Mass-ive Doomsludge Outburst: AMENRA Streaming New Album In Full

Fucking sludge! One of the most powerful, crushing, dooming albums I’ve heard this year is the new release by Amenra, Mass V. This album will be released on the 27th via Neurot Records and if you have slept on any of the news I’ve been bringing you about the band, get on your game, weirdos. Although it is only four tracks long, this album is a bludgeoning force to be reckoned with. If you are curious about the outcome of this beast, head your happy ass on over to CVLT Nation and get your sludge on. Enjoy a taste of Amenra below and then head over and get bent. Continue reading

Stop Motion Creepiness: AMENRA Release New Music Video

I fucking love Amenra‘s new album Mass V, but this video for “Nowena l 9.10” give me the willies. I mean, it’s just creepy stop motion, claymation, whatever and it’s…. Well, it’s fucking creepy. I’m not 100% sure I understand the video, but it’s definitely interesting. A little fun fact about the song is that it features guest vocals by the one, the only Scott Kelly (of Neurosis fame). The track is amazing, the video might weird you out. You can see the video for “Nowena l 9.10” after the jump and be sure to grab Amenra‘s Mass V on November 27th via Neurot Records. Continue reading

Dearborn And Buried: AMENRA Streaming New Track

Begium’s doomsludge act Amenra has released a new track off of their forthcoming album Mass V which will be released on November 27th via Neurot Records. If you like your music slow, depressing and crushingly crusty, Amenra is the band for you. The music is unbelievable, the vocals are raw and vicious but with beautifully executed clean vocals. It’s a package created in hell and it’s spectacular. I can’t be the only person excited for the release of Amenra‘s fourth full-length. Check out the new track “Dearborn and Buried” below and tell us what you think the comments section. Continue reading