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Italian technical metal outfit Psychofagist recently announced that the band will be going their separate ways. The band have released a handful of mind-splitting releases and didn’t quite get the recognition they deserve and where definitely on to something unique with their music. The band’s official statement reads:

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CATALEPSY Officially Disband

Floridian metal outfit Catalepsy have officially announced their disbandment to focus on other musical endeavors. The official statement from the band reads:

We never made an announcement due to being uncertain but due to successes of other projects etc, the band has officially disbanded. This band was formed in 2004 and had a great run. We met a lot of fans and got to play music around the US. We thank everyone for the support through the years and though we understand you may be disappointed, we decided its better to give you the news then to keep you waiting for news that would never come.

Catalepsy 2004-2012.

All’s Well That Ends Well: THE CHARIOT To Disband

The Chariot have announced that they will throw in the towel after ten long years of making chaotic music for all of us to enjoy. The band have released a special video montage revealing their eventual disbandment. The video also announced the band’s plans for a farewell tour that will span from October 10th to November 16th with Birds in Row, Glass Cloud, To the Wind and Rebuker in tow. Needless to say I am incredible bummed and hope to see this band play before I never have the chance again. You can view the farewell video after the break.

RIP The Chariot: 2003-2013. You will be missed.

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GAZA Call It Quits

The Salt Lake City hardcore quartet Gaza announced that they have officially thrown in the towel. The official statement read as follows:

Gaza is no longer a band. A big thank you to anyone that has supported us. Some of us will continue to make music together.

No other information has been released as of yet and who knows if they’ll elaborate on their reasoning. But it’s none of our business. We should still expect to see music from their sister band Bird Eater coming soon so there are always positives. On a personal note, I enjoyed this band immensely and I will miss their spiteful jams. Best of luck to all of the members in their future endeavors.

RIP Gaza

-Lane Oliver

Cedric Bixler Zavala Quits THE MARS VOLTA

Prepare for the ultimate bummer Mars Volta fans because according to a plethora of recent tweets, it seems as if the frontman Cedric Bixler Zavala has quit The Mars Volta. In these tweets Cedric cites creative differences with Omar Rodriguez Lopez, stating that Omar’s involvement in his new group, Bosnian Rainbows, was over shadowing his involvement in The Mars Volta. According to Cedric’s words, he had tried to put a North American tour together in support of Noctourniquet but Omar was not on board with the idea. Apparently The Mars Volta is no more by what Cedric says:

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After fourteen years, California metalcore band Bleeding Through have decided to throw in the towel. An official statement was issued by frontman Brandan Schieppati to Blabbermouth regarding their demise and their final plans, which includes farewell tours in North America, Europe and Australia:

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Last Saturday, A389 dark hardcore sludgers Low Places officially turned in their badges. It was a poignant moment, amongst the blaring beats of 2 Chainz’s “Birthday Song”, Low Places ended their tenure with their last words being the popularized Big Sean term “swirv”. From their short time in existence, Low Places have paved a legacy of disgust, hatred, negativity, and pain particularly exemplified by their their unrelentingly brutal discography(FREE), their aptly fearsome live performances(which included the flinging of equipment into the audience), and some of the best goddamn mixtapes I have had the misfortune to hear. Rest in pieces, you sons of bitches. I’ll see you in Child Brides.


New York doom metal purveyors Unearthly Trance have decided to throw in the towel. The band released a short statement regarding their decision:

“Unearthly Trance has broken up. We have decided it was the right time and this time it is for real. Thanks to all the people around the world who have supported us in any way!”

At least they left on a high note with their 2010 album V, which was a monster. Unearthly Trance, you will be missed.

-Lane Oliver

Made Out of Bummers: MADE OUT OF BABIES Throw In The Towel

Julie Christmas, frontwoman for MOOB, announced on her Facebook that “Made Out of Babies is fucking dead”. I, as a big MOOB fan, am saddened about the loss of one of my favorite musical acts. It’s been roughly four years since their last studio album and with no word of new material in the works, I should have saw it coming. But they did offer us three stellar releases and I will always jam them like they just came out. At least we can still enjoy Julie Christmas’ solo works. RIP Made Out of Babies. You will be missed.

-Lane Oliver

Total Bummer: THE BLED Calls It Quits


Metalcore/hardcore band The Bled are calling it quits after ten long years. The band formed in 2001 in Tuscon, Arizona. They released two EPs and four full lengths.  The band is currently booking a farewell tour. Details such as dates and line up have still yet to surface. The band released a statement in the comment section of Absolute Punk.

After 10 years of making music together we have decided its time to move on to new things. We are in the process of booking our final tour and will post dates for that as soon it’s confirmed. We want to thank Rise Records, Paradigm Talent Agency, the companies who endorsed us, tour mates, promoters, anyone who worked for us, and most of all, those of you who supported us. Whether you were a fan or just sat through one of our sets to see the next band, we can’t thank you guys enough. We have met some amazing people all over the world and that has been the best part of being in this band. That being said, we hope to see you in all November for one last run. Much love.



This is a bummer. I’ll admit I stopped pay attention to this band after Found In The Flood, but His First Crush and Pass The Flask got some heavy rotation while I was in high school. I saw them open for Every Time I Die a few years back and they were still pretty good live. I might have to catch this final tour and maybe you should too.


– Josh Huddleston

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