Hipster Holocaust: CAPTAIN CLEANOFF Streaming New Track

Remember when I told you people that Captain Cleanoff were working on new material? Well, you should because it’s fucking amazing news. Well, if you were happy about learning that, then you will be really excited to learn that Captain Cleanoff is streaming a new track called “Hipster Holocaust.” This track is a brutal, ravenous grinding masterpiece and it only makes me want to hear more. You can check out the track over on ReverbNation. Check it out and enjoy.

Filthy As Fuck: CAPTAIN CLEANOFF Working On New Material

Sickening Australian deathgrind outfit Captain Cleanoff has announced via their Facebook page that they were currently in the studio working on new material. If you’re not aware of Captain Cleanoff‘s brand of music, I can’t say I blame you. The band has only release a single full-length album and a handful of other releases (2 splits, an EP and a compilation). Their name isn’t one that is uttered very often but it should be. Captain Cleanoff is a fucking amazing band that I have been a fan of for a while, so to know that they are recording new grinds makes me all tingly. Check out the band’s official statement on Facebook and get excited!