GOROD Streaming New Track “Celestial Nature” Via Playthrough Video

Who wants to hear a new Gorod track?! I know I’m not the only one with my hand up! Well, I am glad to inform you that you can indeed hear a new Gorod song titled “Celestial Nature” below, but it comes in the form of a playthrough video, so we know that the mix is off and focused on the guitar. It’s still really rad though, so check it out below.     Continue reading

CRUCIAMENTUM Streaming New Track “Tongues Of Nightshade”

If you’re dying for killer death metal of the darkest kind, Profound Lore offer some of the raddest. Take Cruciamentum for example. This band took over my world a few years back and they are still killing it. The band will release their new record Charnel Passages in September and they are now streaming their new song “Tongues Of Nightshade.” You can hear that track below. It crushes skulls to dust.     Continue reading

CHRISTIAN MISTRESS Streaming New Track “Stronger Than Blood”

Man, today is a good day. New Hammercult. New Huntress and now new Christian Mistress. The latter of which has also just unleashed a new track titled “Stronger Than Blood.” A while back we heard “Open Road,” which I loved. This latest track is a wonderful, rocking beast and you need to stop what you’re doing and LISTEN. Check it out below.     Continue reading

HAMMERCULT Streaming New Track “Spoils Of War”

Man, has it really been two years since we got Hammercult‘s Steelcrusher? That album ruuuled and it was my introduction to these Israeli thrashers. Well, great news! Hammercult will release their new album Built For War in early September. Oooh yeah! The band has released a new track titled “Spoils Of War” and you can check that out below. It kills. Njoi.     Continue reading

CHELSEA WOLFE Streaming New Album “Abyss”

The time is here! Chelsea Wolfe will release the highly anticipated Abyss next week! If that doesn’t excite you as much as it does me, then how about a nice little stream of the album a week in advance? Oooooh hell yeah. Chelsea Wolfe‘s Abyss is one of the most stunning albums I’ve heard all year and it is a terrific listen over and over. Check it out over on NPR right now.

SOULFLY Streaming New Track “Sodomites,” NAILS Vocalist Guests

soulflyOne of my most anticipated albums of 2015 is the new Soulfly record Archangel. This album sounds incredible and it is going to absolutely crush. The band has just released their new track “Sodomites,” which was going to be awesome anyway. You know they made it even better? Todd Jones of Nails guests on the track! You can check out the track below. Bang your fucking head.     Continue reading

KATAKLYSM Release Music Video For “Hate Spirit”

kataklysm4We are almost through Kataklysm‘s cinematic rundown. The band will release their final music video tomorrow when the album is released. Not all of that before the band releases today’s video. Today the band has released “Hate Spirit” and it’s pretty rad. You can check out this video below and stay tuned for the final video tomorrow.     Continue reading

WE HUNT BUFFALO Streaming New Track “Back To The River”

we hunt buffaloLast year I fell in love with a band called We Hunt Buffalo. Their stunningly superb stoner sizzlers won me over and I still jam their album Blood From A Stone. Well now I’m stoked because We Hunt Buffalo will be releasing a new record titled Living Ghosts in September and it is sounding amazing. Check out the first track from the album, “Back To The River,” below. It’ll blow you away.     Continue reading

KRALLICE Release New Album “Ygg Huur”

Man, there are two things I really love. One of them is Krallice. The other one is being surprised about a new Krallice album springing up out of nowhere. This is a thing that happened today! I was super stoked that we were getting new Krallice and the album is phenomenal. You can stream the whole thing and purchase it after the jump. GET SOME.     Continue reading