OLD MAN GLOOM Debut “The Lash” Video


Old Man Gloom have premiered the official video for their track “The Lash”, from their 2014 double album The Ape of God, over at Decibel, The clip follows a nomadic figure (who turns out to be an ape, naturally) engaging in some self-immolation ritual, only to reborn as a strange hooded figure. The video is odd, no doubt. Feel free to watch the clip after the break.

Old Man Gloom will also be tearing up the West Coast starting this Thursday. Those dates can be found below.

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SANNHET Streaming New Album “Revisionist”

Brooklyn instrumental metal outfit, Sannhet, have premiered their forthcoming album Revisionist over at  Pitchfork. The album will officially be released on March 3 via The Flenser and can be ordered at this location. The album picks up where Known Flood left off and continues to explore beyond that. Elements of post-metal, black metal, shoegaze, post-rock and a plethora of other styles and nuances can be heard on the record, but still defies most basic categorization. Stream the album for yourself over at Pitchfork now.


GRIEVER Streaming New Album “Our Love Is Different”

Griever have premiered their  debut full length, Our Love Is Different, over at Lambgoat. The album is officially out today via Vitriol Records and can be purchased at this location. These nine tracks are some of the heaviest and catchiest you will hear all day. Grumbling low-end combined with colorful groovy riffs yields amazing results on this record. Stream the album in full over at Lambgoat now.

YOUNG WIDOWS Debut “King Sol” Video

Young Widows have premiered the official video for their track “King Sol”, from their 2014 album Easy Pain, over at Noisey. The video depicts a man’s fascination with a massive sun of apocalyptic proportions and some striking visuals. You can view the clip after the break.

Young Widows will be embarking on a short tour next month alongside The Austerity Program , Tropical Trash and Shannon Wright. Those dates can be found below.

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MELECHESH Streaming New Album “Enki”

melecheshenkicover_638Israeli blackened death metal band Melechesh are going to make a splash with their new album Enki. The album is due out in Early March and it is a fucking beast. If you haven’t heard any of the tracks that Melechesh have released, you can now stream the album in full! Trust me, this is some shit you want to hear. Check it out below.     Continue reading

OCEANO Streaming New Track “Transient Gateways”

oceanoDeathcore powerhouse Oceano will unleash their new album Ascendants next month and the band has released their latest track from said album. This track is titled “Transient Gateways” and, if you know Oceano, you know what you’re in for. It’s loud, heavy-hitting and groovy. Check out the track after the jump and see if you tickles you.       Continue reading

Review: MUCK – “Your Joyous Future”


I was introduced to the eccentric yet virulent sounds of Muck sometime last year, when a friend randomly sent me the link to their 2012 full length, Slaves.  The Icelandic quartet’s music immediately struck a chord with me with its erratic, complex instrumentation and general wackiness. Obvious reference points would be Coalesce, Botch and the like. But upon further inspection, one could see this wasn’t just rehashed mathcore sensibilities. Slaves definitely had a personality all its own. Muck return this year with the record’s follow up and it most certainly delivers. But rather than just rewrite Slaves, Muck opt for something a little familiar yet different at the same time. Much like its predecessor, Your Joyous Future is a unique animal.

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PYRAMIDS Streaming New Track “The Substance Of Grief Is Not Imaginary”

pyramidsPyramids are a band that I have always found myself listening to when I had no idea what kind of music I wanted to hear. The bands sound is so weird and so varied that it is instantly interesting. Pyramids will unleash their new album A Northern Meadow next month and they have released a new track for your streaming pleasure. The track is titled “The Substance Of Grief Is Not Imaginary” and it’s fucking phenomenal. Check out the track below. You’ll listen to it three times just to begin to take it all in.       Continue reading

MUCK Streaming New Album “Your Joyous Future” In Full

MUCK artworkHardcore heavyhitters Muck are preparing to release Your Joyous Future next week and are now streaming the album in full. Muck are an interesting band, mainly because their music is super varied and interesting. I’ve listened to this album a few times and I keep finding something new in it. Ahead of it’s release, you can now stream Your Joyous Future (via Noisey) below. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.    Continue reading

TAKEN BY THE SUN Streaming New Track “Fuse”

taken by the sunPost-metal infused doom faction Taken By The Sun will release their debut album next week and, if you haven’t made yourself familiar with the band, now is the time. Taken By The Sun is a fierce, proggy doom band from Chicago and they are here to take your world by storm. If you need further evidence that this band rules, check out the bands new track “Fuse” after the jump. The song premiered over on CVLT Nation and it’s sooo sick. Ooooooh yeaaaaah.      Continue reading

LIFELESS Streaming New Track “Never”

lifeless fdreamA few weeks ago I posted about the Lifeless teaser for their new album Dream and now you can hear the first full-fledged track off of the album. The band has unloaded the brutal beatdown that is “Never” upon all of you unsuspecting nerds. Get a fat dose of unrelenting hardcore all across ya face. Check out “Never” after the jump.      Continue reading

HALSHUG Streaming New Track “Knæl”

halshug - blahblahbandRad hardcore Danish powerhouse Halshug will thrust their fierce Blodets Bånd next week and they are currently streaming a badass new track titled “Knæl.” Now, I don’t speak this bands native language, but I don’t need to because I do speak the international language of hardcore punk.  Halshug are a force to be reckoned with and their music should be jammed at high volume. Check out “Knæl” below. Or fuck off.      Continue reading

HIRAM-MAXIM Streaming New Track “One”

51559-hiram2bcover2bwebHiram-Maxim will release their debut album early next month and the band has unloaded a massive new track titled “One.” The track is one hell of a crusher, coming in at more than eleven minutes and it holds strong throughout. This band is vicious and I’m really digging them, so they come highly recommended. Check out “One” after the jump.      Continue reading

GRIEVER Streaming New Track “The Endless Wall”

Sludge/punk hybrids Griever have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Our Love Is Different, over at Scene Point Blank. The new track, titled “The Endless Wall”, is a slow-burning, sludgy beast that builds to a groove-laden climax that aims to devastate everything around you. Stream the new tune after the break.

Our Love Is Different will be released on February 24 via Vitriol Records. Pre-order your copy here.

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