SOULFLY Streaming New Track “We Sold Our Souls To Metal”

Damn. Soulfly got heavy. I don’t remember the band killing it this hard. The band is going to unload their new album Archangel next month and it is going to decimate. The band has proven that with the open track off of the record, “We Sold Our Souls To Metal.” You can hear that track right now by clicking on past the jump. It’s fucking dope.     Continue reading

MAX MOORE Releases Short Film “Glendower Drive”

glendower drYou’ve likely seen Max Moore’s name on this site more than a few times. The guy is a magnificent music video director and he has just released his debut short film titled Glendower Drive. The film stands at around six minutes and it is a anxiety-trying thriller with very little dialog. I really enjoyed the short and I look forward to seeing more of Max’s personal work in the future. Check out the full clip below.     Continue reading

MYRKUR Releases “Onde Børn” Music Video

UntitledOne-woman black metal act Myrkur will soon release its debut LP M for all to hear. It has been a hard wait on me because I love Myrkur and I look forward to hearing the album in full. I also like the visualizations that come with her music. Most recently a music video of the song “Onde Børn,” which comes off of M, surfaced and it is beautiful. You can check out the video for yourself below.     Continue reading

Black Table New Album Trailer/Interview.

obelisk NY/NJ Experimental metal band Black Table turned a lot of heads with the release of their first EP Sentinel in 2012. However, they have been seemingly dormant for nearly two years, after finishing up their last round of shows – a full US tour with Germany’s Downfall of Gaia, in fall of 2013.  Despite outward appearances the group remained active, meticulously crafting a debut full length record intense and jagged enough to saw through your bones. The forthcoming work, entitled Obelisk is a testament to their painstaking attention to detail and ability to craft complex and dynamic sonic textures that few other bands are capable of. Today, they have released their first teaser for the album, in the form of a two minute long video featuring an excerpt of the track Cromagnon.  We were fortunate to speak with vocalist and guitarist Mers Sumida about Obelisk, and the making of the video, which can be viewed here:

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MUTILATION RITES Release “Contaminate” Music Video

mutilation rites contaminateOne of America’s raddest black metal acts, Mutilation Rites have released a new music video on this fine day. The video is for their track “Contaminate” off of the bands most recent album Harbinger. The video was directed and produced by Mutilation Rites guitarist Michael Dimmitt and you can check it out below. Love this track and the video is pretty cool as well.      Continue reading

WISDOM IN CHAINS Release “When We Were Young” Music Video

wisdom in chainsWisdom In Chains released their new album The God Rhythm not too long ago and now the band has released a new music video. The video is for their song “When We Were Young” and it’s a really cool video. The video features a lot of things I enjoy. Wisdom In Chains, 16 bit video games, skateboards and stuff! Check out the video below and see what’s up.      Continue reading

HEADS. Release Music Video For “A Mural Is Worth A Thousand Words”

headsGerman noise rockers Heads. released a really cool, self-titled album last month and the band has followed it with a really cool music video. The video is for the albums first track “A Mural Is Worth A Thousand Words” and I really like it a lot. The video has a lot of really cool elements to it, although it it mostly a static shot of who I am assuming is either Ed or Chris but with a lot of post effects added in. You can check out Heads. video below. I dig it.      Continue reading

AUTHOR & PUNISHER Streaming New Album “Melk En Honing”, Debut “Shame” Video

Sonic cyborg Tristan Shone, AKA Author & Punisher, has premiered his forthcoming full-length record, Melk En Honing, over at Noisey. The record will officially be released on June 30 via Philip Anselmo’s Housecore Records. Melk En Honing is a dark, monolithic opus that draws you into its torturous hymns effortlessly and refuses to let go. If you cannot wait until next Tuesday, and you won’t want to, feel free to stream the record at this location.

Author & Punisher also released the official video for the track “Shame” over at Crack Magazine. You can view that video after the break.

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MORGLBL Debut “Tea Time For Punks” Video

French progressive rock/fusion outfit Morglbl have released the official video for their track “Tea Time for Punks”, which comes from the recently released record of the same name. The quirky, multi-faceted jam is set to an equally quirky video depicted the band attempting to serenade a brunch crowd. Obviously, it goes south very fast. Check out the humorous clip after the break.

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MASTODON Release “Asleep In The Deep” Music Video

mastodonLast year Mastodon released their highly-praised Once More ‘Round The Sun. Over the last few weeks we have been getting hints as to what Mastodon were doing with their new music video for “Asleep In The Deep.” Well the waiting is over and you can now watch the video for yourself. The concept of the video is what do cats do when their owners are asleep and it’s fucking weird. A video this strange, only Adult Swim could be involved. Check it out below.     Continue reading