MetalSucks Releases “NYC Sucks, Vol. 3” Compilation

NYC-Sucks-Volume-3A while back MetalSucks released their first two compilations: NYC Sucks, Vol. 1 & 2 and now they have returned with their third. This compilation features tracks by Primitive Weapons, Ruine, So Hideous, Car Bomb and many more from the New York metal scene.. You can stream the whole thing below and download it over on MetalSucks. Rad tunes.      
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Exclusive Interview: CAR BOMB’s Greg Kubacki

After listening to their debut release, 2007’s Centralia, I knew that Car Bomb was on to something special. Their rhythmically complex and psychologically devastating brand of heavy music is something you have to experience for yourself to believe. Car Bomb’s deconstructed, chopped and screwed instrumentation combined with psychotically eccentric vocals are the band’s essential tools to make them stand out among the rest. Car Bomb released their long awaited sophomore record, w^w^^w^w earlier this year and was met with a enormous amount of positive praise, as it should. I recently caught up with guitarist Greg Kubacki to get the scoop on the new record and the band’s endeavors.

-Lane Oliver 

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OCTOBER STAFF PICKS: Lane’s Three Albums To Kill Yr Idols To

These are three album that I have been listening to a lot lately and I hope you thoroughly hate them. Wink Wink.

Sonic Youth-Confusion is Sex [Plus Kill Yr Idols]

Ah, Sonic Youth’s first full length record Confusion is Sex (more so the 1995 re-release with Kill Yr Idols) will always be one of my favorites of theirs. The entire album is is dissonant, nearly inharmonious sounding (due to the usage of prepared guitars with screwdrivers) and overall unnerving to listen to at times. It is one of the most important album in the No Wave and noise rock scene and still sounds fresh today in my opinion. We need more unique sounding bands like Sonic Youth today and I really wish they would release something new. But until then, if it ever happens, I will be listening to them extensively. Especially this record.

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Music Documentary Sunday: In Honor Of CAR BOMB’s New Album, Watch “WHY_YOU_DO_THIS”

It’s sunday funday again, You know what that means, right?  It’s time to turn off that stupid football game and get some insight to what it’s like touring in a tech metal band. In honor of Car Bomb‘s new album”w^w^^w^w“, please watch the documentary “Why_You_Do_This“. The film is produced and directed by Car Bomb’s vocalist Michael Dafferner, and it’s pretty good.

The documentary follows Car Bomb on their first few tours and documents the band’s constant struggles. It also features interviews from members of The Chariot, Gojira and Lamb Of God. Watch the film, you’ll enjoy it.


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— Josh Huddleston


Review: CAR BOMB-“w^w^^w^w”

By Lane Oliver

It’s been about five long, grueling years since the release of Car Bomb’s debut album, Centralia. That record was filled to the brim with dense complex rhythms, sporadic instrumentation and lots of extra eccentricities. Centralia sounded like no album I had heard before at the time and even today it still holds a place in my technical metal loving heart. Fans waited patiently for a follow up to the classic Centralia, which has been in development hell for the past couple of years. Our patience was finally rewarded this year with the release of their sophomore effort, w^w^^w^w. Car Bomb is back in full force and this record was well worth the wait.

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Stream CAR BOMB’s ‘w^w^^w^w’ Now!

In celebration of the long awaited sophomore release from Car Bomb, the band has uploaded the entire record to bandcamp for streaming. I wouldn’t suggest listening to this thing if you have a weak stomach or have bouts of vertigo because this album is intense! Go ahead and stream this bad boy below and if you are interested in a physical copy, pre-order it here. Also, if you have not heard their 2007 debut, Centralia, you can stream on their bandcamp site as well.

-Lane Oliver

CAR BOMB Release Track List For ‘W^W^^W^W’

Car Bomb have released the official track listing along with pre-orders for their new record, w^w^^w^w. The album will available digitally in TWO DAYS while the physical copies will ship sometime in early October according to the band. Here is the official track listing according to the site:

  1. “The Sentinel”
  2. “Auto-Named”
  3. “Finish It”
  4. “Lower the Blade”
  5. “Garrucha”
  6. “Third Revelation”
  7. “Recursive Patterns”
  8. “Spirit of Poison”
  9. “Magic Bullet”
  10. “CRUD”
  11. “This Will Do The Job”
  12. “The Second”

This is their first album in five years and I couldn’t be more excited for it. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out “Third Revelation” below:

-Lane Oliver

Blow Shit Up Or Fuck Off: CAR BOMB Release New Single

Fucking Car Bomb. I love this band and their whacky, spazzy, techy experimental metal. Every single song this band writes is an insane work of art and they kill it every time. I have been impatiently awaiting the release of their new album w^w^^w^w which will be released on September 25th. Car Bomb have just released the first single off of the new album and it’s a fucking doozy.


The track is called “Third Revelation” and it features guest vocals by Gojira front man Joe Duplantier. Yeah, when I heard that I scratch my head and went “what the fuck?” but then I was cool with it once I heard the track. “Third Revelation” is a total ripper, so check it out below. You won’t be sorry you did it, I promise. Car Bomb is back!

Review: LOINCLOTH-“Iron Balls Of Steel”

By Lane Oliver

Loincloth formed out of the ashes of the very influential “math rock” band, Breadwinner. Guitarist Pen Rollings went on to form the ludicrously named Loincloth around 2003. Around the same time, the band released their very first demo that garnered attention from Southern Lord. Southern Lord released some of the band’s songs on various compilations but after that, Loincloth fell silent and Rollings left the band.  Nine years later, the band broke their silence (minus Rollings) and released their first outing in nine years on Southern Lord Records this month. Iron Balls of Steel, despite its ridiculous name, is an album that deserves to be heard this year.

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“Why You Do This” Documentary Available Online

Car Bomb vocalist Michael Dafferner recently uploaded his documentary Why You Do This to youtube! In this film, Dafferner documents Car Bomb’s major tours since the band’s beginning and asks the question, “why do people in heavier forms of music choose to play that type of music?” It features interviews from members of The Chariot, Gojira, Last Chance to Reason, and many more. I actually really, really enjoy this film and it gives you a good insight into what keeps tech metal bands going. You can watch the hour long documentary below and if you’re interested in a DVD copy, you can purchase it here.

-Lane Oliver

Exclusive Interview: GAZA’s Casey Hansen

Gaza is one of the most vile and powerful heavy bands that has ever graced my ears. If you are unaware of Gaza’s existence, shame on you! Their last album, He Is Never Coming Back was met with critical acclaim from music critics and heavy music fans alike. I recently got a hold of drummer, Casey Hansen to answer some questions about Gaza’s upcoming album, their past work, and others.

-Lane Oliver

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