BECK To Release New Album…For Real This Time!

It’s no secret that I love Beck’s music. When the songwriter announce his new album would take the form of written sheets of music in Beck Hansen’s Song Reader, I was a bit disappointed. Granted it is a cool idea but I like a lot of Beck fans, would like to hear the music coming from the man himself. Well it appears we are getting that after all. In an interview with triple j radio, Beck revealed that he is in fact working on a new LP that he started on back in 2008. This is what Beck stated:

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You Decide What BECK’s New “Album” Will Sound Like

I am a huge Beck fan as I have made clear in the past. I was so excited when I heard he was working new material that I squealed like a little girl. But Beck’s new record will come in the form of Beck Hansen’s Song Reader; 109 pages of sheet music of eighteen original songs with lyrics and two instrumentals. Basically, if you are a musician, YOU get to decide what the songs will sound. As far as I know he has made no plans to record these songs and that readers and select musicians’ renditions of the written material will be featured on the McSweeny’s site. Kudos to Beck for doing something different and still staying original as always but a Beck song should be played by Beck damn it. I want to hear YOU play the songs as YOU intended them to be played please. I can read a bit of musical notation and tablature is the easiest thing in the world but I can guarantee mine or anyone’s version of the song will be as good as Beck’s original idea. Anyway, the Song Reader will be out in December if you are interested.

-Lane Oliver


Childish Gambino (actor/comedian Donald Glover) released the new Beck produced track “Silk Pillow”. What’s great about it is the fact that Beck raps on this thing as well. He hasn’t rapped since his album The Information so you should cherish this moment. I’m not a Childish Gambino fan per say but this track is not half bad. But that’s only because I;m a sucker for Beck. Check it out here.

-Lane Oliver

BECK To Release New Single

I am a huge Beck fan so of course I am excited to hear that he will be releasing a new single on the 28th via Third Man records. The release will feature “I Just Started Hating Some People Today” as the a-side and “Blue Randy” as the b-side. Clips of these songs can be heard here. Both songs have that alternative country feel that some of Beck’s material is known for as well as his trademark irreverent humor. He is supposedly working on a new full length. Thank god for that.

-Lane Oliver