FEED THE RHINO Release Music Video For “The Sorrow And The Sound”

feedtherhino2Feed The Rhino are a band that I found out about earlier this year when they released their album The Sorrow And The Sound. The band is a very interesting one as they are one of those acts that I cannot seem to place into any specific genre. I do like the bands music and I really dig their new music video for the title track off of the new album. Check out the video for “The Sorrow And The Sound” below.     Continue reading

ENTOMBED A.D. Release Music Video For “Kill To Live”

entombed-back-to-the-frontEntombed A.D. AKA Entombed Reprise released the rad album Back To The Front last month and now the band has released a music video for their song “Kill To Live.” The video was shot live at Party-San Open Air and it’s pretty cool. I’ve gotten a little meh about live videos, but some of them poke my fancy. I like this album and the video is pretty cool as well. Check it out after the jump.     Continue reading

MONUMENTS Release Music Video For “Atlas”

monuments-The-AmanuensisMonuments are a band that I found myself fascinated with earlier in the year and I really enjoy the bands latest album. The band has just unveiled their new music video for their song “Atlas,” which happens to be one of my favorites. You can check out the music video after the jump. Radcycle.     Continue reading

NACHTMYSTIUM Streaming New Track “Tear You Down”

NACHTMYSTIUM-The-World-We-Left-Behind-DLPNachtmystium, who will be fully disbanding after the release of their final album The World We Left Behind, have unleashed a stream of their new track “Tear You Down,” which deals with Blake Judd’s heroine addiction/recovery. After the jump you can check out the track as well as a statement from Judd himself about the track. Check it out.      Continue reading

ABORTED Release Music Video For “The Extirpation Agenda”

Aborted-The-Necrotic-ManifestoBelgium’s necrotic death metal act Aborted have just unveiled their new music video, which is for the track “The Extirpation Agenda.” The track comes off of the bands latest album The Necrotic Manifesto and it is a total destroyer. The video is pretty cool, but not extravagant. Check it out after the jump and see for yourself.     Continue reading

SLEEPING GIANT Streaming New Track “Overthrow”

Sleeping-Giant-Finished-PeopleI’ve listened to Sleeping Giant a few times over the years, but I wouldn’t say I am super familiar with the band. I recently heard the bands new track “Overthrow,” which features guest vocals by Impending Doom‘s Brook Reeves. I really dig this track and I think Brook’s collaboration was fantastic. You can stream “Overthrow” after the jump and leave your feedback in the comments.       Continue reading

ENTOMBED A.D. Streaming New Track “Bedlam Attack”

entombed-back-to-the-frontEntombed (or at least most of it) are not going by the moniker Entombed A.D. and the band has just released a new track titled “Bedlam Attack.”g The track is fucking phenomenal and I am totally digging the vibe. You can stream this beast after the jump and find a link to download the track for free. It’s definitely a great listen and I look forward to hearing the entire album. Check out the new track:     Continue reading

VALLENFYRE Streaming Decibel Flexi Track “The Great Divide”

VALLENFYREI have praised Vallenfyre on here recently and for good reason. This band has been phenomenal for a while now but they have gone above and beyond with their latest album Splinters. I can’t stop listening to this beast and now I find out that the band is streaming another new track, this time the track from their Decibel Magazine-issued flexi disc. The track is called “The Great Divide” and, duh, it destroys. Check it out below or get bent. LOVE IT.     Continue reading

VALLENFYRE Releases Music Video For “Splinters”

vallenfyreI fell in love with Vallenfyre after their last album A Fragile King and then a few weeks ago I find out that the band is releasing a new album. And then I find out that the album is phenomenal. Holy shit! Well, Splinters, the aforementioned new album, is out today and the band has released a music video for the albums title track. It’s a strange video, but the music destroys. Check out the video for “Splinters” after the jump.    Continue reading

ARCH ENEMY Releases New Lyric Video

Arch Enemy 2014Arch Enemy will release their new album, their first with their new vocalist Alissa White-Gluz (formerly of The Agonist) in early June and the band has a new lyric video for the song “As The Pages Burn.” I think this track is pretty cool, but I do agree with HBIH, I think Alissa is doing exactly what Angela did for all of those years. He voice has a lot of promise and it’s not being fully executed. Anyway, not my choice.

Check out the track:      Continue reading

ABORTED Streaming New Track “Coffin Upon Coffin”

Aborted-The-Necrotic-ManifestoThe great masters of sickening gore Aborted will release their latest monstrosity The Necrotic Manifesto in just two weeks and the band has released a lyric video for their track “Coffin Upon Coffin.” Holy shit, this band gets better and better with every release and I can’t wait to sit down and listen to the new record. Check out the lyric video for “Coffin Upon Coffin” after the jump.      Continue reading


BFWBleed From Within, who released one of the raddest albums I listened to last year, Uprising, have announced that they will be crowdfunding a new EP. Although the band is still signed to Century Media Records, this release is being promoted as a one-off independent release that will help make the fans of BFW more hands on with the release of an album.

The EP will feature two completely new tracks and two cover songs. One cover song will be chosen by the band as a song that influenced them and the other cover will be voted on by the listener. The band has set a £8,000 goal for the project (which comes to a little more than $13,300USD). Sounds like a lot, but I think BFW might just pull it off. Check out their Indiegogo pitch after the jump.     Continue reading

VAMPIRE Streaming Self-Titled Debut In Full

vampireYesterday Swedish black/death metal act Vampire released their amazing, self-titled debut album and the band is currently streaming this beautiful beast for all the world to hear. This album is vicious and phenomenally crafted and if you are craving some filth in your day, you need this. You can stream the entire album after the jump.      Continue reading

TWILIGHT Streaming New Album: “III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb”

twilightNoisy black metal supergroup Twilight, which features members of Leviathan, Sonic YouthThe Atlas Moth and Minsk, released their third album yesterday and if you have yet to pick it up or want to check it out before snagging it, you can now stream the album in full over on Pitchfork. It’s sickening, depraved and unholy. So, in short, it rules. Check out my favorite track off of the album, “Lungs,” after the jump and peep the whole record over here.     Continue reading

ABORTED Streaming New Track: “Necrotic Manifesto”

Aborted-The-Necrotic-ManifestoBrutality will ultimately prevail in the world of metal and Aborted are definitely one of the most brutal bands in existence. The band released an amazing record in 2012 in the form of Global Flatline and now they are prepping the release of their next album The Necrotic Manifesto. This album is sure to be a destroyer. How do I know this? Because I just listened to the albums title track, which I suggest you also do. You can listen to “Necrotic Manifesto” after the jump. You want this.     Continue reading