BONE DANCE Debut New Music Video

Revolver have premiered the new gnarly performance music video from Idaho’s nihilistic hardcore outfit Bone Dance. The music video, directed by A.J. Duthie, is set to Bone Dance’s track “Writhing in Ecstasy” from their self titled debut of last year. You can check out the video after jump as well as the band’s upcoming touring schedule.

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BONE DANCE Announce Northwest U.S. Tour

Bone Dance have announced an upcoming Northwest United States tour that they will embark on next week. The filthy hardcore ensemble will be joined by Cascabel and both bands will shatter your ear drums. But that’s nothing a band-aid won’t cure! Check out the list of dates below and their song “Burnout”. If you haven’t jammed their latest album then do so at this location.

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Best Of 2012: Musicians Best Of Lists Part 2

2012yearWe here at American Aftermath are readying our very own year end lists, to be unleashed this Friday. We have asked some friends and musicians to submit their very own Best of 2012 List, which we will be posting throughout the week and here we go. Read on to find out what members of Pelican, Clinging To The Trees of A Forest Fire, Black Anvil, Bone Dance and A Fucking Elephant were jamming to this year.

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Song Premieres Having Song Premiers: BONE DANCE Release Another New Track

Bone Dance have released yet another track, the fourth to be exact, from their upcoming self titled record. This track is called “Children Having Children” and it is full of  hard hitting hectic hardcore haberdashery! How about that alliteration? I think the song speaks for itself pretty well. Check it out now!

-Lane Oliver

BONE DANCE Announce East Coast Tour

Bone Dance have announced an October East Coast tour in support of the band’s upcoming, bone crushing self titled album (October 2nd). If you have a brain in your head you will get out to one of these shows to have the innocence kicked right out of you. While you’re viewing the dates be sure to pre-order the new record while you are at it.

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