INTER ARMA Release Music Video For “Destroyer”

I love Inter Arma. The band creates some of the darkest sludgedoom soundscapes and they always come out phenomenally. The band released the amazing Sky Burial in 2013 and followed it up with the 45-minute track The Cavern last year. Well, the band has reached back to their last full-length and have released a music video for their song “Destroyer.” It’s a strange, space-inspired video, but it’s a cool watch. Check it out below.      Continue reading

EMPLOYED TO SERVE Release Music Video For “Watching Films To Forget I Exist”

emplyed t oserverEmployed To Serve, whom share members with Oblivionized and Regurgitate Life, are prepping the release of their debut full length album Greyer Than You Remember. The band has released a new music video for their song “Watching Films To Forget I Exist,” which is an amazing song. The video is really cool and I can’t wait to check out the whole album. Enjoy the video below.      Continue reading

STEARICA Debut “Delta” Video

[Photo by Luca-Saini]

Italian instrumental rock trio Stearica have debuted the official video for their track “Delta” over at Noisey.  The dynamic and poignant track, which comes from the group’s forthcoming album Fertile, is set to a Gabriele Ottino-directed clip depicting a man searching for his heart. You can check out the video for yourself after the break.

Fertile will be released on April 13 via Monotreme Records. Pre-orders can be placed here.

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RUN THE JEWELS Release Music Video For “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)”

RTJewelsRun The Jewels, the rap duo featuring El-P and Killer Mike have released a music video for their collaborative track with Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against The Machine. The track is titled “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)”. The video exhibits expression of police brutality and racial profiling, all of which was summed up by the video’s director AG Rojas. You can see the video as well as read Rojas’ blurb below.       Continue reading

POISON IDEA Streaming New Track “Rhythms Of Insanity”

Next week veterans Poison Idea will release their first new album in nine years and it is a doozy. The album is titled Confuse & Conquer and it’s a fucking beast. The band has released a few tracks and, with only a short time until the release date, they have unleashed a rad new track titled “Rhythms Of Insanity.” I love this band and I love this track. Check out the track below.      Continue reading

SWORN ENEMY Release Music Video For “No Mercy”

Sworn Enemy will be embarking on their upc0ming No Mercy No Surrender tour next week and to support the tour, the band has released their new music video for “No Mercy.” The video is pretty cool and the tour should be amazing. Check out the video after the jump as well as the tour dates.     Continue reading

KEN MODE Debut “Blessed” Video

KEN Mode have premiered the official video for their new track “Blessed” from their upcoming highly-anticipated Steve Albini-produced album, Success, over at Noisey. The Christopher Mills-directed clip depicts a visceral live show and simultaneously captures the energy of the new track. The song itself is a cataclysmic double-bass assault that capitalizes on the group’s noise rock influences and features extra noisy debauchery from Full of Hell‘s Dylan Walker, murderous cello from Natanielle Felicitas and insanity-laced guest vocals from Oxbow frontman Eugene S. Robinson. Check out the video for yourself after the break.

Success will be released on June 15 (UK/EU) and June 16(North America) via Season of Mist. Pre-orders can be found herehere and here. The band’s forthcoming tour dates can be found below as awell.

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TORCHE Debut “Annihilation Affair” Video

Torche have premiered the official video for their track “Annihilation Affair” over at Loudwire. The track, which comes from their new record Restarter, is set to a visually-striking clip produced by Phil Mucci and Ian MacKay (Opeth, etc). The video depicts a destructive robot army, whose discovery of human women sparks curiosity but doesn’t end well. You can check out the video after the break.

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ADIMIRON Debut “Ayahuasca” Video

Adimiron Ayahuasca Video

Italian progressive metal outfit Adimiron have premiered the official video for their track “Ayahuasca”, off of their 2014 album Timelapse, over at Metal Sucks. The spiraling, complex track is set to a surreal animated clip featuring hand-drawn illustrations. Monika Janouchová, who is responsible for these animations, stated the following:

“’Ayahuasca is an inspiring song. It has the power to take us to unreal places, and I just wanted to transform its potential into images. Each scene and situation brings us, together with the music, to a long surreal trip. Our mind opens and we are enabled to see more…It’s like a vivid dream in which we cannot tell whether it is real or not and if everything will be normal once woken up.”

Check out the video after the break as well as a stream of Timelapse.

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HUMAN IMPROVEMENT PROCESS Debut “Tortured Hands Of Reason” Video

Italian death metal outfit Human Improvement Process have released the official video for their track “Tortured Hands of Reason”. The face-melting, complex tune, which comes from their recently released Enemies of the Sun EP, is set to a performance video directed by Matteo Ermeti. You can check out the clip and stream the EP after the break.

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KILLER BE KILLED Release Music Video For “Curb Crusher”

Killer-Be-Killed-Killer-Be-KilledI love Killer Be Killed, the supergroup featuring members of Mastodon, Soulfly and The Dillinger Escape Plan. The band released a phenomenal debut album a while back and, after a handful of shows recently, they have released a new music video. This video was shot around their recent shows and it’s pretty cool. Check it out below and let us know what you think.      Continue reading

SIGH Release Music Video For New Track “Out Of The Grave,” TRIVIUM Frontman Guests

sigh gravwardIf there is one thing you should know about Sigh at this point in life, it is that this band never does anything conventional or “inside the box.” This is very, very apparent in the bands new music video for “Out Of The Grave.” This video is being called NSFW everywhere else I’ve seen the story, but I think that everything is moving waaaay too fast in this video for anything inappropriate to be pinpointed. Regardless, check out the new Sigh video below.      Continue reading

FROSTHELM Release “A Storm Of Teeth” Lyric Video

North Dakota-based thrash/black metal hybrids Frosthelm have premiered the lyric video for their new track ” A Storm of Teeth”, which comes from their upcoming album The Endless Winter. The track features all of the frostbitten tremolo picking, high octane drumming and bone-crushing thrash you can possibly handle. The lyric video can be viewed after the break along with a stream of the album’s title track.

The Endless Winter will be released on March 22.

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FATHER MURPHY Release Music Video For “A Purpose”

Well, I’ve seen some fucked up shit in my day and I am still surprised by some of the shit that comes across my radar. Today? Today that fucked up shit is Father Murphy‘s music video for their song “A Purpose.” The video is stop-motion paper craft and it features the popular topic of Jesus/Christianity. Also, it’s pretty insane. Check out the video below and see if it tickles your whatever.     Continue reading