ZAO Streaming First New Track Since 2009 “Xenophobe”

Man it has been a long time since we got some new, rad Zao tunes. I mean, American Aftermath wasn’t even around back then and I know I’m not the only one who listens to The Funeral Of God on a regular basis, right? We have all been wondering if Zao was going to still have the chops to crush after all these years and I am proud to reveal that they do indeed have the chops. The band has a new track streaming over on Decibel and it’s wonderful. Head on over and stream it til you faint.

DUMBSAINT Release “Cold Call” Video

Panorama, in ten pieces. cover art

Australian post-metal outfit Dumbsaint have premiered the official video for their track “Cold Call” over at Heavy Blog is Heavy. The track will appear on the group’s forthcoming album, Panorama, in ten pieces, and the video is but one section of an entire 60-minute film written, filmed and edited by the band that will be completely synced to the new album. The brought their expansive sounds and their penchant for film together on previous releases Disappearance In A Minor Role and The Auteur.  You can check out the clip after the break.

Panorama, in ten pieces will be released on August 7.  Pre-orders can be found here.

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ENABLER Streaming New Track “Fail To Feel Safe”

We never get enough of Enabler here on AA. This band quickly rose through the ranks of my favorite hardcore bands and rocketed to my favorite all-time bands. They absolutely crush every.single.time. and it only gets better. We know that Fail To Feel Safe, the bands new record is due out early next month and MetalSucks have premiered the title track! It’s beautifully aggressive and angrily gnarly as fuck. Enjoy a good throat punch below.       Continue reading

CHRISTIAN MISTRESS Streaming New Track “On The Road”

christian mistress tydLoud rockers Christian Mistress will release their new record To Your Death in September. If that isn’t news enough, the band has premiered the first track off of the record. The track is titled “On The Road” and it is an up-beat, powerful, rocking song. I have always been hit or miss with Christian Mistress, but this song is too damn good. Check it out below and see if you’re into it.      Continue reading

KNUCKLE PUCK Streaming New Track “True Contrite”

Ohhhh, man. Some new Knuckle Puck comin’ at cha! This band is just great. I have a soft spot for pop punk and these dudes do it right. I’ve completely missed the news that the band would be releasing a new record, titled Copacetic, but I am so stoked now that I not only know, but have heard a fantastic new track. The track is titled “True Contrite” and it is beautifully melodic and catchy as hell. Check it out below.      Continue reading

BURIED IN VERONA Release Music Video For “Can’t Be Unsaid”

buried in veronaI regret to inform myself that I have never listened to Buried In Verona, but that is all about to change. I chose to check out the bands new music video for their track “Can’t Be Unsaid” and I was instantly hooked. The band is prepping the release of their new album Vultures Above, Lions Below and the aforementioned music video has been released in promotion of the album. This track is spectacular and Buried In Verona now have my attention forever. Check out the video below and see what’s up.      Continue reading

AXIS Streaming New Track “Transgression”

WOAH. HOLD UP. THIS RULES. More new hardcore for Mr. Gnarly today? I have just gotten word about Axis, a group of hardcore heavyhitters out of Flahridah. Axis will release their debut record Show Your Greed in September and if you want an early taste, get one below. The track “Transgression” is currently streaming and, if you’ve enjoyed today’s posts thus far, you’ll love it.      Continue reading

ZEBRAS Streaming New Track “Hollow Earth”

OHMYGOD. I LOVE ZEBRAS!  THEY ARE LIKE, ONE OF MY FAVORITE AMINALS EVERY! Oh, sorry. I reverted into young me. But for real, Zebras are awesome and this time I mean the Wisconsin-based hardcore band. These dudes bring the noise and they absolutely crush. Zebras will release their new album City Of Sun in a few weeks, but you can check out their new track “Hollow Earth” right now. Click on over and stream the heavy.     Continue reading

FELL TO LOW Streaming New Album “Low In The Dust”

Why is it that every year an exceptional post-hardcore record emerges and blows me away? Last year was Polar and now I have been introduced to Fell To Low. This band hails out of SoCal and their music is hauntingly heavy and wonderfully aggressive. Fell To Low is currently streaming their new record Low In The Dust and it is amazing. Check it out below and let it take you.     Continue reading