TURNSTILE Debut New Video “Canned Heat”



Baltimore, MD’s grooviest metallic hardcore act, Turnstile, have just debuted a video for “Canned Heat”, a new track we last saw the group performing live at Florida’s Bringin’ It Back For The Kids Fest 2: Electric Boogaloo. Strewn together with pro-shot live footage from that very show, we are now treated to a mastered and complete version of the track…along with news that Turnstile will be releasing a new EP/LP/?? possibly entitled Step 2 Rhythm through Reaper Records this year. Metallic hardcore release of the year? I’d put my money on it. Stream “Canned Heat” below. Continue reading

TURNSTILE Debut New Track “Canned Heat”

Back at the devastatingly brutal Florida based Bringin’ It Back For The Kids Fest 2: Electric Boogaloo last week, the grooviest band in contemporary hardcore, Turnstile, ended up debuting a new song entitled “Canned Heat”. While the current discography for the group has been short(a demo, a 7″, and a spot on the excellent Extermination Compilation), every piece of work has been a pure slice of fried gold. Shredtastic, groovy, and all out fun, Turnstile’s relation in the hardcore world mirrors that of Bloodbath’s in the death metal world. Both bands contain members of prominent acts within their respective scenes(Turnstile with Trapped Under Ice, Mindset and Bloodbath with Opeth, Katatonia) and both bands I wish were more active than their more popular counterparts. Yes, I like Bloodbath more than Opeth and Katatonia. Anyhow, enough rambling, check out the live shot video for “Canned Heat” and a track from Turnstile’s 7″ EP Pressure To Succeed(Reaper Records,pick up here) below. Mosh on. Continue reading