The Anvil & The Hammer: FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New Track

Canadian grind veterans Fuck The Facts are currently prepping the release of their new EP Amer which is set for release this Summer. Whenever I go into new Fuck The Facts, I expect perfection. I know these dudes (and lady) and I know they are capable of absolute awesomeness. Well, of course, I was right. This new track “L’enclume et le marteau,” which means “The Anvil and The Hammer,” is a fucking riot.     Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: Topon Das of FUCK THE FACTS

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you’d know I used to do Q&A’s with my good friend, and Fuck The Facts guitarist Topon Das a lot. It’s been a while since he and I have really talked, so I decided it was time to resurrect the “Talking With Topon” section of American Aftermath. So read on to find out about Fuck The Facts’ upcoming tour, new album and what Topon has been doing when not ripping that six-string.

Photo by Andrew Gagne

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She’s In Another Castle: Check Out LETTERS FROM THE PRINCESS

Remember Did You Just Hex Me?? I’ve talked about them here before. They were a band that I really loved that ended far too quickly. I knew that Did You Just Hex Me?‘s vocalist Brandon May has been working with another band formed from members of other Ottawa bands called Letters From The Princess but I hadn’t check into them yet. Well, after hearing the band’s demo, I can some one thing.     Continue reading