WOVENWAR Release Music Video For “Death To Rights”

wovenwar dtr videoWovenwar, which is basically As I Lay Dying minus Tim Lambesis, add Oh, Sleeper guitarist as vocalist and mix well with a Metal Blade, released a really rad album last year and the band has now released a new music video. This video is for their track “Death To Rights” The video is quite cool, with a kaleidoscopic feel to it. Check out the video below and be sure to pick up the bands self-titled debut album, if you haven’t already.     Continue reading

MÖRSER Debut “All To Suffer” Video

German deathgrinders Mörser have premiered the official video for their track “All to Suffer” from their upcoming album, V. The vile, face-melting grind anthem is set to clips of Russian scientist Sergei Brukhonenko’s experiments on a deceased dog’s severed head from the 1940’s film “Experiments in the Revival of Organisms”. The track and the film complement each other quite nicely, to say the least. Check out the video after the break.

V will be released on February 27.

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HOLLOW EARTH Debut “The Reclamation” Video

Hollow Earth have premiered the official video for their track “The Reclamation” over at Metal Injection. The track, which comes from the group’s 2014 debut Silent Graves, is set to a Nick Holland-directed (Diamond Dead Media) clip depicting a post-apocalyptic landscape. According to Hollow Earth frontman Steve Muczynski, the video “reflects the lyrics of the song and paints a picture of the post-apocalyptic world we’re currently headed toward with the decisions we make as a society.” Check out the video after the break as well as a stream of Silent Graves.

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PERIPHERY Release Music Video For “Alpha”

periphery videoI’ve been championing the new double album from the djentlemen in Periphery because I truly dig the new music. This band has grown a lot in a short period of time and I think Juggernaut is the best work of their career. The band released both albums yesterday and also released a pretty rad music video for their track “Alpha.” The video features the band playing with virtual reality. It’s pretty cool. Check it out.      Continue reading

COWARDS Debut “Bend The Knee” Video

Parisian nihilistic sludge quintet, Cowards,  have premiered the official for their track “Bend The Knee” over at Metal Injection. The track, which comes from their forthcoming release “Rise to Infamy“, pairs the grinding, devastating track with clips of the band performing and black and white snippets of some nightmarish film. The two pair together perfectly, to say the least. You can check out the video after the break.

Rise to Infamy will be released on February 9. Stream the record here or download it for free from Throatruiner Records. Physical copies can be found herehere or here.

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CANCER BATS Release Music Video For “True Zero”

cancer_bats_announce_new_album_details_for_searching_for_zeroI fucking adore Cancer Bats. They are one of my all-time favorite bands and are also one of the major reasons I love the country of Canada (right next to Hockey, poutine and Harley Morenstein’s beard). The band will be unleashing their new album Searching For Zero in March and the band has released a music video for their track “True Zero.” You can check out that video below.      Continue reading

MARDUK Release “Frontschein” Music Video

mardukBlack metallers Marduk recently released their new album Frontschwein on Century Media Records and the band has quickly followed it up with a music video for the albums title track. The video for “Frontschwein” features war, bombs and the band, all mixed together with a greenscreen. It’s not the greatest video I’ve ever seen, but I’m really digging this song. Check it out below.      Continue reading

BLACKLISTED Released Music Video For “Turn In The Pike”

blacklisted - wpgpgI love Blacklisted. This band is absolutely amazing and I am so stoked that they will be releasing their new album When People Grow, People Go next month. The band has already streamed a few tracks and now they have released a music video. The video is for their track “Turn In The Pike” and while I don’t quite understand it, the track is incredible. Check it out after the jump.      Continue reading

CIRCA SURVIVE Release Music Video For “Child Of The Desert”

circa surviveHoly shit. Circa Survive released an album last year? I had no idea. I haven’t listened to this band in a long time, but I really liked their first few albums. I guess I’m going to have to go back and check out Descensus soon, as the band has released a music video for their track “Child Of The Desert.” It’s a really cool song and a cool video as well. Check out the video below.      Continue reading

Exclusive Premiere: KILLING THING’S “Derision”


Initially featured in a prior Aftermath Straight To The Point review, the young forebears of “Pittsburgh Heavy Shit” in Killing Thing have bestowed onto American Aftermath the opportunity to unveil their latest step into aural brutality. Following a demo, an EP and track appearances on a split and compilation (download it all free here!), the chaotic hardcore quartet have returned, armed with a new vocalist and drummer and ready to enter the modern metallic hardcore revival lexicon with a new EP due out soon on Head2Wall Records, of which the video for the first track is featured below. Directed by Tyler Long (Run, Forever and Black Mask) and recorded by Dave Rosenstraus (of Hounds of Hate and Pissed Jeans fame),  “Derision”  brandishes a brash, greater 90s metallic hardcore centered sound whilst underplaying but not completely abandoning the group’s groovy beatdown, which comes exemplified in the best way in the last seconds of the minute and forty crusher. As for the video, bloody, live and simple. Stream “Derision” below and be sure to catch Killing Thing on their Midwest stomp, details also below.  Continue reading

PSYCROPTIC Streaming New Track “The World Discarded”

Psycroptic-PsycropticI know we have all been anxiously awaiting the new record from Tasmanian tech death outfit Psycroptic, and it looks like the time is drawing near. The band has unleashed a new track titled “The World Discarded” via the below lyric video. It’s an unbelievable song and I think it crushes. Check out the video below and prepare the ground, Psycroptic is coming.     Continue reading

MUCK Streaming New Track “My City”

Icelandic hardcore outfit Muck have premiered a new song/video from their forthcoming sophomore full length, Your Joyous Future, over at The Reykjavik Grapevine. The new track is the groove heavy “My City” and is set to a disorienting live performance video, shot and edited by Hilmir Berg Ragnarsson and Anní Ólafsdóttir. The band had the following comments on the track:

“My City is the first single to appear from our new album. When working on it we gave it the working title of Groove because the main vibe had this weird krautrock/industrial thing going on. My city is about feeling like you’re getting eaten up by routine and trying to work out how to change it. It’s about accepting the lack of feeling and learning how to draw new experiences from your surroundings.”

You can check out the video after the break.

Your Joyous Future will be released on February 23 via Prosthetic Records and can be pre-ordered here. A stream of their first full length, Slaves, can be found below.

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FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND Release Music Video For “Pencil Pusher”

ffaf-CAVI have loved Funeral For A Friend for years now and I can’t wait to hear the bands new record Chapter And Verse, but to tide me over, the band has released a music video for their song “Pencil Pusher.” The video was directed by Ryan Mackfall and it’s not only really well made, it’s really funny. This band does so much good, I don’t think they’ll let me down now.       Continue reading

FULGORA Release Video For New Track “Meridian”

FulgoraStratagemFulgora are a beast. Why? Possibly because the band shares members with both Pig Destroyer and Misery Index. The band will be releasing their new album Stratagem next month and they have released a new video for their track “Meridian.” I would call this a music video, but I classify music videos as videos in which the band appears, which Fulgora doesn’t in this video.

The video does however feature a lot of religious, anti-religious and religious oppression imagery and video. I would say that this video is somewhat NSFW. Just to be safe. Check out “Meridian” below.     Continue reading

36 CRAZYFISTS Release Music Video For “Also Am I”

36CRAZYFISTS_photo2I know for certain that Lane and I are super stoked for 36 Crazyfists to release their new album and, to pump you up for the album, the band has released a music video for their song “Also Am I.” The album comes out in the middle of next month, but getting this taste has set me off. I cannot wait to hear more. Check out the video for “Also Am I” over on Metal Injection.