American Aftermath Presents: DOPPELGÄNGERS – A Covers Compilation

DoppelgangersWell, folks, Lane and Gnarly would like to apologize for the Summer Of Sludge 2 compilation taking so long and eventually morphing into Autumn Annihilation, but to make up for that little mishap, we have brought you yet another compilation for your streaming and downloading pleasure! We know you love free music as much as we do, so here’s the skinny: We haven’t done a covers compilation in a while, so why not do one that is all encompassing?

We have bands covers music from all across the spectrum and it’s phenomenal. After the jump you can check out the track list and stream Doppelgängers! Continue reading

Coming Up Short: CAPTAIN THREE LEG Release Incredible Covers Album

I have been a fan of Captain Three Leg for a while now and I have listened to damn-near all of the bands releases. In the last eighteen years, the band has released 43 albums in various formats and they show no sign of stopping, planning to hit their 50th release by the end of the year.

So you know I like Captain Three Leg and you all should know how much I love covers songs, so what happens when Captain Three Leg release my favorite covers album in recent memory? Fucking madness.     Continue reading

Review: “INCIDENT AT APE CANYON” by Various Artists

When you throw eighty-three tracks from nine different bands on a single CD, you immediately have my attention. I am a huge fan of grindcore, as you all should know by now, and my good friend Andy, of Captain Three Leg, has sent me a spectacular nine-band split titled Incident At Ape Canyon and never before have I sat down with something this huge to review. I figured it would take me a while, so I sat down with at my computer with a juice and my electric cigarette, determined to push through this wall of vicious grindcore. I know a few of the bands on this album, but there are a lot that I don’t know. I look forward to getting schooled on this one.      Continue reading

Best Of 2012: Gnarly’s Top 10 Split Releases Of 2012

It’s that time of year again: when we tell all of you folks what our favorite albums of 2012 were. Well, like last year I have compiled a few different lists and I wanted to start off with this one.

Who doesn’t love split albums? I mean, getting not one, but two bands on a single record is a thing of beauty. I listened a shit-ton of split albums this year and it was a pain in my ass narrowing down to only ten splits. This is what I have come to think of as the best split releases of 2012.

Continue reading

Back From The Dead: Check Out The New THE MIGHTY ACCELERATÖR EP

Do you like rock ‘n roll? You better because if you pass up this new EP by The Mighty Acceleratör you will seriously regret it. Heavy and crushing Motörhead-esque presence. It’s pretty fucking fantastic. The riffing is spectacular, with leads being handled by Andy of Captain Three Leg and Mummifier fame. The vocals are very nicely executed. For some weird reason I get a hint of Sammy Hagar in there somewhere. I might just have “I Can’t Drive 55” stuck in my head, though.

All around it’s a killer release and the recording quality is perfect. Not too crisp, but not sloppy. Check out a stream of Back From The Dead below and download it.


Holy shit. When I caught wind of the Captain Three Leg/Cop Bar split record, I was not expecting to hear one of the most amazing splits I’ve heard in recent memory. This is a killer slice of grind that should be heard and enjoyed by all. Read on to check out my review of the split as well as a full stream to enjoy and download while you read. Get fucked, pilgrim. [Continue…]

Long Lost And Re-Recorded: CAPTAIN THREE LEG Releases New Old Material!

Captain Three Leg, the intense grinding monster has unleashed some long lost recordings. According to Andy, these were originally recorded close to ten years ago in Denver. The original recordings were also pretty terrible sounding, the drums being the only thing salvageable. They took those, laid down new guitars and vocals and have now released The Lost Denver Recordings. I just finished listening to these tracks and I love them. Captain Three Leg is fantastic and these just show that old tunes never die. Rest in peace Joshua “Ace” Stough of Dismembered Fetus, who played drums on the original tracks. Check out the tracks streaming below. Check out more Cap’n tunes here and check out Andy’s other project Mummifier.