Review: XIU XIU-“Always”

By Lane Oliver

The lines “if you have a stitch in your wrist say ‘hi’” are one of the few gloomy quips that Xiu Xiu decides to open their new album, Always, with. Frontman Jamie Stewart’s emotional vocals in combination with dark, uncomfortable lyrics and (for the most part) surprisingly upbeat instrumentation are an interesting formula that Xiu Xiu has conceived. One does not necessarily need doom and gloom soundscapes to make a song dark and Xiu Xiu really let you know that on Always.

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CLUTCH Perform New Song Live!

Clutch recently performed a special set at the Red Palace in Washington DC to promote the launch of their official beer. During the set, the band played a brand new song entitled “Newt”. If you’re a Clutch fan, like myself, then you automatically love the song. It’s as catchy as influenza! Check it out! Also, be on the look out for Clutch Dark Sour Ale! Coming to an alcoholic’s liver near you!

-Lane Oliver