THE BANNER Teases New Material

The-Banner-596x250Okay, let’s get to it, I fucking adore The Banner. This band is a large part of the reason that I love hardcore today and I am so stoked that the band is working on new material. The Banner has released a few teaser videos on their Facebook and Instagram pages, which you can see below. Stoked? YES YOU ARE.     Continue reading

Days Go By: TRAP THEM Complete New Album

Brad FickeisenAt long last, Trap Them have completed their new album. Of course, the band recorded the album at Kurt Ballou’s GodCity studio and I’ll go out and say we will see this album during the first quarter of 2014. That is not concrete, but it sounds about right to me. I am also sure that we can expect nothing but pure awesomeness coming from Trap Them. The band was joined on percussion by former The Red Chord drummer Brad Fickeisen (pictured above).

To get you in the mood (although you should always be in a mood for Trap Them), you can stream the bands fantastic 2011 album Darker Handcraft. Enjoy and prepare your anus.     Continue reading

We’re All Doomed: PILGRIM Finish Recording New Album

PilgrimNortheastern doom outfit Pilgrim, who released their incredible debut album Misery Wizard last year, have completed work on their new album! If you are fans of doom done in the vein of Witchfinder General, Lord Vicar and Reverend Bizarre, this is right up your alley. If you have yet to listen to the bands last offering, you can check out a track after the jump. This should get you good and hyped for the coming storm. Stay tuned for more information.     Continue reading

Forging Towards The Sunset: ANAAL NATHRAKH Recording New Album

ANaal Nathrakh

Mick Kenney doing his thing.

Yes! Blackened grindcore act Anaal Nathrakh are currently in the studio recording their follow-up to 2012s Vanitas! I adore this band and I am beyond stoked to hear that they are getting things underway a la a new record. If you are unfamiliar with Anaal Nathrakh, they are a British band who produce a vicious, unholy brand of blackened grind. They destroy all and trust me, you want them in your life. You can check out a track off of their previous album after the jump and stay tuned for more information on the new album.       Continue reading

Aftermath Exclusive: TIGER FLOWERS Studio Update Photos

tf 2013Brooklyn noise homies Tiger Flowers have been working their ass off on their new album, which is as yet untitled. I know a lot of folks (me included) are more than a little excited about the bands forthcoming offering and now we have gotten a nice glimpse inside the studio exclusively from the band. Below you can check out a nice gallery of images sent directly from the band. I also had a brief exchange with Tiger Flowers front man Jesse Madre, which you can also read below.

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Weekend Nachos (Reid Haithcock 600 pxl

Exclusive Interview: John Hoffman of WEEKEND NACHOS

My first encounter with Weekend Nachos was an advertisement for the album, Worthless, on the side panel of prominent metal blog, Invisible Oranges. But it was just that, an advertisement. At the time, I was an ignorant fuckhead attempting to present myself as a sophisticated underground death metal hipster. Luckily, that transformation never fully occurred and in a move of self-rediscovery to reclaim all I had lost in my egotistical musings, I turned to hardcore. Aiding that transition back to the mosh was none other than Weekend Nachos, a band whose brash juxtaposition of the ridiculous with an inane amount of vitriol and hatred would lead them to become one of my favorite bands ever. I recently had the chance to interview John Hoffman, lead vocalist and prominent song-writer of Weekend Nachos, to talk about the band’s upcoming record, the Weekend Nachos theme park, Attack Attack, the one time John met Robert Englund, the ethics and function of labels and more. Check it all out after the jump. 

-Eric Nguyen, CrypticChasms

Weekend Nachos (Reid Haithcock 600 pxl

Photo Credits to Reid Haithcock,

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Together: EVAN BREWER Posts Studio Update Video



While it has been a few months of relative quietness since his last studio update, bassist Evan Brewer has finally returned with a fairly massive bit of news.

  • The current The Faceless member is now halfway through the writing and recording process for his as-of-yet untitled sophomore record, the followup to his debut 2011 solo record, Alone.
  • Withdrawing the isolation of Alone, which featured no other instruments except the electric bass, Evan’s upcoming record will feature a multivariate of other artists in collaboration including pianist Jeremiah Abel, drummer Kyle Reese Williams and former Animosity and Reflux bandmate, Navene Koperweis, who has been working on electronic and drum parts for the album.
  • Evan Brewer will again return to release the record through label, Sumerian Records, though no street date has been announced.

Check out the studio video for some session footage and words from Evan himself and stream Alone below. Be sure to follow evanbrewerbass on YouTube for continued studio updates.

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Watch SHAI HULUD Track Vocals In The Studio


As all of you should know by now, hardcore Shai Hulud have re-enlisted the talents of New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert to handle the vocal duties on their upcoming album, “Reach Beyond The Sun“. The band recently put the finishing touches on said album and have been teasing us with goodies ever since.

The first teases came in the form of two amazing new songs (which can be heard by going here), now the group of misanthropists have unleashed several minutes of in-studio footage. In this in-studio segment, you get to see Gilbert and band guitarist/mastermind Matt Fox work on laying down vocals and working on patterns. To view the video, continue after the jump Continue reading

Into The Everblack: THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Announce New Album Title

I have been a huge The Black Dahlia Murder fan for a looooong time now and I was thoroughly impressed with their last album Ritual although I couldn’t fully take it in until well after it’s release. I started thinking not too long ago, it’s about time for a new The Black Dahlia Murder album. Well fuck me running, the band has already started tracking! Lo and fucking behold, their they’re on top of their shit.     Continue reading

Species At War: ROTTEN SOUND Detail Forthcoming EP

Remember when I told you fucks that Rotten Sound were working on a new 6-song EP? Well, if not, I totally told you that and now the band has issued numerous details concerning the EP, which will be called Species At WarRotten Sound have teamed up with Season Of Mist to release the EP.

Species At War will be released on January 18th and you can see the artwork at the top of this post. After the jump you can read a blurb from Rotten Sound vocalist Keijo and check out the track list. Are you pumped? Continue reading

EAST OF THE WALL Posts First In-Studio Video


As previously reported, East Of The Wall are in the studio demoing material for their upcoming 4th album. Being the generous men that they are, the group has thrown us fanboys a bone in the form of a drum tracking video. In the video posted above you will see the group’s drummer destroying his set.

I was already highly anticipating their new album because, well, It’s East Of The Wall, and because I am curious to see how the departure of clean vocalist/guitarist Kevin Conway will affect the group’s sound. and now the guys are teasing us with drum parts like this! I bet this album will end up on a lot of people’s best of 2013 list.


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— Josh Huddleston


Watching You Suffer: WEEKEND NACHOS Post Teaser For Upcoming Single

Weekend Nachos pull a “Forrest Gump” with this recent studio report for their upcoming single, “Watch You Suffer”. That’s all I have to say about that. Expect “Watch You Suffer” to be released sometime during January via A389 Recordings.


The mighty black and roll superstars, Kvelertak, have posted their second transmission from Kurt Ballou’s Godcity Studio. In this webisode, we see Kvelertak’s guitarist and bassist tracking their new songs, and let me say that this shit is sounding pretty dope. But why wouldn’t it, did you see all those fucking heads and cabs? God damn, I bet this album’s gonna sound amazing.

As of now, I still don’t know a fucking thing about any of the details surrounding the new album, but once I know, you guys will be the first to know.

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— Josh Huddleston

This Is What Happens When You’re Just A Stupid Hardcore Kid and Try To Play Real Music: BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Upload 2nd Parallax II In Studio Video

Progressive fan boy favorites, Between The Buried and Me, have already struck back with a second helping of in studio updates. This time the focal point of the video is Tommy Rogers recording vocals and keyboards. There are a few bonuses in the video, as you see non-members of BTBAM recording saxophone, tuba and violin and can possibly garner a chuckle from the bands irreverent sense of humor. Make sure you take a look back at the prior in studio videos if you haven’t gotten around to checking them out yet.

Between The Buried and Me’s new album, “Parallax II: Future Sequences” will be out October 9th on Metalblade. Pick it up, it’s good.

This Is What Happens When You’re Just A Stupid Hardcore Kid and Try To Play Real Music: BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Upload Parallax In Studio Video

With about a month left until Between The Buried and Me release the second part to their opus known asThe Parallax, the band has been posting tons of behind the scenes goodies for your viewing pleasure. Late last week we saw BTBAM uploaded a video documenting the writing and arranging process for “Parallax II: Future Sequences”. In the video, which is posted above, you see the morehumorous parts to arranging riffs and get some little snippets of new songs.

The video posted after the jump is the in studio sessions where the band is filmed tracking drums, bass and guitars. Not only does this video offer insight to what it’s like recording with the band, but it give us MORE SNIPPETS OF NEW SONGS!! Continue after the jump to watch BTBAM tracking their upcoming album!

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