THE ATLAS MOTH Ready New Compilation Album

Image of The Atlas Moth - Master of Blunt Hits LP - PREORDER

The Atlas Moth have are compiling their debut Pray For Tides EP and their One Amongst the Weed Fields covers EP for a special release entitled Master of Blunt Hits that can be pre-ordered through frontman Stravros Giannopolis’ new label GypsyBlood Records. The album will be shipped out this Winter. Follow the link to put your money down and stream the Pray For Tides EP after the break.

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American Aftermath Presents: Otitis Interna-A Noise Rock Compilation


I present to you readers the new digital compilation from yours truly, Otitis Interna. This short but sweet compilation features a variety of bands that fit under the umbrella term of noise rock. These nine bands offer exciting variations of harsh, unrelenting and interesting noise rock and hardcore. Below you will find the track listing, essential links and a stream of the compilation. If you like what you hear, please support these underground acts and help keep music of this caliber alive.

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Set to be released the 19th of this upcoming October, Toxicbreed’s Funhouse’s upcoming FREE Covers Volume II fires first with the teaser cover track “Tied Down/Ready To Fight”, two tracks made one, originally performed by hardcore legends Negative Approach and covered here by none other than Orange County hardcore punk act, Media Blitz. Media Blitz the track justice, keeping steady to the original track, albeit revamping the soundscape with the utilities of modern production and the youthful energy. Stream the awesome cover below, catch the full lineup below(subject to change), and mark your calenders for October 19th.

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American Aftermath Sound is the new official bandcamp of our lovely site. From now on all compilations and what not will be uploaded there for easy streaming/downloading. I have begun uploading our past comps on the site. All I have uploaded at the moment is our instrumental compilation, Speak No Evil (volume 2 of which is coming soon). So if you haven’t checked it out yet, do so now. More exclusive compilations and other random musical ventures coming soon.

-Lane Oliver

Splitting Limbs Texas Style: 5 Way Split From Ossuary Industries

Something pretty damn giddy to be excited about here. Texas based record label Ossuary Industries has released the second part of its Limb Splitter series by including 5 different bands with a touch of death metal laced in there somewhere throughout 18 tracks.

It would be hard to describe every single song in detail, but in a few short paragraphs, i’ll describe the songs from each band as a whole.

Ingurgitate– in their 4 tracks, they display their raw blending of traditional death metal, with some of the true Texas style of death metal. Guttural vocals, some wicked drumming from The Dobber, and some meaningful riffing blend together nicely here.

Hod– easy way to describe this band:  FUCKIN METAL! Or if you wanna be all fancy about it, blackened death metal, with no gloss, no pomp and circumstance, and no gimmickry. True and as real as it gets. 3 songs showcase the renegade style they’ve always known how to do with awesome guitar work, fast drum blasting, and Vladibeer spurting out some rather evil vocals. Sort of giving you an idea of when the next full length from these San Antonio based heathens will come.

Iniquitous– well here’s a supergroup for you. Featuring current and former members of esteemed metal bands such as Solstice, Sarcolytic, and Suffocation, they only have 3 tracks to work with, and they deliver a quite punishing amount of death metal for the masses. Wicked vocals, some rather catchy guitar work, and some awesome drumming from Mike Smith best sum up this collective.

Locusta– pretty much the only non Texas band to appear on this split, but the 4 tracks they bring are just monumentally earth shaking. Their blend of death metal, black metal, and progressive work splendidly well, and it also doesn’t hurt that they have a Death cover on here, Human‘s “See Through Dreams”, it rules.

Demoniacal Genuflection– to be honest its basically 3/5ths of Ingurgitate, but its not a bad thing, trust me. Its still death metal, but a little bit more wickedly paced, and darker. Punishing riffs, disgusting vocals, and Dobber steadying the pace with his awesome drumwork.

But if you want one of 2012’s most punishing split releases, make your effort to give Limb Splitter II your undivided attention.

Armijo Out

Deathspell Omega Release New Compilation LP

by Lane Oliver

French black metal band Deathspell Omega recently released a new compilation album that contains two songs. The songs were previously released separately on the  Crushing the Holy Trinity and From the Entrails to the Dirt compilations. “Diabolus Absconditus” and Mass Grave Aestheticsboth exceed nineteen minutes in length and are epic to say the least. Deathspell Omega create some of the most evil and intriguing music I have ever heard. The songs may be lengthy, but Deathspell make damn sure you are not bored. Check it out! You can expect a full review of both songs soon. In the meantime, check out the first track on the LP below.


As promised, and hinted to a few weeks ago, we at American Aftermath and Grind To Death bring you a massive grindcore compilation. We bring you this compilation in hopes that lining up unsigned or very underground grind bands with signed or more well-known grind bands with help them get the recognition they deserve. All of these bands are amazing in their execution of their own brand of grind. Genres explored on this compilation include grindcore, fastcore, deathgrind, technical grind, avant-grind, powerviolence and everything in between. This compilation is 69 tracks and over an hour of punishing, raw grinding goodness! As I said, this compilation was created by myself and Alex fro Grind to Death. Without Alex’s help, this wouldn’t have been possible. A big thank you goes out to him for all of his help and support. Go visit his site now! After the jump you can view the track list and download the compilation!
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We here at American Aftermath are pleased to bring you a compilation titled Summer of Sludge. What is this compilation all about? Well, if you can’t tell by the name, it is a compilation filled with unsigned or relatively unknown sludge metal bands from all over the world. I personally got ahold of these bands to inquire them being a part of this in an effort to expand their music to fans who, otherwise, might not have found them. They are all amazing band with loads of talent. In this compilation you will find 10 tracks, totaling an hour of juicy, thick sludge. After the jump you can view the track list and download the album! Also, keep your eyes peeled because it’s a Two-For-Tuesday here at American Aftermath! We will be releasing a killer grindcore compilation very soon! [Continue Reading]