Album Review: HARPOON’s “Deception Among Birds”

Chicago in the mid-to-late 90s — the tectonic plates under the extreme music landscape started to shift and converge (no pun intended). The metal and hardcore scenes started to accept the fact that each other existed.  The line of demarcation started to lift at shows.  There were karate chops in the Dying Fetus pit. Rows of long hair could be spotted swirling about to Hatebreed breakdowns at the Knights of Columbus hall. Some could call this period re-crossover.

Here's the album cover. Be patient, I'll get to the review in a minute.

There were a lot of factors that contributed to this. Many in the P.C. Vegan Straightedge Youth Squad* fled to college (and started drinking beer publicly), leaving a hole in that scene. At that point, death metal started getting trite with third- and fourth-generation bands that seemed to be influenced only by other death metal bands, creating styles like “goregrind” and wait for it… “pornogrind.” This left many hessians without a home. Consolidation was necessary. However, there needed to be some space in the middle of the brutal Venn diagram to bring it all together. Powerviolence and grindcore filled that void.

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