Watch SHAI HULUD Track Vocals In The Studio


As all of you should know by now, hardcore Shai Hulud have re-enlisted the talents of New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert to handle the vocal duties on their upcoming album, “Reach Beyond The Sun“. The band recently put the finishing touches on said album and have been teasing us with goodies ever since.

The first teases came in the form of two amazing new songs (which can be heard by going here), now the group of misanthropists have unleashed several minutes of in-studio footage. In this in-studio segment, you get to see Gilbert and band guitarist/mastermind Matt Fox work on laying down vocals and working on patterns. To view the video, continue after the jump Continue reading

A New Found Glory: Chad Gilbert Gets His Own Record Label Imprint

I don’t know if this should be a WTF Moment or not but “A New Found Glory” seemed like a good (terrible) pun; but as you can see, guitarist of New Found Glory has started his own record label, Violently Happy Records. Gilbert’s new label will be an imprint of hardcore super label Bridge Nine Records. The label will be just like all traditional labels and release primarily physical media.

Violently Happy records has set Candy Hearts new EP, “The Best Ways to Disappear” as it’s first release. Candy Hearts new EP is scheduled for a Nov. 7th release date. To read the full press release, an official statement from Gilbert, and a comment from Bridge Nine owner continue after the jump.

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Second Times The Charm: SHAI HULUD Finishes Recording New Album; Chad Gilbert Of NEW FOUND GLORY Handles Vocal Duties

Who else is fucking stoked for the return of the mighty Shai Hulud?? The band has just announced that they have finished wrapping up the recording of their upcoming MetalBlade full length. There is huge buzz surrounding the new album because it marks the return of Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory on vocals and is the first time in the band’s history that they have recorded with the same singer twice.

Although it was never not announced, the band was singerless  for about a year and they were recording with Gilbert so it shouldn’t be a shocker that they got him to contribute. Both Metalblade and the band have made official statements which can be read after the jump..

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