coe orangeHoly hell. When you bring three fantastic hardcore bands together for a tour, no matter how long or short, you’re going to have a good time. Code Orange, Harm’s Way and Eternal Sleep have announced a killer tour this March that is a must see. If you are anywhere in the vicinity of ANY of these shows, be sure to show up or get crushed. Also, Harm’s Way will be releasing their new Rust 7″ before the tour. Check out the dates below.      Continue reading

MARDUK Release “Frontschein” Music Video

mardukBlack metallers Marduk recently released their new album Frontschwein on Century Media Records and the band has quickly followed it up with a music video for the albums title track. The video for “Frontschwein” features war, bombs and the band, all mixed together with a greenscreen. It’s not the greatest video I’ve ever seen, but I’m really digging this song. Check it out below.      Continue reading

THEORIES Announce Debut Album; Stream New Track “Cycle Of Decay”

theoriesMetal Blade Records is set to release the debut album from Seattle’s Theories. The album is titled Regression and, while it was sure to be amazing regardless, the band is currently streaming a new track titled “Cycle Of Decay.” The track is a brutal deathgrind beatdown and it’s pretty amazing. Check out a stream of the track below.     Continue reading

RETOX Streaming New Track “Disappointing Grade”

retox6Retox have been releasing some killer fucking tunes as of late. The bands new album Beneath California is going to absolutely destroy everything in it’s path. This is a guarantee. All you need to do to believe me is to check out the bands new track “Disappointing Grade” below. This track is so fucking good. I mean. Damn. Stream it after the jump.     Continue reading

VENOM Streaming New Track “Grinding Teeth”

venom-from-the-very-depths-album-coverMetal legends Venom have been constantly releasing listenable music since well before I was born and they are still churning out rad tunes. The band will release their latest offering From The Very Depths next week and the band is streaming a new track now. The track is titled “Grinding Teeth” and it is so fucking rad. Check out the track below and soak it in.     Continue reading

BLACKLISTED Released Music Video For “Turn In The Pike”

blacklisted - wpgpgI love Blacklisted. This band is absolutely amazing and I am so stoked that they will be releasing their new album When People Grow, People Go next month. The band has already streamed a few tracks and now they have released a music video. The video is for their track “Turn In The Pike” and while I don’t quite understand it, the track is incredible. Check it out after the jump.      Continue reading

LORD DYING Streaming New Album “Poisoned Altars”

lord dying - poisoned altarsI have been praising Lord Dying and their new album Poisoned Altars for a while now and I have gotta say that it is one of the best albums that will be released this year. If you have been aching to listen to this slow-churned, brutalizing beatdown, then the time is now. Lord Dying is currently streaming Poisoned Altars right now and you can listen to it. You better fucking listen. It’s so fucking good. Enjoy.      Continue reading

SHREDHEAD Streaming New Album “Death Is Righteous”

Shredhead-Death-Is-Righteous-album-coverIf you are a lover of thrash or heavy music in general and you have yet to get into Israel’s Shredhead, you are seriously doing life wrong. I got into this band a few years back and have been excited for the release of their new album Death Is Righteous, which was released recently. Unfortunately, some of you might not have heard this killer record, so the band has put it up online for all to enjoy. Get crushed below.       Continue reading

CIRCA SURVIVE Release Music Video For “Child Of The Desert”

circa surviveHoly shit. Circa Survive released an album last year? I had no idea. I haven’t listened to this band in a long time, but I really liked their first few albums. I guess I’m going to have to go back and check out Descensus soon, as the band has released a music video for their track “Child Of The Desert.” It’s a really cool song and a cool video as well. Check out the video below.      Continue reading

PERIPHERY Streaming New Album “Juggernaut: Alpha”

periphery2015cd1As you should know by now, Periphery will be releasing their new albums Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega next week and the band is currently streaming part one of the double album. Juggernaut: Alpha has been unleashed upon the world and it can be heard now after the jump. Check out the full album below. It’s rad. Seriously rad.     Continue reading

Exclusive Premiere: KILLING THING’S “Derision”


Initially featured in a prior Aftermath Straight To The Point review, the young forebears of “Pittsburgh Heavy Shit” in Killing Thing have bestowed onto American Aftermath the opportunity to unveil their latest step into aural brutality. Following a demo, an EP and track appearances on a split and compilation (download it all free here!), the chaotic hardcore quartet have returned, armed with a new vocalist and drummer and ready to enter the modern metallic hardcore revival lexicon with a new EP due out soon on Head2Wall Records, of which the video for the first track is featured below. Directed by Tyler Long (Run, Forever and Black Mask) and recorded by Dave Rosenstraus (of Hounds of Hate and Pissed Jeans fame),  “Derision”  brandishes a brash, greater 90s metallic hardcore centered sound whilst underplaying but not completely abandoning the group’s groovy beatdown, which comes exemplified in the best way in the last seconds of the minute and forty crusher. As for the video, bloody, live and simple. Stream “Derision” below and be sure to catch Killing Thing on their Midwest stomp, details also below.  Continue reading

LEVIATHAN Streaming New Track “All Tongues Toward”

Leviathan-Scar-Sighted-620x614I’m not sure how I have missed the fact that a new Leviathan album is upon us all. Standing as my favorite black metal band, this is the kind of thing that you would think I would have heard about before today. Well, to my surprise, Leviathan ARE indeed preparing to release a new album and are currently streaming a phenomenally heavy new track. The track is titled “All Tongues Toward” and it is most definitely a spectacle. Check out the track after the jump. You all know that you need some Leviathan to darken up your day.      Continue reading

BLACK SHEEP WALL Streaming New Track “Tetsuo The Dead Man”

black sheep wall

Californian monolithic sludge outfit Black Sheep Wall have premiered a new track from their forthcoming opus, I Am Going to Kill Myself, over at The Obelisk. The track in question, “Tetsuo The Dead Man”, will pummel you with nearly 10 minutes of devastating sludge that does not let up for even the slightest moment. It’s like being trapped in a collapsing building, that’s also on fire. Head over to The Obelisk to stream the Godzilla-sized track.

I Am Going to Kill Myself will be released on January 27 via Season of Mist. Pre-orders can be purchased here.

KING WOMAN (Ex-WHIRR, SKIN LIKE IRON) Streaming New Track “Burn”

King Woman (Ex-Whirr, Miserable, Skin Like Iron, etc) have premiered a new track from their upcoming debut EP, Doubt, over at Noisey.  The track is entitled “Burn” and revolves around hypnotic, buzzing doom riffs and vocalist Kristina Esfandiari’s smoky, haunting, crooning vocals. It’s hellbent to be stuck in your mind for the remainder of the day.  You can check out the track at this location now.

Doubt will be released on February 17 via The Flenser.