg by Dave Reiser of Rock Hard Studios. The album will be self-released by the band on April 19th and can be pre-ordered through their Bandcamp page. You can check out the album’s cover art, track listing, and King Dead’s upcoming tour dates after the break. Additionally, The Obelisk is providing a stream of their new track “Length of Rope”. You may stream it there or you can find an alternate stream after the jump.

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SASQUATCH Debut “Smoke Signal” Video


Los Angeles stoner rockers Sasquatch have debuted the new music video for their track “Smoke Signal” over at Revolver. The track appears on the group’s most recent effort, IV, and is set to an odd black and white Super 8mm shot clip directed by Cesar Rodriguez Bautista. The band had the following comments regarding the new video:

Scott Baxter, a fellow colleague of Cesar’s at WETA, approached us about doing a video. They brought us an idea, we loved the concept, and the team ran with it. They even decided on the song. ‘Smoke Signal’ won the prizefight. We sat back in our virtual lawn chair and six months later they delivered us the magic. It turned out fanfuckingtastic. Mucho props to Cesar, his cast and crew for nailing it on the first lap.

The band also provided some behind the scenes info as well:

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Review: GODHUNTER – “City Of Dust”

City of Dust cover art

The majority of the nation is freezing. Flurries of white powder from Hell are accumulating in mass quantities in certain corners of the U.S. It’s become so cold in those areas that the snuggie your significant other bought you (the things you always thought were a joke until you realized how comfortable they are) cannot bring you any solace. You’re wondering what you can do to stay warm without running up your electricity bill? An easy answer; listen to Godhunter. Tuscon’s purveyor’s of sludgy goodness have harnessed the intense Arizonian heat within every note. Godhunter’s debut full length, City of Dust, is so thick with heaviness that you will forget about the severity of the weather for a good 50 minutes.

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THE SWORD Release Lyric Video For “ARCANE MONTANE”

Stupid, low-quality videos…

I still don’t get bands releasing lyric video not months, but years after the release. With this one I somewhat understand because The Sword recently released a group 7″ releases, one featuring the track “Hidden Masters” with a remix of the song on the b-side and the second featuring the track “Arcane Montane” with a remix of the track on the b-side. So, The Sword decided to release a lyric video for “Arcane Montane.” This isn’t the first time this band has waited a long time to release a lyric video however. Anyway, check out the video after the jump. Rad song regardless.     Continue reading

HULL Streaming New Single “Swamp Goat”

Noisey have premiered the new Legend of the Swamp Goat 7″ single from Brooklyn sludgy bastards, Hull.  The catchy stoner anthem is out now and can be purchased at this location. The song was originally tracked back in 2007 but was never released until now. So consider yourself lucky. You can stream the jam and peep Hull’s forthcoming European tour dates after the break.

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Late yesterday famed doom metal group Electric Wizard posted a flyer on their Facebook page indicating a new record would be coming this year. The flyer does not specify a title or release date, but the band later posted what appears to be a scan of some kind of magazine article describing the as yet untitled release. Jus Oborn describes the new record as “primitive,” “morbid,” and “death obsessed.” That’s just what I like to hear, considering that I wasn’t a huge fan of the washed out heavy psych direction the band took with Black Masses nearly four years ago. Here’s hoping for some nice, bassy riffs you can smoke it out to on this new one. Links to these respective facebook posts after the jump.

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FIGHT AMP Release Music Video For “Fly Trap”

fightamputationFight Amp released their amazing album Birth Control in 2012 and the band has just unveiled the music video for the track “Fly Trap.” This video is… Strange. Well, that’s one way to put it. Another is to say that it’s… Well, I’ll leave that for you to decide. It’s equal parts animation and live footage and it’s a fantastic song, so check out the video after the jump. Radness.     Continue reading

Review: WE HUNT BUFFALO – “Blood From A Stone”

WHBuffaloWhen I sit down to enjoy a stoner rock album, I usually approached it the same way, I drink a few beers (which I don’t do often) and zone out on the music. This is not how I initially listened to the new EP from We Hunt Buffalo, but I like to at least try out every album that comes my way. Holy shit, was I impressed. I’ve somewhat fallen out of touch with stoner rock over the last year or so, though I’m not really sure what happened. At some point, I just didn’t listen to it as much as I used to. I think We Hunt Buffalo may have reinvigorated my interest in the genre however. Also, by the time I started this review I was indeed a few beers in, making me fall even deeper in love with this band.      Continue reading

THE SWORD Release New Lyric Video

TheSwordI keep saying it, but I still don’t get it. Why do bands wait so damn long to put out lyric videos? I mean, put them out leading up to the albums release and maybe one or two in the weeks to follow. Don’t wait six months or, in this case, a year-and-a-half. Yeah, The Sword released their latest album Apocryphon in October of 2012 and they have just released a lyric video for the song “The Hidden Masters.”

Jesus, that’s a long fucking time to wait for a lyric video. Check it out after the jump.      Continue reading

GODHUNTER Streaming New Track “Brushfires”

Arizonian sludge metal outfit Godhunter have premiered a new track from their pending full length, City of Dust, over at Decibel. The new track is entitled “Brushfires” and it is five minutes of juicy low end and monolithic riffs. Don’t you dare put this fire out! The band comments on the track’s intent by saying:

This song is about the Yarnell Hill Fire that took the lives of 19 firefighters in Arizona in 2013, but it is also about the well being of our state. In recent years, Arizona has been embroiled in divisive politics that have not only exposed a deep seeded unrest, but also a denial of climate science, logic, and common decency. It is our hope that something positive will emerge from this and other related tragedies.

City of Dust will be released on February 18th. Pre-orders can be purchased here.

ASG & ANCIIENTS Announce April European Tour

AnciientsASG will be hitting the road in April alongside Anciients and embark on a European tour (a first for Anciients who released their debut full-length last year on Season Of Mist) and it is sure to be a doozy. If you are anywhere in the proximity of ANY of these shows, you better get your ass to Mars to the show(s)! Check out the dates and full poster after the jump.      Continue reading

TEMPEL Stream Crushing New Track “Avarita”

TempelInstrumetalists Tempel have just hopped onto my radar over the last few days and they have taken up a big chunk of my listening today alone. This band signed to Prosthetic Records not too long ago and, seeing as they were instrumentalist and on Prosthetic Records, I assumed they would be more proggy (a la fellow instrumental Prosthetic artists Animals As Leaders and Scale The Summit) but this isn’t the case at all. This band produces some of the most mesmerizing doom and gloom instrumental tunes I’ve heard in a long while (if ever).

The band has released a few tracks off of their forthcoming debut release On The Steps Of The Temple and now you can check out a new one called “Avarita” after the jump. This is one of my favorite tracks on this record and I highly suggest getting into this shit. Enjoy.      Continue reading