Snyder Hates Cavities: BAD TEETH RECORDINGS’s Wake Up Dead Compilation Pre-Orders Up Today


Pre-orders for Bad Teeth Recordings’s(the label run by Weekend Nachos frontman, John Hoffman) second ever release and first compilation, Wake Up Dead Volume One, are poised to go up sometime later today. The compilation features six exclusive to this release tracks from six of the sickest and most promising hardcore bands today: Sex Prisoner(AZ), The Repos(IL), Curmudgeon(MA), To The Point(CA), Thick Skin(DC), and Sucked Dry(MO). Stream Thick Skin’s contribution to the compilation below and look out for pre-orders later today here. Bad Teeth Recordings’s first official release was one of my favorite EPs of last year, Subhuman, by Spine(review here). You should probably pick that up too.

The Outsiders: OLD WOUNDS, TWITCHING TONGUES, APART And More On Free Compilation

There’s a free awesome hardcore compilation of unknown origin floating around called The Outsiders Volume One. The compilation features unreleased material from Old Wounds, Ancient Shores, and Astronomer while featuring recent tunes from bands like Twitching Tongues, Apart, Raindance, Sleepwalkers, Casting Curses, Mountain Man and The Teeth. Stream it and download below.


Groovy Florida hardcore group, Losin’ It and their fellow grind/powerviolence brethren, Super Mutant, have recently announced a brief Winter tour for the upcoming months of December and January. Losin’ It are following up on their 7″ EP, Danger Zone, with their upcoming album, No Apology, expected late December via Life To Live Records. Super Mutant are following up on urm…I’m not so sure actually. Their bandcamp, which used to hold all their songs, now only holds one so I never really got to check them out. That one song, “Polarized”, that is playing is however, heavy as an anvil. On the other hand, Super Mutant are featured on a compilation entitled Worldwide Powerviolence, they contribute a grimy, fast, and angry track entitled “Grave Steps”. Anyhow, check out the full details on dates(some dates TBA, we’ll keep you posted!) and a track from each group below. Pre-order Losin’ It’s new LP, No Apologyhere and Worldwide Powerviolence hereContinue reading