BAPTISTS, XAPHAN & More Featured On MISFITS Cover Album

misfitscvltA while back CVLT Nation started doing their CVLT Nation Sessions, in which they would enlist numerous bands to cover albums in full. Thus far, Black Sabbath‘s Masters Of Reality has been Cvltified and so has Discharge‘s Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing. Well, there is no slowing down The CVLT, the site has just released it’s third installation in the form of MisfitsEarth A.D.! Bands like Baptists, Xaphan, Woes and more have all come together to cover one of the greatest bands there has ever been. Check out a stream of the album below.     Continue reading

War Therapist/Death From Below: MUMAKIL Streaming New Track/Video

A few weeks ago I premiered a new Mumakil track here and now the band is streaming another over on our illegitimate brother site CVLT Nation. Both of these tracks are only the beginning of the sheer awesomeness that is Mumakil‘s new album Flies Will Starve. Trust me, you don’t want to pass this album up.

Sometime in between the release of the two new tracks, Mumakil released a new music video for their song “Death From Below” that somehow got skipped over here on American Aftermath. You can stream that below and then go check out “War Therapist” over on CVLT Nation.     Continue reading

Welcome Certain Death: HEARTLESS Streaming New 7″

I’m a huuuuge fan of Heartless and I have worshiped at the feet of every single one of their releases. So, obviously, when word got out about a new 7″, I jumped all over it like the fat chick at a party. If you’ve slept on Heartless in the past, you’re not only dead to me, but you are seriously missing out. Be sure to pick up the bands previously released album Hell Is Other People, which I jizzed all over and then proceed to your Certain Death…     Continue reading

World Of Snakes: DEATH WOLF Streaming New Track + Tour Dates

Swedish blackened punks Death Wolf will be releasing their new album II: Black Armoured Death on Century Media Records next month and are currently streaming a new track over on CVLT Nation. Not only will Death Wolf be releasing their new album next month (February 18th to be exact), they will also be embarking on a pretty extensive North American tour alongside Marduk and Inquisition. Check out those dates below.     Continue reading

HULL Releases New Music Video; Announces Fall Tour

Brooklyn’s premiere sludge metal group, Hull, have released a new music video over at Metal Injection. The video is for the song “Beyond the Lightless Sky”, which appears on their album of the same name of 2011. I do not care much for the video but the song itself is pretty sweet. The video was shot by Ben Cain at Attic Studio and conceptualized by Tian Hughes at NYC Crux. In addition to the release of the new video, Hull have also announced a new fall tour. The tour will span across the US and will extend from October 5th through November 1st. Also, the tour will documented by the band through a series of blog posts that will hosted by CVLT Nation. Check out the video at Metal Injection and the tour dates below.

Continue reading

BONE DANCE Streaming New Track

CVLT Nation is currently streaming a new Bone Dance track from their stellar upcoming self titled record. “The Skinny” is like getting mauled by a bear with a chainsaw. Yeah, it’s that heavy. The spiraling rhythmic grooves and crushing chord attacks are extremely violent and extremely satisfying. Go check out the track ASAP. The self titled debut from Bone Dance will be released on October 6th and can be pre-ordered here.

-Lane Oliver

Blood-Sucking Grind: WAKE Streaming New Album

Holy shit! Leave it to TNOTB to point me in the direction of a CVLT Nation post that I somehow missed. I read CVLT Nation religiously. Every. Single. Day. And still I missed a post about Wake. Not just a post about the amazing, Canadian grindcore band, but a stream of their new album Leeches. Well, I went. I listened. I FUCKING LOVE THIS BAND! I’ve been jamming this shit since I first heard it and I don’t know how I let it slip past me. Damn me! Damn me to hell! Well, go here and enjoy the grinding madness. Crank it up and pump it out!

Theme Music: CVLT Nation Streaming New LOINCLOTH Song

Wow. I just posted about Loincloth yesterday and here we are today with a stream of a new song. This stream is brought to you by the always great, never disappointing CVLT Nation. The track they are currently streaming is called “Theme” and it’s fucking fantastic. Filthy, aggressive and proggy all wrapped up into a tight-knit package that is guaranteed to kick you in your Iron Balls Of Steel.

Check out “Theme” here and then come back and tell me what you think. Get stoked, Iron Balls Of Steel is due for release in January. Yeeeeeah, booooy.

CVLT Nation Are Streaming HEARTLESS’ New Album!

It hasn’t been long since I reviewed Heartless’ absolutely crushing Hell Is Other People but I know that if you folks weren’t getting excited for this filthy hardcore ditty, you’d love to know that the entire album is currently streaming over at CVLT Nation. I keep saying how much I love CVLT Nation and this just shows that this site is totally on top of their shit. So say thanks to CVLT Nation and stream the hell out of Hell Is Other People right here. The album comes out next week and don’t forget that Heartless will soon be hitting the road with Full Of Hell here in the US. Check out the poster after the jump.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Stop What Your Doing: Listen to Young And In The Way!

Remember back in July when I posted about Young And In The Way? Well, if you got into them from that post, good for you and if you didn’t, now is a good time. The good folks at CVLT Nation are currently streaming the massive blackened crust album that is Young And In The Way’s V. Eternal Depression and it is soooo good. It’s aggressive, dark and melancholic blackened crust that pulverizes through five tracks in breakneck time. Do yourself a favor and go listen to this album right here and thank the good people at CVLT Nation. Also, check out the new music video by this amazing band for the song “Times Are Cold.”

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Young And In The Way – “Times Are Cold” from Isiah Donte' Lee on Vimeo.

WOLVHAMMER Are Seeing Ghosts In The Water!

As you all should know by now, I love Wolvhammer. They fucking rip and I’ve been loving the tracks I’ve heard off of their new album The Obsidian Plains here and here) and now the good folks over at Cvlt Nation are streaming another one. This track is slow and gloomy and it sounds oh, so good. Don’t fret! Wolvhammer haven’t gone doom on us! This track also contains heaping helpings of their blackened crust sound. This album will be amazing, I can see the future and tell you this. I really wish Profound Lore would return my e-mails! I need a promo of this album! Hook me up. Anyway, head on over to Cvlt Nation and stream “Ghosts In The Water.” The Obsidian Plains will drop on October 25th. Get pumped!

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.