Exclusive: RAMLORD Stream Their Self-Titled EP

ramlord-stIf you have been following American Aftermath for a while, you’ve definitely seen the name Ramlord a few times. I love the New Hampshire-based black metal outfit and I have yet to hear them produce any music that wasn’t spectacular. Well, that isn’t going to change in 2015, as the band will unleash their new, self-titled EP next month. With just over two weeks until the 7″ is released, I am proud to premiere Ramlord by Ramlord in all of it’s glory. Check out a full stream after the jump.     Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: CARA NEIR’s Garry Brents

I have made many friends over the last few years and I am slowly trying to interview each one for the site. My most recent interview is with my pal Garry from the Texan black metal entity Cara Neir. Garry and Chris will be releasing Cara Neir‘s new album Portals To A Better, Dead World this Halloween through Broken Limbs Recordings and Halo of Flies and I wanted to talk to Garry a bit about preparing to release their new album as well as some personal chit-chat.       Continue reading

Into The Crypt We Roam: CARA NEIR Unveil New Track

I started posting about around this time last year and I still love Cara Neir. Modern black metal done the right way, incorporating post-metal influences as well as gnarly grindcore and even… Stuff I can’t even comprehend. When Cara Neir and Ramlord released their split earlier this year I was blown away. When they also released their Sublimation Therapy EP this year I thought to myself, how the fuck can this band keep getting more and more awesome?

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Aftermath Exclusive: UNSACRED’s “Three Sisters” Full Album Stream

Do you like chaotic, pissed off, dark hardcore? Yeah, you do. It’s a fantastic brand of music and it’s one that you don’t hear a lot of bands putting out competently. A lot of bands try to get that evil sound into vicious hardcore but they don’t exactly succeed. This is not the case for Virginia’s Unsacred. This band is sick and twisted and they are fucking evil.

Unsacred have a new album to be released on Broken Limbs Recordings pretty soon and I have been given the opportunity to stream this album, which has the tentative title of Three Sisters. I have listened to this album non-stop and I gotta say it fucking destroys. Not blazing fast, but fast enough to keep your attention. The pulverizing bombardment of hardcore does not fall short with this release. So without further ado, enjoy a full stream of Unsacred‘s Three Sisters! [Continue…]

Adhere To Harsh Black: BLACK MONOLITH Streaming New Song

Last year I kvelled over Black Monolith‘s debut demo and later included it on my list of best demos of 2011, as did Bariann. That demo was extremely powerful and crushing. I still listen to it regularly, so it came as no surprise that the new material that Black Monolith were working on would be fantastic. The band is working on their new Passenger EP be released on Bariann’s Broken Limbs Recordings and are streaming a track off of it.

“Adhere” shows the band escaping their d-beat brutality and replacing it with powerful blackened filth. The tracks on the bands demo topped out at just over four-and-a-half minutes while this new song clocks in at eight minutes plus. If this is the direction Black Monolith have chosen to take on the Passenger EP, I am completely for it. It sounds great and I am very excited. Not sure if a release date has been established, but you can stream “Adhere” below. Enjoy.

Straight To The Point: A Quick Review Of SACCAGE’s “Death Crust Satanique”

When I choose to listen to an album, I tend to listen to rather obscure bands. A lot of the bands I review are unsigned or mostly unknown. When I stumbled across Saccage, I had no idea what I was getting into. This band is fucking insane and they have a lot going for them. The hardest thing about this band’s new album Death Crust Satanique, aside from the planetary heaviness of their music, is trying to place them into a single genre. Well, I couldn’t so I decided to make one up. I’m gonna call Saccage thrashy blackened deathcrust. I do so because it is so. [Continue…]


Are you a fan of filth and depravity? Dark and encompassing crusty black metal? Then this new split by Texas band Cara Neir and New Hampshire band Ramlord. This split completely destroys and both bands kill every single track. I got my hands on this album the other day and I love it. Definitely year-end list material. Definitely. Read on to check out my review of the Cara Neir/Ramlord split. [Continue…]

Exclusive Premiere: HETFIELD & HETFIELD’s “Mega Shark”

My homeboys in Hetfield & Hetfield have been working on some new material and they recently hooked me up with an exclusive premiere of a new track titled “Mega Shark.” This track is amazing, it’s a big step up from their album Tidal Wave Dreams, which I loved. I can’t wait to hear some more new material. Until then however, you can enjoy “Mega Shark” below. Get into it.

Hetfield & Hetfield will be hitting the road with Vattnet Viskar next month. You can see the flyer and dates after the jump. [Continue…]

Show No Weakness: VATTNET VISKAR Streaming New Track, Reveal EP Details

Prepare to have your shit fucked up. Vattnet Viskar are on the rise and they have no plans to quit. Bring on the filth.

I have a major bromance with Chris Alfieri, guitarist for New Hampshire’s own Vattnet Viskar. Over a short period of time he and I have become homies and because of the mutual love of music and the fact that I was into his band before I met him, I like to keep the promotion going, ya know? Well, the Vattnet camp is preparing to release a new EP through the New York-based label Broken Limbs Recordings and the good people at CVLT Nation are currently streaming the first single off of the EP titled “Weakness.”

This track is Earth-shuddering. Simply put, it’s unbelievable. Crushing blackened madness from one of the greatest up-and-coming acts out there. I’d also like to share some more details about the forthcoming EP. The record consists of three tracks (“Weakness”, “Intent Oblivion”, “Barren earth”), two of which I have now heard and let me just say that this EP will be a force to reckon with. I highly recommend you head over to CVLT Nation and stream this blackened piece of New England filth. Keep an eye out for Vattnet Viskar‘s new EP and a forthcoming split with the great Black Monolith. Both are jizz-worthy.