ILSA Streaming New Album “The Felon’s Claw”

Speaking of A389 and June release dates, Ilsa is currently streaming their fabulous new record The Felon’s Claw. Can A389 just, for once, release a shitty album? I mean, everything in their catalog is fantastic and you should all be throwing them your monies. You can hear the new Ilsa album in full after the jump. Check out The Felon’s Claw and see that I’m right about their awesomeness. Enjoy.     Continue reading

NOISEM Streaming New Album “Blossoming Decay”

noisem blossoming decayYou know that Noisem album that I’ve been championing? The one that we’ve all been excited for? Well, the day has come for you to stream the beast in full. Ahead of the bands early June release (more than a month away), the album has been put up online and it’s fantastic. Noisem has truly outdone themselves on Blossoming Decay and you’ll flip when you hear it. Enjoy it all after the jump.      Continue reading

NOISEM Streaming New Track “Replant And Repress”

noisem blossoming decayMan, June cannot come soon enough. Noisem are one of my favorite bands and I can’t wait to hear their new record Blossoming Decay, but until then, the few tracks the band has released ahead of Decay‘s release date have been fantastic. The latest track comes in the form of “Replant And Repress” and it is brilliant. The band is killing it, as usual. You can check out the new track over on Punknews.

ILSA Streaming New Track “Smoke Is The Ghost Of Fire”

Ilsa are a fucking beast. That is the only sentence that ever need be spoken about this phenomenal sludge act. The band is plotting the release of their new album The Felon’s Claw and you can now get a taste as to what you are in for. The track is a six and a half minute monster and if you don’t listen to it, I don’t ever want you to show your face around here again. Listen to “Smoke Is The Ghost Of Sleep” after the jump.     Continue reading

NOISEM Streaming New Track “1132”

noisem blossoming decayLords of heavy, Noisem, will unleash their fierce new album Blossoming Decay in June and if you can’t hold off any longer then I have some good news for you. Noisem has released a new track titled “1132” and it is fucking fantastic. I love this band, but even if I wasn’t sure about them, I would love this track. Crush your way past the jump and see if you’re feelin’ what I’m feelin’.     Continue reading

NOISEM Prepare “Blossoming Decay” For May Release

noisem blossoming decayThrashers Noisem have picked May to release their new album Blossoming Decay. The bands debut album Agony Defined was released in 2013 and I am beyond stoked that the band will unleash some sickening new material on us all this spring. The band has released a teaser for Blossoming Decay, which you can see below. Get pumped.       Continue reading

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Streaming Covers EP “Grind ‘Em All”

TBDMI love The Black Dahlia Murder. I feel that this band creates haunting and amazing music, even when it’s not their music. The band released their new EP Grind ‘Em All on Black Friday and you can listen to the whole thing right now. The EP features covers of Left For Dead, Sedition and Gyga. All of them are amazing while flowing through a Black Dahlia filter. Check out the EP below. YEEEE-AH!      Continue reading

SICK/TIRED Streaming New Album “Dissolution”

sicktireddissolutionLo-fi grinders Sick/Tired will unleash their new record Dissolution tomorrow and if you can’t wait, then fear not. The band teamed up with Bloody Disgusting and are currently streaming the album for all to hear. Dude. Seriously. This shit is solid. Take the time, stream this slab from start to finish and then come back here and thank me. Just click on over after the jump and stream Dissolution in its entirety. YES.     Continue reading

HOMEWRECKER Streaming New Track “Punish The Ignorance”

homewrecker-codCrusty hardcore titans Homewrecker will unleash their bone-breaking new record Circle Of Death at the end of the month and the band has released a rad new track for all of yu to hear. The track is titled “Punish The Ignorance” and you can check it out after the jump. The track premiered on Terrorizer and it’s fucking unbelievable. Trust me, this shit’s insane.      Continue reading

Sick/Tired Release Second Single “In Articulo Mortis”


Chicago hardcore grind unit Sick/Tired are back with “In Articulo Mortis”, the second single off their upcoming third full length, Dissolution, out October 31st on vinyl and CD via A389 Recordings. The newly track is streaming over at Noisey and is a rare turn towards doom-ish longeivity for the grind unit, locking in at over five minutes. Check out “In Articulo Mortis” via Noisey here and pre-order Dissolution via A389 Recordings here. Sick/Tired will be touring in support of the record in Europe later this October with peers Corrupt Moral Altar, details below. Continue reading