Frozen Waste, Cold Of Ages: ASH BORER Streaming New Track

Ash Borer are a black metal band hailing from Arcata, California. I am fairly certain I have mentioned them on here before, but if not I apologize. I discovered this band last year when they released their debut self-titled LP (which you can listen to here) and again on their split with Fell Voices. I instantly fell in love with this bands soothing, heralding black metal and I stuck with them, anxiously awaiting their next release.

Well, that release will soon be upon us in the form of Cold Of Ages, which is due out on Profound Lore Records in August. I am so stoked for this album and if anyone at Profound Lore is reading this, please contact me as to set up where to send my promo. You can check out Ash Borer’s new track streaming over at Stereogum. The track is called “Descended Lamentations” and it is the albums first track. It’s so goddamn good. Check it out and then come back here and talk about it in the comments section.

CHASMA’s Aaron Schomaker’s Top 10 Albums Of 2011

Fuck yes! Here’s my top 10 for 2011. -Aaron

10. False – False
9. Liturgy – Aesthetica
8. Esoteric – Paragon of Dissonance
7. Mournful Congregation – The Book of Kings
6. Ash Borer – Ash Borer
5. Beneath Oblivion – From Man to Dust / Glorior Belli – The Great Southern Darkness
4. Loss – Despond / Taake – Noregs Vaapen
3. Krallice – Diotima
2. Blut Aus Nord – 777 Sect(S)


These Days Are Marked: BONE AWL Now Playing For #BlackMetalSunday

Good mourning. Today I chose the band Bone Awl to start off the day. If you don’t know Bone Awl, they are a black metal/punk band from Novato, California. They play fast and aggressive punk soaked in blood, sweat and distortion fuzz and topped with harsh, gut-wrenching black metal vocals. Is that enough to make you want to listen to them? It should be. It’s not hard to believe that these guys are amazing, look at all of the absolutely world-shattering black metal acts coming out of California. Triste? Lake Of Blood? Ash Borer? Xasthur? Leviathan? It’s a fucking breeding ground! So now, I command you to add Bowl Awl to your list of “must-haves.” Get down, enjoy.

~R. Gnarcvlt//#BlackMetalSunday


Morning Jams: ASH BORER

Good morning all. How are we? Last night I learned that there are 479 black metal bands in California. I am sure not all of them are active, but holy shit! That is an incredible concentration of black metal in one state. I know and love a lot of these bands and a few I listen to because they are so terrible I love them (see Enbilulugugal). One band that I am quite fond of that has spawned from the Californian black metal scene is Ash Borer. Ash Borer creates an atmospheric anomaly of blackened purity. If you are not aware of the amazing entity that is Ash Borer, may you now be introduced. You can buy the Ash Borer/Fell Voices split here for a buck. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.