THE RIVAL MOB Debut New Track “It Must Be Nice”; Tour Dates



Bostonian hardcore ensemble The Rival Mob are streaming a new track entitled “It Must Be Nice…” set to debut on the group’s forthcoming highly anticipated sophomore LP, Mob Justice(Feb 26). In addition, the Mob will be playing a small strew of shows to support the release including a massive record release show in New York amongst hardcore brethren Stick Together, Inside Out(NY), Give, Waste Management, World War 4, Prison Abuse and Brain Slug. Peep the full tour details and stream “It Must Be Nice…” below. Mob Justice comes out February 26th via Revelation Records on LP, CD, and cassette tape. Pre-order hereContinue reading

INTHESHIT Streaming New Album

I was introduced to this mammoth, skull crushing, internal organ bursting grindcore band through their EP, King of the Grindcore Jungle. For me, that EP was at the apex of crushing brutality. It had drums sounding like aerial raids, guitars that sounded like human flesh getting grated on barbed wire, and screeching pterodactyl vocals. With this new album however, I feel the band has taken a massive hit. Gone are the vocals I loved before and gone also is a large chunk of awesome production. But these are just my thoughts… after one listen. Stream the album below and leave a comment on your thoughts, likes, dislikes etc.

ANIMALS AS LEADERS Guitarist Reveals Details Of Recent Boston Incident

You’ve already heard about it. The news has been spreading around the web like wildfire. Javier Reyes of Animals as Leaders was been charged with “assault and battery of a police officer” in Boston, MA. To those who have not read the details on the event yet, I have posted Javier and a witness’s statement regarding the incident:

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Holy shit. Curmudgeon are a band I can’t believe I haven’t heard of before. Not sure on the band’s stance label-wise, but I know they hail from Boston and play an amazing brand of powerviolence. Crushing, sludgy riffs, intelligible vocals that are shrill and demanding. One thing that this band pulls off that a lot cannot is gang vocals. Absolutely amazing. Tracks like “Grand Machismo” and “Allston FOAD” really show off the sludgy, crunchy side of Curmudgeon while tracks like “Shut Out” and “Worthless Generation” show off the power of grindviolence. Some other tracks, like “Devoid” are utterly hardcore. Simply put, this band is incredible. Best part, you can download it for free. Go here and download the Human Ouroboros Tape. It’s fucking sick! Stream it below.

~R. Gnarly//Dig it or Die.