MUTOID MAN To Release “Helium Head” In November

The highly anticipated collaboration between Converge’s Ben Koller and Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky, Mutoid Man, will be releasing their debut release on November 29th (Black Friday). The duo have named their upcoming outing Helium Head and it will see a release through Magic Bullet/Nonbeliever Records. Keep reading to check out the front and back album artwork AND audio from the group’s first show on February 4th, 2012.

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American Aftermath Exclusive: TRAP THEM Vs. ALL PIGS MUST DIE

Back during SXSW 2011, Thrasher Magazine and Converse shoes put on their yearly Death Match showcase; this year the headlining act was Trap Them. Due to an incident the prior day where All Pigs Must Die set was cut, Trap Them was nice enough to give up half of their set to APMD, but instead of cutting the set short, Trap Them just let APMD set up their gear on stage with TT’s and perform in between Trap Them songs! It was a pretty sweet event and lucky for you guys, I was there to capture it on an SD card.

Posted above is Trap Them’s intro featuring Ben Koller (Converge, All Pigs Must Die) as the second drummer. Posted after the jump is the rest of the show Continue reading

CONVERGE/CAVE IN Collaboration To Begin Mixing New Material

Back in June, Converge drummer Ben Koller announced on Facebook his involvement in a new project with Cave In guitarist/vocalist Stephen Brodsky. In a recent interview with Stephen via The Alt Review, it was announced that the new project was entering the mixing stages. The currently untitled project has seven tracks in its repertoire to be unleashed upon the world. This is what Stephen had to say:

Ben and I have Andrew Schneider onboard this month to mix 7 songs that we recorded ourselves last summer. We’re stoked to put this twisted mutant noise into the world soon… however, we still need a good name! Any suggestions?

I know you all are as anxious as I am to hear what this project will sound like. Looks like we will have to wait a bit longer…

-Lane Oliver

CONVERGE Drummer And CAVE IN Guitarist Working On New Project

Converge drummer Ben Koller recently announced via Facebook that he and Cave In vocalist/guitarist Stephen Brodsky are currently demoing for a new project. That’s right, two fantastic and prolific artists working together to hopefully create something that will kick our ears in the testicles. If our ears had testicles. This is what Ben had to say:

“Did some work on a demo for my new band with Steve Brodsky last night and it sounds friggin killer! Anyone have a good band name for us??”

Yeah Ben, I have a name for your band; Awesome Possum. That’s right, name your band Awesome Possum. Because the music will/HAS to be…awesome possum. Anyways, be on the look out for more news from this project.

-Lane Oliver

CONVERGE Working On New Album?!

According to drummer Ben Koller on Facebook, the band has “almost a whole new record of material” written. I am twitching with excitement and I am sure you all are too! Unfortunately this is the only tidbit of information that has been released. But it’s still enough to get excited for! New Converge is on it’s way! Listen to “The Saddest Day” to prepare yourself for coming ABalloucalypse!

-Lane Oliver