COFFINS Announce U.S. Tour Dates

Tokyo’s finest purveyors of disemboweling doom, Coffins, have announced a handful of U.S. tour dates in support of their previously released album, The Fleshland. The tour will begin in late March and will feature support from Chicago’s Bones on four of the five dates. Coffins will also make an appearance at Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore as well. You can check out the dates after the break.

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COFFINS Streaming New Album “The Fleshland”

The Japanese doom and gloom death metal outfit, Coffins, are streaming their anticipated new album The Fleshland exclusively at Terrorizer. The album will be released in just a few days, July 8th, but if you want to be eviscerated by this band’s music than stream it now! NOW I SAY!

-Lane Oliver

The Unhallowed Tide: COFFINS Streaming Crushing New Track

Japanese deathdoom stalwarts Coffins, whose new album The Fleshland is a little less than two weeks from its release, have unveiled another blistering new track titled “The Unhallowed Tide” over on MetalSucks. This track is raw, destructive and (like the title of this post says) unbelievably crushing. Coming in at six-and-a-half minutes, “The Unhallowed Tide” is chock full of the dooming death metal goodness that we know Coffins to be amazing at conjuring. Head on over and stream this bad boy. It will destroy you.

The Fleshland will be released on July 9th via Relapse Records. This is Coffins debut album on Relapse, but hopefully not their last.

COFFINS Release New Track

Japan’s death metal crew Coffins are streaming a new slamming track over at Pitchfork. Prepare yourself for churning, sludge-ridden grooves and guttural vocals from the bowels of hell on “Rotten Disciples”. The track will appear on the band’s upcoming effort The Fleshland, which will see a release on July 9th on Relapse Records. Check out the track now and peep their upcoming Japan and European tour dates below.

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The Vacant Pale Vessel: COFFINS Lyric Video Now Playing

Japanese deathdoom masters Coffins have returned and with them they have brought you the astonishing new lyric video for their song “The Vacant Pale Vessel.” This track is the first offering off of Coffins new album, their first for Relapse Records, The Fleshland. Of course, this song is absolutely incredible. Duh.     Continue reading

Welcome To The Fleshland: COFFINS Announce New Album

The doom metal tyrants of Japan, Coffins, have revealed the dirty details on their highly anticipated fourth full length LP, The Fleshland. The Fleshland will be Coffins’ first full length 2008’s Buried Death and will feature nine new horrendously dissonant tracks. The Fleshland will also be the band’s debut on Relapse Records, which will release the new record on July 9th in North America. Relapse has a slew of pre-order packages available at this location. Below you will be pleased to find the new offering’s artwork and track listing as well as the album trailer. Enjoy!

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Head In A Colossal Hole: COFFINS Release Demo Of New Song

All has been quiet on the front of Japan’s deathdoom masters Coffins for a bit now. The band streamed a new song on Decibel back in July but there was a bit of a delay on the bands covers EP Sewage Sludgecore Treatment making it’s way online.
Well, I guess the band hasn’t been lazy, they just have a lack of PR going for them. They’ve released a two splits (with Macabra and Sourvein), two EPs and a Flexi Disc for Decibel Magazine subscription series. And off all this, I am most excited about the new demo the band is currently streaming online. Continue reading

Lethal Dose Of Sludge: COFFINS Finally Streaming Covers EP

Back in March Japan’s deathdoom annihilators Coffins released a EP of cover tracks and I was fucking pumped at this news. I have since not been able to get my filthy paws on this monstrosity and up until recently I thought it would never come within my grasp. Wellllllllllll lucky for me (and possibly you), Coffins Sewage Sludgecore Treatment is now available on Bandcamp to be streamed/purchased! Yay! Continue reading

Reborn In Filth: Stream A New COFFINS Track Via Decibel Magazine

Coffins, one of my favorite bands in the deathdoom scene, signed to Relapse Records last year and I have been highly anticipating their new album (especially since I cannot get my hands on their recently-released covers EP). If you, like me, can’t wait to hear new tunes from the Japanese doomsters, you can now stream a new track below, courtesy of Decibel Magazine. This track will be featured as Decibel’s Flexi Disc series in September’s issue, but it hasn’t been ruled out as a one-off track. This just might be a track off of their forthcoming Relapse debut. Regardless, the track destroys, as I knew it would. Check it out below and leave a comment letting us know how you feel about it.

Effigies Of Evil: HOODED MENACE Release Details Concerning New Album
It’s been over a year since I told you that Swedish deathdoomers Hooded Menace had signed to Relapse Records and it still blows my mind. I love Relapse and 98% of their catalog and I fucking adore Hooded Menace (and Coffins, who also signed to Relapse last year). Crushing OSDM-inspired doom is something that I definitely endorse, so getting a few deets on Hooded Menace‘s forthcoming album Effigies Of Evil made me giddy.

Effigies Of Evil will be released on September 25th on CD, Double LP and Digitally. Their will also be a special deluxe edition vinyl that comes coupled with a 7″ featuring a Witchfinder General cover and an Eternal Darkness cover. Yep. I just came. You can see the artwork for the album at the top of this post and get your pre-orders here. Yeeeeeeah.

Slow And Painful: COFFINS And SOURVEIN To Release Split Record

When I interviewed Troy Medlin of Sourvein this past July, he told me that his band would be releasing a split album with Japan’s Coffins. Apparently this split was recorded four years ago (maybe more, not sure) and is just now going to see release. Not too long ago Coffins Tweeted that the split will be released on February 7th via Forcefield Records. I cannot wait to hear this. Both band are different in their execution but they both have that brutal, thundering doom to each of their sounds.

Now, the split was supposed to be available to pre-order on December 9th, but it seems Forcefield’s website hasn’t been updated since late November, so I’m not sure what’s going on there. Hopefully this is not going to put another delay on the record. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Below you can check out a track from each band to get you stoked on the forthcoming release.

More Labels Should Stream Releases On Bandcamp.

I love that more and more labels are hopping on the Bandcamp train. It is super easy to get a link to a Bandcamp page, stream the album and go on with your life. No downloading or anything necessary (although you can buy the records from each band’s page). The cool thing about record labels setting up Bandcamp pages is that you can stream, pretty much, their entire catalog. I think this is fucking brilliant. Sure some labels are going to have more releases on their page than other (Grindcore Karaoke currently streams 61 albums. All since the beginning of January, just sayin’) while other labels will have only a select number (such as Seventh Rule, which is only streaming 8 releases).

So yeah, it’s gonna vary, but Bandcamp is definitely the way to go now that MySpace has become the asshole of the online musical community. I mean, full album streaming, album info, bios, upcoming live dates and no shitty pop-ups. That’s great. Now, one of the premier extreme music labels, 20 Buck Spin is streaming some amazing albums via their Bandcamp page such as the new Brainoil record, Samothrace, Christian Mistress, Coffins and The Endless Blockade. A lot of these releases can be purchased for the price of $6.66. Come on, don’t even act like your not excited. Head your asses over the Bandcamp and stream, motherfucker. Streaming! Streaming for vengeance! Haha. Enjoy, folks.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Relapse Is Signing Some Winners

Relapse is a very fine record label. They have been the home to some of my favorite bands over the years and in the last few months have signed two very interesting bands. The first is Japanese doom/death dealers Coffins (whom I absolutely love), and the most recent is Spawn of Possession who I know, but I have not listened to in excess like I have Coffins. Regardless, both of these bands are great projects and they both plan to release their Relapse debuts this year. I’m stoked for both releases and I am sure both will be epic. If you are unfamiliar with Coffins or Spawn of Possession, I suggest you check them out. If you do know these bands, what are your thoughts on the new albums and their recent signing? [Continue Reading]