Exclusive: Curran Reynolds (Today Is The Day, Wetnurse) Interview

Curran with Wetnurse (2nd from the left)

Curran Reynolds is a do-all kind of guy. He plays in not one, but two bands and does PR for multiple record label and bands. He is currently in Europe touring with Today Is The Day and he had the time to do a Q&A with me. Personally, I think it’s pretty gnarly of the guy to stop what he was doing to answer questions for my little blog. Well, here goes. Let’s learn a little about Mr. Reynolds.

Can you introduce yourself? Who you are and what you play.
Curran Reynolds. I play drums in Today Is The Day and Wetnurse.

Can you tell me a bit about the new Today Is The Day record? Recording process, writing, etc.
This is Today Is The Day’s ninth studio album. It’s my first time recording with the band. Steve lives in Maine, Ryan and I live in New York City. The three of us got together for two intense writing sessions in the fall of 2010, one in NYC and one in Maine, to create songs out of ideas Steve had. We recorded the album in March with Kurt Ballou from Converge at his studio, Godcity, in Salem, MA. I am so proud of this album. Every song is a pure anthem that will make you either bang your head, shake your fist, break down in tears, or all of the above.

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