CALIBAN Release Lyric Video For “Nebel”

f5e48fb31d1a57a7b627d5966bbd016cI just read a statement that said that Caliban have never released a song in their native German until their most recent album Ghost Empire. Well, just to clear things up, this is not true. This may very well be the first ORIGINAL track the band has recorded in German, but in 2011 the band released an EP of cover songs titled Coverfield, which featured the Rammstein song “Sonne,” which is 100% in German. Just wanted to clear that up.

That said, Caliban have released a lyric video for their track “Nebel” off of Ghost Empire. Yes, the song is in German and yes, it rules. Check out the video below and be sure to pick up the new record if you haven’t. It’s a crusher.     Continue reading

DEATH ENGINE Announce New Album “Mud”, Stream New Track

Photo: Cover art for death engine's «Mud», by Hugues Pzzl -

French metallic post-hardcore/noise rock hybrids Death Engine have announced the release of their debut full length record and follow up to 2013 debut EP, Amen. The new record will bear the title Mud and will be released through Throatruiner and Apocaplexy Records on March 2nd. The band have released the first taste of the record, the track “Still”(with accompanying music video), which can be streamed after the break.

A stream of their debut, Amen, can be found below as well.

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THE DRIP Release Music Video For “Siren”

thedripMy homies in The Drip released a fucking unbelievable EP earlier this year and the band has now released their first music video since being signed to Relapse Records. The video is a pro-shot live video for the track “Sirens.” The video was shot at the bands local grind spot Ray’s Golden Lion and it’s pretty rad. Check out the video below.      Continue reading

PSYCROPTIC Release Music Video For “Echoes To Come”

Psycroptic2Tazmanian tech death act Psycroptic released their rad new single “Echoes to Come” a few weeks ago and now the band has followed up with a pretty cool music video. The video for the track is black and white and involves quite a bit of slow-mo. I love this band and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album and see further videos. Check out “Echoes To Come” after the jump.      Continue reading

STICK TO YOUR GUNS Release Lyric Video For “What Choice Did You Give Us?”

Stick_To_Your_Guns_-_DisobedientHardcore act Stick To Your Guns have released a lyric video for their new track “What Choice Did You Give Us?” and it has a very powerful message about standing up to injustice. The animated video is very powerful and very moving, not to mention the song is great. Along with the release of the video, the band has issued a statement urging fans to protest injustice. After the jump you can check out the video for “What Choice Did You Give Us?” as well as read the bands statement.       Continue reading

BEHEMOTH Release Music Video For “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer”

BehemothWe all know how much of a juggernaut Behemoth is. The band has released countless amazing records, the most recent being the highly-praised The Satanist and the band has now unleashed a live music video for their track “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer.” You can check out the video after the jump and be sure to pick up The Satanist if you haven’t. GET CRUSHED BY THE ALMIGHTY WEIGHT OF SAAAAAATAN!      Continue reading

LORD MANTIS Debut “Possession Prayer” Video (NSFW)

Lord Mantis have premiered their very NSFW video for their track “Possession Prayer” from their most recent effort, Death Mask, over at Bloody Disgusting. The twisted doom number is set to an equally twisted clip (directed by Gretchen Heinel) that depicts nude people bound by rope, masked figures engaging in some bizarre ritual and good old disembowelment. Check out the disturbing video after the break.

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PORD Debut “I’m Swimming Home” Video

French noise rockers Pord have debuted the official video for their track “I’m Swimming Home” from their most recent release, Wild, over at Decibel. The video, which was directed by Vincent Lacan, Aurélien Foisse and the band members themselves, shows the band performing and partying it up in front of a backdrop showing clips from the 1968 film “The Swimmer”. The pool party goes well with the song’s main bouncing, disfigured surf rock riff. You can check out the clip for yourself after the break.

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THE CONTORTIONIST Release Music Video For “Primordial Sounds”

the contortionist-languageThe Contortionist have crafted one of the most beautiful albums of 2014 hands down. This band hit me hard and grew on me very fast and Language is absolutely amazing. I can’t tell you how many times I have listened to this album and I fall in love with it all over again each time. Well, The Contortionist have released a new music video for their track “Primordial Sound,” which is one of my favorite tracks on the record. Check out the video after the jump.     Continue reading

BAPTISTS Premiere New Music Video For “Bloodmines”

baptists bloodminesBaptists released a spectacularly heavy new album titled Bloodmines earlier this year and the band has now unloaded a music video for the albums title track. I absolutely love this band and I really love this album, so take the time to check out the creativity of Baptists. Check out the “Bloodmines” video below. Word.      Continue reading

THE HELL Release Music Video For “Check This Out”

The HellMysterious British hardcore act The Hell (you dicks) released their amazing album Groovehammer earlier in the year and the band has released their latest music video. This whacky video is for their track “Check This Out” and it’s, well, interesting. You can check out the video after the jump and be sure to pick up Groovehammer if you haven’t. It’s great.     Continue reading

MOGWAI Debut “Teenage Exorcists” Video

Mogwai have premiered the official video for their track “Teenage Exorcists” from their forthcoming EP, Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1, which will be released on December 1st. The clip, which was directed by Craig Murray, is highly elaborate, trippy and very visually stunning. I can’t fully describe the video eloquently, so I will say just watch it for yourself after the break.

Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1 can be streamed here.

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