YOB Announce Additional North American Tour Dates

[Photo by James Rexroad]

In addition to their upcoming trek with Enslaved and Ecstatic Vision in March, doomsayers Yob have announced additional tour dates surrounding that aforementioned tour. First of which is a one-off show with noise metal act Will Haven on March 3rd and nine dates with Witch Mountain after the Enslaved tour concludes. You can check out the tour dates as the currently stand after the break.

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TRENCHFOOT Signs To GLORY KID LTD., Debut LP Set For Spring Release


Glory Kid Ltd., home of such hardcore luminaries as Divider, Old Wounds, and Run With The Hunted (RIP), have announced the signing of Hudson Valley, NY-based
hardcore band Trenchfoot. Read on after the break for the deets.

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Review: ANATOMY OF HABIT – “Ciphers + Axioms”

Ciphers + Axioms cover art

When musical minds of various ilks come together, one can only assume that the byproduct of their union is one that is equally varied and experimental in scope. Anatomy of Habit is just that. The Chicago-based quintet is comprised of members who have shared their time in acts like Tortoise, Indian, Bloodyminded, Joan of Arc and Radar Eyes. With each member coming from a completely different musical background, what could their collective compositions sound like? The answer(s) is epic, dark, sprawling, traumatic and multifaceted. Ciphers + Axioms, the band’s proper sophomore full length is all of the adjectives previously listed and more. The 42 minute behemoth of an album effectively avoids being pigeonholed into one specific genre and provides enough twists and turns to keep the listener on the edge of their feet and interested despite the lengthy durations of the tracks.

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Review: FISSURE & GETS WORSE Split 7″

Two of the strongest up-and-coming powerviolence/fastcore bands decide to team up and release a 7″ together, you say? 9 songs in less than 8 minutes, you say?
Please, go on.

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What is your favorite PINK FLOYD album?


In a few short weeks,  Pink Floyd will bring to light their last album The Endless River.  Those that I have spoken to about the forthcoming record seem to be skeptical and lukewarm at best to the idea. Personally, I’ve recently become really attuned to the playing of late keyboardist Richard Wright and if you consider that The Endless River is 19 instrumental songs, I feel curious to moderately excited about the new release. What’s your favorite record by the band? Is it the cynical prog machinations of  Animals or the unrefined, yet undeniably promising Saucerful of Secrets? Make your opinion known and vote. Continue reading

FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New Track “Disabused”

FTF-AbandonedEveryone’s favorite Canadian grindcore outfit Fuck The Facts will be releasing their new Abandoned EP in October and the band has unleashed their new track “Disabused.” As always, Fuck The Facts kill this track, but then again, who would ever doubt the masterful grind that FTF have been releasing all these years? Check out this rad track after the jump. DO IT.     Continue reading

WHIRR Streaming New Album “Sway”

WHirr-swayWhirr are a band that the world should be familiar with at this point, as they spawned Nothing and will be releasing one of my favorite albums of the year very soon. The band has unleashed their phenomenal new album Sway upon the world today and it is a glorious thing. This album is shoegazing, post-rocking, noisy and it’s beautiful. Whirr craft some of the best music you will ever hear and you have GOT to get into this. You can check out a full stream of Sway over on Pitchfork and stream their track “Mumble” after the jump. ENJOY!     Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: LAST PLAGUE

Over the six years my band has been part of the Vancouver live circuit, one particular show stands out in my memory. Within thirty seconds of their set, the band onstage at the Patricia Hotel caused total chaos when their vocalist jumped into the crowd. I remember thinking to myself, “Who is this madman?” Not only did the vocalist have the crowd at his whim, the vocal sounds coming out were powerful. Turns out that man was Last Plague’s Heath Fenton. Along with Last Plague, Heath played in the bands Witness Protection Program and Angry. I got a chance to pick Heath’s brain and find out what’s going on these days with Last Plague.

How has the Vancouver changed from your days as an all age musician to the present day?

Heath Fenton (vocals): It has changed a bunch. When I first moved here in 1996 it was the music scene that brought me here. There were a shit load of wicked bands and there was tonnes of support for the scene. All ages shows would sometimes draw in the high hundreds for local shows. Amazing stuff. That’s the main difference. Unfortunately that scene fizzled out shortly after we moved here. For whatever reason. People growing up. Drug addiction was a major factor in it. The scene is healthy now. There are a number of places to play. And so many amazing bands. people really have got to pay more attention to what is going on with heavy music in this town. Another difference is, in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s there was really only a couple of venues that would house heavier type bands. So that has changed. There are at least a dozen right now. And crowd support seems to be coming around again. But nothing like it was in the mid 1990s. Maybe that will change, but I have no idea what the kids are doing these days. And the bar crowd is not getting any younger.heath

What Vancouver venue sticks out in your memory as being fundamental to your show going/playing past?

The venue that stands out the most to me over the years is obviously the old Cobalt. That and the Columbia, which is called 303 now. Both were run by Wendy13, and anything she does pretty much rules for the metal/punk community. When I was in my first real Vancouver band (Human Resistance Program) she ran the Columbia shows and always booked us. We played a shit load of awesome shows there that stand out in my mind. After that place closed then it was onto the Cobalt. I don’t think i need to explain anything about that place and the legendary status it achieved with in the community. It’s just too bad it ended.

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EVERY TIME I DIE Announce U.S. Tour

Every Time I Die have officially announced their new U.S. headlining run in support of their most recent effort, From Parts Unknown. The band will be joined by the likes of The Ghost Inside, Architects, Hundredth and Backtrack. Those dates, as well as Every Time I Die’s video for “Decayin’ With the Boys”, can be seen below.

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OHHMS Announce Debut Album “Bloom”

UK-based doomsayers OHHMS have announced the release of their debut full length record. The new record will bear the title Bloom and will see a release through London-based Holy Roar Records on October 6th. The recorded was recorded by Ian Sadler and mastered by Brad Boatright and will feature two-tracks that collectively clock in at 32 minutes in length. The album’s artwork, track listing and video teaser can be found after the break.

Pre-orders for Bloom can be placed here.

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SEVEN NINES AND TENS Detail New Single And Announce Title Of New Record

Vancouver, Canada based Progressive Rock/Shoegaze/Post Hardcore band Seven Nines and Tens have detailed their forthcoming new single.  The track “I Come From Downtown” will be the 1st single from the band’s 2nd album titled “Set the Controls For the Heart of the Slums.”  The 6 track album was produced and mixed by Steve Hanker and was tracked at Rain City recorders.  The tracks were engineered by Steve Hanker with assistance from Jessie Karr.

This will be the bands first new material since the “Constants & Axioms” single which was released in 2013 by New Jersey based indie label Nefarious Industries (Jar’d Loose, East of the Wall, Maid Myriad.)  As soon as we get release dates for the single and album, we will let you know.  Until then check out the Constants & Axioms single at the bandcamp link below.

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GUST Streaming New Track “Reality Chokes”

Swedish hardcore act Gust have premiered a new track from their forthcoming self-titled debut over at CVLT Nation. The new track is the thunderous, crusty jam “Reality Chokes”, which is sure to inspire an abundance of neck-snapping headbanging throughout the day. Check out the track for yourself over at CVLT Nation now.

Gust will be released on September 16th.