Ethereal Dispersal: BEREFT Crush Skulls With New Track

Back in late February I posted about the new, monstrous doom act Bereft and how much I was loving the two tracks they have released. Well, the time has come for this all-star doom machine to release another new track. This time they have a track titled “Ethereal Dispersal” and it’s streaming over at Noisecreep. Stop whatever you are fucking doing and go listen to this track. Fucking doom! This track completely destroys and I can’t wait to hear the entire album. Leichenhaus will be released on April 24th via The End Records.

The Doomed Are Cold: BEREFT Release New Track

Remember when I posted about the new band featuring members of Graviton, ex-The Faceless, Intronaut and Abysmal Dawn? The band is called Bereft (formerly known as Bewilderbiest) and they play a style of music that was, before the formation of this project, not a style that any of it’s members have played previously. They play crushing, eerie doom metal and they are pretty fantastic. I posted about their first track a while back and now I am pleased as punch to say that they have a new track currently streaming over at MetalSucks.

I suggest you wait no longer and go check out the track, titled “The Coldest Orchestra” which comes off of Bereft‘s debut album Leichenhaus. Leichenhaus will be released on April 24th via The End Records.


Sorry for the lack of posts today. Three of the members of American Aftermath are having certain issues. I am sick, Lane is working and Josh had a skating accident, but I will do my best to get some posts up.

Remember a while back when us and pretty much every other metal blog got wet over Bewilderbiest? Well, it turns out the band has changed their name to Bereft and released a song. Not just any song, a triumphant, sludge-encased song called “Withered Efflorescence” and I am in fucking love. Without a doubt, this band is for me. I know Josh isn’t a fan of sludge and I believe Lane dabbles a little, but I think this is brilliant. If you, like us, have been curious as to what a band that features members of The Faceless, Intronaut and Abysmal Dawn would sound like, head over to Bereft’s Facebook, like the band and jam out to the dooming filth. It’s soooo good. More info on the band as it comes to light. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Bewilderbiest (Abysmal Dawn, Intronaut, The Faceless)

Yesterday it was announced that members of Abysmal Dawn, Intronaut, Gravitron, and The Faceless have formed a new Doom super group entitled Bewilderbiest. They are unsigned and have no music released but are currently working on a full length.

The group features the following line up -

Vocals/Guitar – Charles Elliott (Abysmal Dawn)
Guitar – Sacha Dunable (Intronaut, Graviton)
Bass – Derek Rydquist (The Faceless)
Drums – Derek Donley (National Sunday Law, Graviton)

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– Josh Huddleston