Camelot In Smithereens: ARCHITECT Starts Writing New Album

New York conspiratorial hardcore vets, Architect, are back in action and have completed ten new songs for their forthcoming Black Market Activities release. The group which was formerly known as Found Dead Hanging released their last album, Ghosts Of The Salt Water Machines, back in 2008. As of right now, there is little info about this album but as more comes to light, we will continue to keep you updated.     Continue reading

HIV For Vendetta: Enter SWARM OF SPHERES

When I’m listening to sludgy, stoner rock or just some heavy-ass rock, I like melody, good riffing and a nice bearded fellow hollering. Well, I’m not sure if the front-dude dons a beard, but the rest of the elements I mentioned are well in play when it comes to Swarm Of Spheres, a band hailing out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I was signaled to this band by Mr. Mskwaankwad Rice of Biipiigwan. I love Biipiigwan and I knew Mskwaankwad wouldn’t steer me wrong, so I checked out Swarm of Spheres. Holy shit was my first reaction.

The music is mind-blowing. Crushing heavy rock with a feel like Mastodon fighting with Red Fang through a wall of distortion. It’s great, for real. And then I read something interesting. Apparently Swarm of Spheres is made up of members of at one time been involved with Jesus Mullet, I Hate Sally, Bless This Mess, The Chariot, Barn Burner and Architect. Not a band list of credentials if I say so myself. How about I just let the music speak for itself? Check out the band’s self-titled debut and download it below. Enjoy.