MUTOID MAN Announce North American Tour

Mutoid Man (Converge, Cave In) have announced a fall North American tour in support of their recently released full-length, Bleeder. The trek will commence on August 7 in Brooklyn and will conclude on September 6 in Pittsburgh. The band will see support from Wild Throne, Sweet Cobra, Indian Handcrafts and He Whose Ox is Gored on select dates of the tour. Check out the dates after the break.

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MUTOID MAN Streaming New Album “Bleeder”

Mutoid Man (Converge/Cave In) have premiered their debut full-length record, Bleeder, over at Noisey. The album will officially be released next Tuesday, June 30, via Sargent House. Pre-orders can still be found here. Fans of their debut EP, Helium Head, will be enamored with this new release. The hard rocking melodies and swagger and the angular chaos all make a welcomed return here. Stream it for yourself after the break.

In related news, it looks like Cave In‘s future is uncertain according to frontman Stephen Brodsky. His comments are as follows:

“I think the trickiest thing with Cave In is that we haven’t put out a record in like four years so I think for that band there’s a real sort of thriving element to being creative and just sort of playing shows without having a new record to sort of promote or even a label behind us- like as of now Cave In technically doesn’t have even a label. Cave In is just sort of at this stationary point where we’re not quite sure what the next move is or if there is one at this point.”

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MUTOID MAN Streaming New Track “Reptilian Soul”

Oooooooh, Mutoid Man, you so niiiiiice. I love this band and their funky sound. The band will release their new album Bleeder next month and the band is streaming a new track titled “Reptilian Soul.” This track is fucking phenomenal and I cannot wait to hear Bleeder in full. Mutoid Man keep getting better and better and why would they not, they feature members of Cave In and Converge. Get rad with “Reptilian Soul” below.     Continue reading

MUTOID MAN Streaming New Track “Sweet Ivy”

Converge/Cave In supergroup Mutoid Man are prepping the release of their new album Bleeder and they have unveiled a crusher of a track upon us all. I am behind on Mutoid Man, but after listening to this new track, I want to go back and check out the bands first album. This new track is titled “Sweet Ivy” and it’s pretty fucking sweet. Let the rockin’ commence, bitches. Check it out below.     Continue reading

Robotic Empire To Release NIRVANA “Nevermind” Tribute Album, CIRCA SURVIVE’s “Drain You” Cover Available For Streaming

Circa Survive cover Nirvana’s “Drain You” (exclusive)

To follow up their In Utero tribute record, label Robotic Empire have announced the release of their tribute album to Nirvana‘s Nevermind. The new record, titled Whatever Nevermind,  will feature the likes of Thou, Circa Survive, Torche, Nothing, and Kylesa among others. The record will be released in conjunction with Record Store Day, April 18, and can be pre-ordered iTunes. The track listing can be found after the break.

Alternative Press has premiered Circa Survive‘s faithful rendition of “Drain You”, which can also be streamed after the break.

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MUTOID MAN Streaming Rough Version Of New Track “Bridgeburner”

Mutoid Man, who share members with Cave In and Converge, have unleashed a bit of live footage of them performing a new track in-studio. The track is titled “Bridgeburner” and it is a phenomenal creation. You can check out a video of the entire song below. If this makes it out this year, it will devastate all. Check it out below.     Continue reading

OLD MAN GLOOM Streaming Both Parts Of New Album “Ape Of God”

ApeOfGod1_750-608x608Old Man Gloom will be releasing not one, but two new albums, both under the Ape Of God title, tomorrow and if you can’t wait that long, both of the albums are currently streaming! That’s right, Old Man Gloom in all of their gloomy sludge-ness streaming for you right now. I have listened to both albums now and I can honestly say that they are both phenomenal. Check out the streams after the jump.      Continue reading

OLD MAN GLOOM Documentary “Here Is A Gift For You” Now Playing

OLD MAN GLOOM Announce New Record!Lane and I have been enamored with Old Man Gloom for a good while now. We love the ape-inspired sludgy mayhem and all that comes with it. Well, Noisey recently released a forty-five minute documentary about the band and it’s pretty great. You can watch the entire doc after the jump. If you’ve ever seen any of Noisey’s past docs, you know that they do not half ass anything. Check it out.     Continue reading

OLD MAN GLOOM Streaming New Track “Predators”

Old Man Gloom (Ex-Isis, Converge, Cave In) have premiered a new track from their forthcoming album, The Ape of God, over at Noisey. The new track is the six minute “Predators” and being subjected to its sludge-ridden riffs, which are propelled by Caleb Scolfield’s (Cave In, Zozobra) gruff vocals, is like being flattened under a train repeatedly. Feel free to stream the new track after the break and check out previously released track, “The Lash”, if you missed it.

The Ape of God will be released on November 11th. A documentary film on the band is slated to premiere this Thursday, October 9th. The trailer for that film can be seen after the break as well.

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OLD MAN GLOOM Streaming New Track “The Lash”

Old Man Gloom (Isis, Cave In, etc) have released  a new track of their forthcoming album, The Ape of God, which is due out on November 11th via Profound Lore (CD/Digital) and SIGE Records (2XLP). The new track is entitled “The Lash” and it trudges along with bass-heavy grooves and cycling, sludgy riffs.  Check out the track for yourself after the break.

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STEPHEN BRODSKY Streaming New Track “Light Hearted”

A new track from Cave In frontman Stephen Brodsky has made its way onto the net. The new track is the dreamy acoustic number “Light Hearted” and can be streamed and downloaded for free (for a limited time) after the break. It should provide a nice two-minute breather from all the psychotically heavy stuff you usually listen to.

In related Brodsky news, Mutoid Man recently announced their signing to Sargent House. The label will re-issue the group’s Helium Head EP and plans to release their forthcoming full length album in 2015.

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MUTOID MAN Sign To Sargent House

Mutoid Man (Converge, Cave In) have announced that they have found a new label home at Sargent House. The label has plans to re-issue the trio’s debut EP, Helium Head, as well as the group’s forthcoming full length album in 2015. Touring plans and other news are slated to announced soon. In the meantime, stream Helium Head after the break.

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MUTOID MAN Streaming Debut Album “Helium Head”

Mutoid Man

Mutoid Man (Converge, Cave In) have premiered their forthcoming debut album Helium Head over at Lambgoat for your listening pleasure. The high octane, riff-smashing debut officially comes out this Friday November 29th but you can jam these six diabolical tracks right now. Head over to Lambgoat to stream it now.

MUTOID MAN Streaming New Track “Scavengers’

Mutoid Man (Converge, Cave In) have premiered a new track entitled “Scavengers” over at Noisey. This high octane, bag of riffs will appear on the trio’s (Ben Koller, Stephen Brodsky and new recruit Nick Cageao) forthcoming debut Helium Head, which is due out on November 29th.  Head over to Noisey now to check it out.