Exclusive Interview: Ryan Fitzgerald of WITCH OF THE WASTE


Witch of the Waste are a long standing leader in the Western Canadian aggressive music community.  Their beginnings were that of a fairly straightforward metal/hardcore hybrid; albeit one that clearly hinted at the potential for greatness.  In 2015, it’s a fair bet to say that Witch of The Waste have realized that potential.  The current band Ryan Fitzgerald (vocals), Peter Sacco (guitar), Phil Jones (guitar), Jeremy Gilmartin (Drums), and Michael Holme (bass) have refined their sound tremendously after playing any stage/basement/hall that would have them.  Their current stylistic approach features angular, shape shifting hardcore not unlike Gaza, or Yautja, and atmospheric yet skull crushing patterns and rhythms that wouldn’t sound out of place alongside Ulcerate or Deathspell Omega.  The band’s latest release “Made of Teeth” is 6 of the finest heavy songs that any band from Canada has ever produced.  I spoke to vocalist and band founder Ryan Fitzgerald about the release amongst other things.

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Black Table New Album Trailer/Interview.

obelisk NY/NJ Experimental metal band Black Table turned a lot of heads with the release of their first EP Sentinel in 2012. However, they have been seemingly dormant for nearly two years, after finishing up their last round of shows – a full US tour with Germany’s Downfall of Gaia, in fall of 2013.  Despite outward appearances the group remained active, meticulously crafting a debut full length record intense and jagged enough to saw through your bones. The forthcoming work, entitled Obelisk is a testament to their painstaking attention to detail and ability to craft complex and dynamic sonic textures that few other bands are capable of. Today, they have released their first teaser for the album, in the form of a two minute long video featuring an excerpt of the track Cromagnon.  We were fortunate to speak with vocalist and guitarist Mers Sumida about Obelisk, and the making of the video, which can be viewed here:

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JASON W. WALTON (AGALLOCH) Streaming New Track “Yakshi”

Agalloch/Self Spiller’s Jason W. Walton has premiered the second track to his new 7″ solo release, Mara, over at Decibel. The new track is the unsettling, droning “Yakshi”, which sounds as if you are trapped inside a pitch black abyss in which unseen, inhuman organisms are flying around you waiting for their chance to strike. Obsequiae‘s Tanner Anderson lends his throat-searing vocals to the track, only driving it further into frightening territory. Walton offered the following comments on the track:

“I wrote the Mara EP as a way to process and document my episodes with sleep paralysis…’Yakshi’ is the second and final track of Mara, and deals with the terror and helplessness one experiences when in the throes of sleep paralysis. In this state, your mind is awake, yet your body is paralyzed. Your cries of desperation travel no further than your own head and are obscured by the buzzing waves of darkness. ‘Yakshi’ encapsulates this experience and gives me surges of anxiety each time I listen.”

Check it out at this location and stream the previously released track, “Alp”, if you missed it.

Mara is out now via Red Orchard Records. Pick up your copy here.

Best Of 2015 (So Far): Ross’s Favorite Releases

As Dave said, the year is chugging along and the mid-year is now upon us. Dave has already put out his list and now it’s time for mine. I am doing both albums and movies that I have loved in these first six months. There was a lot of amazing stuff released this year so far and there is so much more to come. You can check out my full list below. Do it if you love America. Or whatever.     Continue reading

Best of 2015 (So Far): Dave Cotton’s Favorite Releases Of The Year


LA band Failure

2015 is sounding outstanding thus far.  Please keep in mind that some of these records aren’t even officially released yet (Fight Amp, Ken Mode, Mutoid Man, Failure) but each have at least a few tracks available and are included based on the strength of those.

PS  An American Aftermath tribute record to a legendary American band is being assembled as this is being typed.  I won’t tell you who the band is just yet, but be on the lookout for more news very, very soon.

PPS My band Seven Nines & Tens are almost done mixing our 2nd record “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Slums”  if you like Post Rock, Post Hardcore, Psych Rock (you get the idea) you’re in for the audio trip of your life.  You can listen to us here: http://www.sevenninesandtens.bandcamp.com

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MARUTA Streaming New Track “The Void Within”

Exclusive Song Stream: Maruta – “The Void Within”

Florida’s technical grindcore masters Maruta have premiered another new track from their forthcoming album, Remain Dystopian, over at New Noise Magazine. The new track is the disjointed “The Void Within”, which closest out a five-day onslaught of premieres which also included “Genocide Interval”“Protocol for Self Immolation”“Erode” and “Slaying Jehova”. Stream the maddening track at this location now.

Remain Dystopian is due out on May 29 (Germany, Benelux, Finland, June 1 (UK/world) and June 2 (North America) via Relapse Records

Interview: Corpse Light

corpse light EP

Artwork for Corpse Light’s ‘Without Form’ EP.


Baltimore, MD’s Corpse Light have just released their latest EP Without Form.  It is a dynamic set of songs that unfurls in an array of sonic textures over the course of about 30 minutes.  It drones, swirls, crashes, and cascades in equal measure, gifting the listener with both primal heaviness and intelligent complexity.  We were fortunate to be able to speak with Aurora and Larry from the band regarding the history of Corpse Light, and the process of making the EP, which you can listen to below.


How did Corpse Light come together, can we get a little history of the band up to this point?
Aurora: I’d originally placed an ad on Craigslist listing every obnoxiously obscure drone-y,
spaced out doom band I could think of as influences, believing that no one would bite. It felt
pretty significant to me that I was shortly thereafter contacted by Jim, who was at the time
playing in another band with Keiran and our former drummer Alex. We met up to see where
things might go, ended up clicking really well and formed our first incarnation, Ophidian, in late
2011; our name changed a couple of years later after we learned that there a number of other
similarly named bands, including a high-grossing musician out of the UK whose name popped up
everywhere on searches. Larry came in to replace Alex in spring of 2014, and after a work injury
left Jim unable to play guitar, Don joined us in late 2014.

Larry: I first saw the band as Ophidian back in late 2013. I was quite impressed with the sense of
atmosphere they created. A few months later I saw a Facebook post about how they needed a
drummer and we set up a jam session. A lot of stuff pretty much clicked immediately. I feel very
free to be myself as a musician with Aurora, Don, Keiran and Jim. I became an “official” member
of the band in May of 2014 and so far it has been quite a great year.

Corpse Light draw influences from all over the heavy music map, with little flourishes of
post-metal, crust, doom, sludge and stoner metal, but no one clear genre pigeonhole. Is this
purposeful or just a natural manifestation of combining the members’ individual
songwriting approaches and inclinations?

Aurora: I don’t think much of our sound is purposeful in the sense of being contrived; song-
writing has always been a really organic process for us, involving each of us in different ways at
different times, and I think the varied influences come through because of that. I really like that
you can’t pin us down in one genre – if there is any intention in my own approach to song writing,
it’s to prevent being stuck in one specific sound or direction. My biggest musical influences are
Neurosis, Bauhaus, and Cop Shoot Cop and I love being in a band where there is space to draw
on any/all of what moves me.

Larry: I am definitely a fan of all the genres that you have mentioned but what inspires me to be
involved is the vast array of influences as a unit and that is not always necessarily something
considered “heavy”. We always have conversations about new records, upcoming shows, etc. Our
tastes do not always agree but there is a ton of territory that we do agree upon. Neurosis is a band
that gets mentioned quite a bit. I cannot speak for everyone but they are a huge source of
inspiration for me. Chelsea Wolfe, King Woman, Terra Tenebrosa, Cult of Luna, Youth Code and
many other things heavy on the atmosphere are getting listens from me currently. I would say the
end result for me is very purposeful. It starts naturally and I try to capture that in a focused
manner. A few of these songs were already written when I joined the band and it took quite a bit
of thought to find where I really wanted to go.

Without Form comes across as a cohesive set of songs despite covering a lot of ground
sonically.  Is there one main theme, musically/lyrically governing the songs on this EP?

Aurora: Corpse Light refers to the energy/light/spirit/whatever you want to call that which
emanates from bodies after death; I feel like that concept is found a lot in our music, both
thematically and energetically.

I feel like every band has some specific set of environmental factors that help shape their
sound and aesthetic; for some its a strong sense of place, where a rural or urban setting can
make its presence felt in the stylistic elements of the music, for example. For Corpse Light,
is that a thing? If so, how does your home setting manifest itself in the music?

Aurora:  I feel like my internal environment informs my writing more than my external

Larry: I am an hour away from the Baltimore/DC area. I think growing up in a small town where
there is not a lot to do, music became everything to me. I have spent countless hours absorbing
records and finding things about them that inspire me. I am drawn to pretty simplistic, textural,
melodic music and I feel that is definitely apparent as an influence.

You recorded the EP with Noel from Grimoire Records, and they are also releasing the
album on cassette/cd, correct?  How did that come to be, and what was the process like?

Aurora: We’d had a couple of failed recording attempts in the past and were feeling pretty down
on the idea of having someone else come in and mess with our sound, but working with Noel has
been a pleasure. He came into our space and let us do our thing rather than falsely orchestrating
separate and disconnected performances; I feel like he managed to bring out each of our subtleties
while still maintaining the overall integrity of the music. I’m stoked to have our music on CD,
though we’re also really hoping to find someone to help us put Without Form out on vinyl…

Larry: Yes. The record is available on cassette, cd and you can download it as well. I would say
working with Noel is pretty much the ideal situation if you are a working musician. It was so easy
going and comfortable. I recorded my drums at home; it does not get any more comfortable than
that. I have never been so pleased with a drum sound. The production overall is just top notch.
Very crisp and lively sounding. I would work with him again without hesitation.

What are your plans for this release; is it a prologue to a full length release in the near
future?  Are there any tours in the works?

Larry: Personally, I think we all would like to see the record released on vinyl. It would be cool to
get a variety of formats covered. We have started working on new ideas and it is really hard to
say exactly where that is gonna go. A tour would be great but nothing is currently set up. We do
have some really cool shows coming up though.

CL sidebar photo travis hunt

Corpse Light performing at The Sidebar in Baltimore, MD March 2015. Photo by Travis Hunt.

Wednesday, June 3rd 2015
Corpse Light, Asthma Castle, Jucifer
Metro Gallery Baltimore, MD

Friday, June 12th 2015
Heavy Temple, Stones Throw, Corpse Light, Oak
Del-Mar Inn Hagerstown, MD

Saturday, June 13th 2015
Horehound, CANT, Corpse Light, Oak
The Smiling Moose Pittsburgh, PA

Friday, July 17th 2015
Ratscape featuring Curse, Elagabalus, Corpse Light and many others
Hour Haus Baltimore, MD

The Baltimore/DC area (if I may lump them into one scene) seems to have some great heavy
bands active at the moment.  What’s your perspective on shows there, and what are some
highlights in the area for you guys, band/show wise?

Larry: The shows in the Baltimore/DC area always feel really great. I am lucky enough to have
many friends in the area who are passionate about their work. The biggest highlight so far would
be putting out a record. Noel and Phil at Grimoire Records are truly unique in their approach to
releasing music. We are a part of a really cool roster of bands including Dweller in the Valley,
RHIN, Foehammer and Dendritic Arbor to just name a few. The Mid-Atlantic in general has great
energy right now.

Aurora: I’m really proud to be part of the Baltimore scene – there is almost always something, if
not several somethings, going on at one of many venues on any day of the week.

Thank you to Larry and Aurora for their time. Corpse Light’s new EP Without Form is out
now via Grimoire Records and is available for purchase at:

AA Exclusive: WATERTANK “DCVR” Track Premiere

Nantes, France-based heavy hitters Watertank will return this year with their sophomore full-length LP, Destination Unknown. The upcoming offering boasts nine new tracks full of sludge-ridden post-hardcore that doesn’t skimp on the thunderous instrumentation or the ridiculously catchy hook. We at American Aftermath are more than excited to bring you the first taste of the album in the form of its fourth track, “DCVR”. The down-tuned jam trudges along with pummeling riffs that drip with melody and calls to mind the likes of Torche and Quicksand. If that gets you excited, then feel free to stream the track after the break.

Destination Unknown will be released through Solar Flare Records on June 29. Pre-order your copy here.

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HIGH ON FIRE Announce New Album “Luminiferous”

highonfireluminWhen stoner metal is brought up in conversation, it doesn’t take long for High On Fire to enter said conversation. The band is legendary and for good reason: they are unbelievably amazing and I always look forward to new tunes from them. Well, lucky world, the band has announced they their new album will be released this June! The album, titled “Luminiferous” was recorded at GodCity by Kurt Ballou handling production, so you know it will sound AMAZING. You can check out the track list after the jump and look at that bad ass art work at the top of this post.     Continue reading

TYRANNY IS TYRANNY Streaming New Track “Pillar Of Cloud, Pillar Of Fire”

Post-noise rock outfit Tyranny Is Tyranny have premiered a new track from their forthcoming full-length, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, over at Tone Madison. The new seven-minute dirge, titled “Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire”, and it combines beautifully melancholic post-rock sensibilities and a Neurosis-esque crawl to create a very cinematic piece. Check it out for yourself at this location.

The Rise of Disaster Capitalism will be released on June 13 via Phratry Records.

KEN MODE Debut “Blessed” Video

KEN Mode have premiered the official video for their new track “Blessed” from their upcoming highly-anticipated Steve Albini-produced album, Success, over at Noisey. The Christopher Mills-directed clip depicts a visceral live show and simultaneously captures the energy of the new track. The song itself is a cataclysmic double-bass assault that capitalizes on the group’s noise rock influences and features extra noisy debauchery from Full of Hell‘s Dylan Walker, murderous cello from Natanielle Felicitas and insanity-laced guest vocals from Oxbow frontman Eugene S. Robinson. Check out the video for yourself after the break.

Success will be released on June 15 (UK/EU) and June 16(North America) via Season of Mist. Pre-orders can be found herehere and here. The band’s forthcoming tour dates can be found below as awell.

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MARUTA Ready Relapse Recs Debut LP; Preview Track Released

Fresh off their re-formation and their recent signing with the trusted purveryors in all thing metallic, Relapse Records, Florida death/grind unit Maruta announce the details of their label debut Remain Dystopian. Slated for a June release date , Remain Dystopian aims to top the band’s previous exercise in grind fury, Forward Into Regression.

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Bridge 9 Announce Signing of MALFUNCTION; Debut Full Length Slated For Summer Release


Buffalo, NY quintet Malfunction put the ink to paper today on their signing with hardcore punk powerhouse B 9 Recs.
The band is currently putting the finishing touches on their debut LP Fear Of Failure at GCR Audio Recording Studios
with Jay Zubricky and which immediately upon completion will be shipped off to Taylor Young (Twitching Tongues, NAILS, Disgrace) for mixing before finally seeing its completion with a mastering at Audiosiege (Blacklisted, Integrity, Poison Idea).
Continue after the break for the details:

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