Best Of 2012: Gnarly’s Top 10 Split Releases Of 2012

It’s that time of year again: when we tell all of you folks what our favorite albums of 2012 were. Well, like last year I have compiled a few different lists and I wanted to start off with this one.

Who doesn’t love split albums? I mean, getting not one, but two bands on a single record is a thing of beauty. I listened a shit-ton of split albums this year and it was a pain in my ass narrowing down to only ten splits. This is what I have come to think of as the best split releases of 2012.

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Holy shit. When I caught wind of the Captain Three Leg/Cop Bar split record, I was not expecting to hear one of the most amazing splits I’ve heard in recent memory. This is a killer slice of grind that should be heard and enjoyed by all. Read on to check out my review of the split as well as a full stream to enjoy and download while you read. Get fucked, pilgrim. [Continue…]