FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Streaming New Track “Saltwound”

ffaa“God is a lie and man is a failure.” These are the words chanted on the new Fit For An Autopsy track “Saltwound.” This track is killer and it only makes me want Absolute Hope Absolute Hell that much more. The album will see release next month, but you can get crushed with “Saltwound” below. Get some.     Continue reading

HAMMERCULT Release Lyric Video For “I Live For This Shit”

Israeli thrashers Hammercult will release their new album Built For War tomorrow and to amp up the excitement, the band has released a new lyric video. The video is for “I Live For This Shit,” which is a fantastic track from this amazing album. You can check out the lyric video below and see if you’re digging this shit.     Continue reading

FOREVERMORE Release Music Video For “Wormtongue”

forevermoreLast summer I got turned onto a band called Forevermore. The band crafted some really rad metalcore that caught my attention and held on to it. The band has just dropped their new music video for their song “Wormtongue.” You can check out said video after the jump. It’s pretty cool, if I do say so.     Continue reading

COHEED AND CAMBRIA Streaming New Track “Here To Mars”

the color before the sunWe all know how much I love Coheed And Cambria and how much I’m looking forward to the bands new album The Color Before The Sun. The band has already released a new track titled “You Got Spirit, Kid” and now the band has released a lyric video for their newest song, “Here to Mars.” This song is beautiful and simple and I cannot wait for more. Coheed will make waves again this year. Take my word. Check out “Here To Mars” below.     Continue reading

VIVISICK Announce New Album “Nuked Identity”, Release New Video


Japanese hardcore punks Vivisick have announced the release of their sophomore full-length record and follow-up to their 2008 debut, Respect and Hate. The album will be titled Nuked Identity and will be released on September 11 via Tankcrimes on CD and digital formats. The CD comes packaged in a full color box jacket and includes a twelve-page full color tabloid size newsprint insert and screen printed envelope.  A vinyl version mastered by Dan Randall  will be available in 2016 coinciding with the band’s West Coast tour with Capitalist Casualties. Vocalist Sunao commented on the new record:

“The god named ‘economy’ was exposed. Absolute existence has begun to fluctuate. People have fallen into identity crisis. What am I? Where is the answer? It is coming time to seek it. I feel each of us will have to find it. In that meaning, this title ‘Nuked Identity’ includes our wish. We will find our new identity and build them again.”

The album’s artwork and track listing can be found below.

As an added bonus, the band have released the official video for album track “Rebel Is Creation”. That can be viewed below as well.

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AMBASSADOR GUN Release “Once Upon The Sauce” And “Tomb Of Broken Sleep” Dual Video


Minneapolis deathgrinders Ambassador Gun have premiered a dual video for their tracks “Once Upon The Sauce” and “Tomb Of Broken Sleep”, from their album Tomb Of Broken Sleep, over at Decibel. The video, filmed by Adam Dunn, depicts the band’s drunken antics while they simultaneously storm through both raging tracks. The band commented on the video:

“The video was filmed by Adam Dunn,…and as far as quotes go, maybe just say we crushed a bottle of Wild Turkey, three blunts and a case of beer, and fired off two fresh grinders!”

Check out the video after the break.

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INSECT ARK Debut “The Collector” Video

[Photo by Chris Carlone]

Multi-instrumentalist  Dana Schechter (a.k.a Insect Ark) has premiered the official video for her track, “The Collector”, over at Noisey. Taken from the new album, “Portal/Well”, the sinister “The Collector” is set to an abstract and dark clip depicting, as Schechter describes, a “wandering drifter who seeks out lost human souls”. Schechter offered the following comments on the video:

“It’s always a challenge to make visuals for my own music – how do you tell a story for a song with no words? “The Collector” is the tale of a wandering drifter who seeks out lost human souls, swallowing and extinguishing their spirits; the story came to me after the music was complete. Visual inspiration was partly drawn from black & white 1960s Japanese ghost films, but the filthy animated rural/urban landscapes are how it looks in my dreams: barren, looming, washed-out and absent of people. We used a video back-projection in front of dancer Mee Ae, and also filmed her on a greenscreen so I could work her into other animations in post production, which editor Alan Dubin (also the vocalist of Khanate/Gnaw) used in the larger edit.”

Check out the video after the break.

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THE LAST TEN SECONDS OF LIFE Release Music Video For “The Box”

I’ve gone over this before. There are different kings of deathcore. Some good and some bad. Well The Last Ten Seconds Of Life are one of the good ones. Their music is raunchy and brutal and I really dig it. The band has just released their new music video for their song “The Box.” You can check out said video below. Get crushed by the Last Ten Seconds Of Life.      Continue reading

EXALT To Re-release Sophomore Album “Pale Light” In The US

Canadian hardcore heavyweights Exalt have partnered with Good Fight Music and New Damage Records to give their sophomore full-length, Pale Light, its first official US release. The labels plan to release the album later this year. In the meantime, the band have premiered the official video for their track, “Deafen”, over at Metal Injection. Be sure to check it out after the break.

The band’s upcoming tour with Reflections starts this Friday, September 4. Those dates can be found below.

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CRETUS Release “Price Of Immortality” Video (NSFW)

Louisiana thrash collective Cretus have unveiled the official video for their track “Price Of Immortality”, which will appear on their upcoming Dux Mea Lux EP, over at their official website. The video follows a woman who is hypnotically induced into a tranquil state, only to be captured and converted in a ritualistic fashion. The song itself features some hard-hitting riffs that are accompanied by memorable choruses and an overall pop sensibility. Check out the video after the break.

Due to some brief nudity, the video has been labeled NSFW. But, the band also released a censored version which can also be viewed below.

Dux Mea Lux will be released on September 4 via Pavement Music. Pre-order here.

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BLACKLISTERS Release Music Video For “I Knock Myself Out”

blacklistersMan, Lane got me into Blacklisters recently and I am so stoked that he did. This band has taken me by storm and I love it. They have just released a new video for their song “I Knock Myself Out” and it rules also. The video was shot live and it is extremely well done. You can check the video out below and see if it pumps you up. PUMPS YOU UP.     Continue reading

THE OXFORD COMA Release “Canadian Questionmark” Music Video

canadian questionmarkThe Oxford Coma are a force to be reckoned with. We’ve worked with the band in the past here on AA and I will continue to cover them as long as I can. This is where we are today: The Oxford Coma have released a new music video! This video is actually for the track that we premiered here, “Canadian Questionmark.” It’s rad. Check it out below.       Continue reading

BURIED IN VERONA Release “Extraction” Music Video

BIV - ExtractionMan, that new Buried In Verona album is siiiiick. It’s beautiful and sick. And it’s dope. Did I mention I like it? Well, I also like the bands new music video for their track “Extraction.” The video was just released, shortly after the album itself. Check it out below. Don’t take my word for it being rad.      Continue reading

NILE Streaming New Track “Evil To Cast Out Evil”

nileyFuuuuuuck I cannot wait for the new Nile album. What Should Not Be Unearthed is slowly being unveiled and it is sounding incredible. The band has just released a lyric video for their track “Evil To Cast Out Evil” and it is crushing. Nile never let me down, and it seems like this album won’t either. Check out “Evil To Cast Out Evil” below.      Continue reading