ENABLER Streaming New Track “Euphoric Revenge”

After being sick for a good chunk of the week, my first dabble back into the blogosphere is some new Enabler. How rad? I was stoked to learn that my homies had released a new track off of their highly anticipated new record Fail To Feel Safe. The new track is titled “Euphoric Revenge” and it is a punishing, pulverizing mass of unholy terror. Check out the track for yourself below.     Continue reading

ENABLER Streaming New Track “Fail To Feel Safe”

We never get enough of Enabler here on AA. This band quickly rose through the ranks of my favorite hardcore bands and rocketed to my favorite all-time bands. They absolutely crush every.single.time. and it only gets better. We know that Fail To Feel Safe, the bands new record is due out early next month and MetalSucks have premiered the title track! It’s beautifully aggressive and angrily gnarly as fuck. Enjoy a good throat punch below.       Continue reading

VATTNET VISKAR Streaming New Track “Glory”

vattnetviskar“Hands to the heaven’s….” Oh, wait. It’s not that “Glory?” Well that makes sense. I thought it sounded different. Better even. Much better. The grand masters Vattnet Viskar have unleashed another amazing track off of their upcoming record Settler. The track is titled “Glory” and it is… Oh, so good. I love these dudes and it thrills me to no end to see them prevail. Check out the new track after the jump.     Continue reading

PARADISE LOST Release Music Video For “Beneath Broken Earth”

Paradise Lost‘s new record The Plague Within is shaping up to be pretty phenomenal. The band has released a few tracks from the album, but none made quite the impact on me that “Beneath Broken Earth” did. The band has released a music video for the track and you need to check it out right now. The track so damn heavy and the video is really cool too. Check it out below and see if you dig it as much as I do. CRUSH.     Continue reading

PARADISE LOST Streaming New Track “No Hope In Sight”

Metal legends Paradise Lost will release their new album The Plague Within in June and the band has released a really cool lyric video for their new track “No Hope In Sight.” This band has been in my library for a long time now and I always look forward to material from them. It seems to me that The Plague Within will most definitely be a phenomenal record. Check out “No Hope In Sight” below and see for yourself.      Continue reading