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Stream BAPTISTS’ New Album “Bushcraft” In Full

Vancouver hardcore punks, Baptists, officially released their new record Bushcraft yesterday. You can give the new album a test run by streaming it in full over at Exclaim. If you liked any hardcore albums Southern Lord put over the past few years then you will enjoy this. I personally didn’t care too much for it but apparently  Ross and I am sure you are more inclined to value his opinion more than mine. So, stream it now!

-Lane Oliver

Review: BAPTISTS – “Bushcraft”

BUSHCRAFT300I fell in love with Baptists when they released their first EP and I sat quietly, awaiting their next release. It has been almost two years and finally my time has come. The time has come for Baptists to release their debut full-length. Before even going into this album I knew it would be filled with blistering crust, feedback and filth stacked on top of filth. How did I know this? Because I couldn’t see a Baptists album unfolding any other way. Could you?      Continue reading

BAPTISTS Release New Track

Vancouver based hardcore band, Baptists, have premiered a new track via Brooklyn Vegan. The track is called “Think Tank Breed” and it is a minute and a half of face ripping crusty hardcore that will beat you into a senseless bloody and heap and leave you begging for more. The track comes from their upcoming record, Bushcraft, which will see a release via Southern Lord on February 19th. Stream the track below and check out the new album’s track listing.

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Featuring bands like Eyehategod, All Pigs Must Die, Noothgrush, Trap Them and Early Graves as well as many, many more, how can you not want something like this? The Power of The Riff Mixtape is brought to you by Southern Lord Records in preparation for a string of West Coast shows on August 13th, 15th, 16th and 18th. Along with the aforementioned bands, this is an amazing line-up. I mean, come one, just look at the cover, how are you not downloading this yet? If you live on the West Coast and would like more information on The Power Of The Riff, go here. Below you can find the full track list and download link.

~R. Gnarly//Download This or Die.
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Review: Baptists – “Baptists”

“Good Parenting” begins with a feedback and distortion in such an amazing way. Automatically I am reminded of bands like New Lows and Trap Them with some heavy grind elements mixed in the batch. The vocals are frantic and harsh screams that fit so perfectly. The riffing is absolutely hypnotizing. Melodic lead lines and fabulous chugging. This track will definitely induce head banging, that is a guarantee. Clocking in at 2:20, I can say I already love this band.

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