Been On The IMPIETY Kick Lately

I don’t know about you, but ever since I saw Impiety this past November at The Goregrowler’s Ball in San Antonio, Texas, I’ve been slowly but surely getting into this band.

This is a volcanic blend of death metal, thrash metal, and black metal done with respect, passion, and a great deal of hard work. Mainly I’ve been listening to their 1999 sophmore effort Skullfucking Armageddon, just way ahead of its time. Sick vocals, sicker drumming, and sickening guitar gutwrenching.

Here is a selected track off of that album “Diabolical Witching Agression”:

Cheers everyone!

MASTODON’s “The Hunter” Track By Track Rundown

The Hunter comes out in a few weeks and I know a bunch of you Mastodon fans are more than ready to get your hands on it. Until then, I have a little treat for you. Drummer Brann Dailor recently did a track by track rundown for the album. The songs’ subject matter sounds like it will be very interesting and humorous as well. You can read it below. The Hunter comes out September 27th.

-Lane Oliver

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MASTODON Want To Lick You With Their “Black Tongue”

Mastodon have released their new single, “Black Tongue” from their upcoming album The Hunter via Soundcloud. I am totally digging it. I have been jamming this song all day. Check it out!


-Lane Oliver


EDIT: Looks like they took the song down. I hope you guys got to listen before they did. Sowwy.