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Take The Brain Out, Leave The Heart In: AESOP ROCK Releases New Music Video

Aesop Rock has released a new music video for his track “Homemade Mummy”, which appears on his stellar new record Skelethon. The music video is really nothing special at all unfortunately. It simply just shows Aesop and friends playing around in an Arcade. Yup, that’s it. Check it out below but focus mainly on the song, because it’s killer.

-Lane Oliver

AESOP ROCK Announces New Tour Dates

Starting tomorrow, alternative hip hop artist Aesop Rock will embark on a new set of tour dates in support of his stellar new record, Skelethon. It’s definitely in my top five hip hop records so far this year. The trek will begin tomorrow and last through November 6th. Check out the dates below as well as the video for one of my favorite cuts from the album, “ZZZ Top”.

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Review: AESOP ROCK-”Skelethon”

By Lane Oliver

In this day and age underground/alternative/indie hip-hop has started to become more prominent and recognized and has started to bleed into “mainstream” culture. While this is usually considered a good thing, an abundance of these types of artists (and this goes for any genre of music as well) can make it difficult for anyone to find something really distinctive and not just another run of the mill band. But those with hope and perseverance will eventually find something that catches their ears’ attention and shine like a diamond amongst a pile of fecal matter (aka popular trite hip hop artists that invade the FM airwaves and the lot of shallow, uninspired trendy indie hip hop groups). Ian Bavitz, aka Aesop Rock, is one of those metaphorical diamonds I speak of. Aesop Rock was considered by many to be an important figure of the emergence of fresh, forward thinking underground and alternative hip-hop of late 90’s and early 2000’s. In my opinion he is still one of the more versatile and unique hip-hop acts of today and his new record is a testament to that. Skelethon is the first collection of new material from Aesop since 2007 and it sounds like he never went away at all.

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AESOP ROCK Releases New Song

Alternative hip-hop heavyweight Aesop Rock will release his first solo record in five years, Skelethon, on June 10th. Pitchfork have premiered a track from the upcoming effort entitled “Zero Dark Thirty” and it absolutely kills. With a flawless flow and colorful and abstract lyrics, it is hard not to love. Check it out and be prepared to jam out!

-Lane Oliver