FORGOTTEN TOMB Release Lyric Video For “Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love”

Italian blackened doom outfit Forgotten Tomb have released the title track and accompanying lyric video for their upcoming album, Hurt Yourself and The Ones You Love.  The seven-minute, sprawling jam is full of menacing melodies and crushing, malignant groove. You can watch the new clip after the break.

Hurt Yourself and The Ones You Love will be released on April 17 (Europe) and April 21 (North America) via Agonia Records. The album’s artwork (NSFW) and track listing can be found below.

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PRIMITIVE MAN Debut “Bag Man” Video (NSFW)

Primitive Man have premiered the official video for their track “Bag Man”, off of their new EP Home Is Where The Hatred Is, over at Noisey. The video was co-directed by Marcos Morales and Neil Barrett of Novel Concept TV and produced and conceptualized by Primitive Man frontman Ethan McCarthy. The video is a seven minute glimpse into the “American dream”. Nude women, American flags, guns and blood. It’s the American dream indeed. Check out the clip after the break along with the band’s upcoming touring schedule.

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CONTINUUM (ANIMOSITY, etc) Release “A Surreal Descent” Lyric Video

Bay Area technical death metal outfit Continuum have released the lyric video for their new track “A Surreal Descent” over at Decibel. The blistering, dizzying affair comes from the group’s upcoming record, The Hypothesis, which is due out through Unique Leader Records on April 21 (pre-order here). The band’s roster has done time in Animosity, Decrepit Birth, Son of Aurelius and Deeds of Flesh. That should excite you enough. Check out the track after the break.

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ENSLAVED Release New Lyric Video “One Thousand Years Of Rain”

Enslaved - In Times - ArtworkLegendary act Enslaved will be unleashing their new album In Times in a few weeks and the band has released a new lyric video. The video and track in question are “One Thousand Years Of Rain,” which is an absolutely amazing track. As of posting this, I have listened to the track numerous times. It’s great. Check it out for yourself below.      Continue reading

NO BRAGGING RIGHTS Release Music Video For “Outdated”

No_Bragging_Rights_-_The_Concrete_FlowerNo Bragging Rights released their rad The Concrete Flower last year and the band have given us a new music video in the new year. The video is for the band’s track “Outdated.” I really dig this track and the video for it is pretty cool as well. Check out the video after the jump and see what you think.       Continue reading

BOSSE-DE-NAGE Release Teaser For New Album “All Fours”

bosse-de-nageWe haven’t heard much from the camp of Californian black metal act Bosse-De-Nage since their 2012 split with Deafheaven. Well, the band will be making their return this year and they will unleash their new album All Fours. The band have given a few details about the album, including a teaser, as well as a strange, enigmatic statement. Check it all out below.     Continue reading

COLISEUM Release New Music Video; Reveal Details For “Anxiety’s Kiss”

colanxietyColiseum have returned and they are bringing with them a new album. The album will be titled Anxiety’s Kiss and it will see release in May. I don’t know about you folks, but I’m pretty stoked. As if that wasn’t enough, Coliseum have also unloaded a music video to amp us up even more. You can check out more details about Anxiety’s Kiss as well as the video for “We Are The Water,” which was directed by the great Max Moore.     Continue reading

HARM’S WAY Release Music Video For “Amongst The Rust”


Chicago, IL metallic hardcore unit Harm’s Way have released a music video for the track “Amongst The Rust”, the group’s second released single off of their long-awaited upcoming third LP, Rust, due out March 10th via Deathwish Inc. In support of their imminent record, Harm’s Way have been touring on a nonstop cycle since January and have recently announced an upcoming North American tour with supporting Code Orange with Eternal Sleep and a European run reaching the UK and Germany. Stream “Amongst The Rust” below along with details for all dates for Harm’s Way’s touring cycle and pre-order Rust digitally, on CD and vinyl here via Deathwish Inc.
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OLD MAN GLOOM Debut “The Lash” Video


Old Man Gloom have premiered the official video for their track “The Lash”, from their 2014 double album The Ape of God, over at Decibel, The clip follows a nomadic figure (who turns out to be an ape, naturally) engaging in some self-immolation ritual, only to reborn as a strange hooded figure. The video is odd, no doubt. Feel free to watch the clip after the break.

Old Man Gloom will also be tearing up the West Coast starting this Thursday. Those dates can be found below.

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YOUNG WIDOWS Debut “King Sol” Video

Young Widows have premiered the official video for their track “King Sol”, from their 2014 album Easy Pain, over at Noisey. The video depicts a man’s fascination with a massive sun of apocalyptic proportions and some striking visuals. You can view the clip after the break.

Young Widows will be embarking on a short tour next month alongside The Austerity Program , Tropical Trash and Shannon Wright. Those dates can be found below.

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PISS VORTEX Releases Music Video For “Devouring Intent”

PISS_20VORTEX_cover_web_originalPiss Vortex, the Danish grinders that won the hearts of two Aftermathers (Lane and I) last year have made their way back onto AA real fast. The band has just released their first music video for their track “Devouring Intent.” This video is extremely raw and DIY and it’s pretty fucking cool. You gotta love Piss Vortex. Amirite? Check it out below.     Continue reading

TRAITORS Release Music Video For “The Hate Campaign”

traitorsRemember that band Traitors I talked about last month? Well, the band has made it’s way back onto my radar and have released a new music video.  The video is for the title track off of the bands new album and it’s pretty cool. I’m not totally into the video, but the song is fucking crushing. Check out the video below.      Continue reading

ENABLER Release Music Video For “Live Low”

enablerIf you read American Afterblog, you know that we love Enabler here. The band is sickeningly crusty and loaded with filth and depravity. I love those aspects in our music. Enabler has released a new music video, this time for their track “Live Low.” It’s a fun music video and it’ll get a chuckle out of you as you groove to the groove. Check it out below.      Continue reading

MINSK Release “The Clash & The Draw” Album Trailer

Minsk have released the official album trailer for their upcoming long-awaited full length, The Clash & The Draw, which is due to drop on April 3 (Germany, Finland, Benelux), April 6 (UK, world) and April 7 (North America) through Relapse Record. The short clip gives a brief teaser of the sprawling, psychedelic sludge to come. Check out the video after the break and pre-order your copy of the album here.

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RETOX Debut “Without Money, We’d All Be Rich” Video

Retox have recently debuted the official video for their track “Without Money, We’d All Be Rich” over at The Fader. The spastic tune, which comes from their recently released album Beneath Californiais set to the Dennis Bersales directed clip depicting children in the Philippines fighting spiders in a graveyard. Frontman Justin Pearson commented on the song and video:

 “The meaning or concept behind the song comes from the idea that change comes one funeral at a time…As the world is constantly presenting changes that can and cannot be avoided, some of us will adapt and some of us die. The idea behind the video draws in elements that are unsettling to some, but also shows a way of life in the world, as well as a landscape that a lot of people do not see or even care about, specifically westerners, or some of the 1%, and even others who are submerged in apathy and ignorance.”

You can watch the video after the break.

Retox are currently on tour with Whores. The remaining dates for the trek can be found below.

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