DEATH GRIPS Release New Album With BJORK

The chaotic hip-hop trio Death Grips recently released the first installment of their new two-part album, The Powers That B. The first disc is entitled Niggas on the Moon and contains 8 new tracks all of which feature appearances by Bjork. It’s noisy, it’s weird, it’s Death Grips. You can find a stream of the album after the break as well as download links.

The second installment of The Powers That B, Jenny Death, is due out later this year.

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This is Violence Now: DEATH GRIPS Drop Surprise New Album


Sacramento’s own Death Grips have a history of surprising just about anyone that follows their exploits. 2013 proved to be no different due to various show cancellations and other controversies, but the band seems to be finishing the year out by dropping a new record for free on the internet with absolutely no warning whatsoever.

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WTF Moment: SNL Cast Member Mentions DEATH GRIPS On Rachael Ray


Just a few days ago, television’s cooking icon Rachael Ray featured Saturday Night Live and Portlandia cast member Fred Armisen as the guest on her show. At some point in the interview, Ray gives her guests one minute of free time to purvey any message that they choose. In this particular instant, Armisen chose to go on a thirty-second tangent about “a musician who he thinks is the greatest ever”. That musician was none other than Death Grips drummer Zach Hill! According to Armisen, Hill has “reinvented how you drum”.

Man, that is some killer press, too bad it’s going to be wasted on people who’d rather listen to Justin Beiber. Can you just imagine America’s bored house wives casually youtubing Death Grips? Yeah, pretty fucking awesome, right? To view the clip of Armisen on Rachael Ray click here.


— Josh Huddleston

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Best Of 2012: Eric’s Top 30 Releases Of The Year


Similar to the conflicted state of mind the character Jules Winnfield Of Pulp Fiction was in when he decided not to execute the characters of Honey Bunny and Ringo like “fucking fried chicken”, my American Aftermath writership came at a period in my life of transition, a time of both fleeting and returning tastes. In short, my idea of “music” was flipped upside down. What was once a streamlined process of music listening and discovery was overloaded and overridden by my previous months exploration into a multitude of realms and genres previously unexplored, most notable among that being my new found discovery of hardcore and the cascading effects of that discovery, which led to realms from sludge metal to pop punk.

The following thirty album list reflects the few difficultly chosen releases that stuck with me the most throughout both the bombarding ocean of releases this year and the aforementioned musical overturn. Before we actually begin, I’d like to thank the American Aftermath crew especially Ross Gnarly, Lane Oliver, and Josh Huddleston for allowing me to be a part of their team. I would also like to thank the musicians and bands that have created music for me to write about and those that have helped out in interviews and features. Last but not least I want to thank you, the readers, for giving a shit. See you all after the jump.

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DEATH GRIPS Dropped From Epic Records

Let me get you up to speed. Death Grips released their new record, NO LOVE DEEP WEB, without their label’s consent. Epic Records was pissed. Death Grips began posting confidential web infringement emails from Epic Records on their Facebook Page. The following pictures are of said emails:

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I Hate My Job: Josh’s Mid-Work Week Playlist Vol. 1

How many of you hate your jobs? How many of you can listen to your music while working? Well fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it), I can answer yes to both questions.

The following is a new segment in which I will give you a playlist based on the songs I find myself listening to over and over again while working. Originally I had planned to do this with full albums, but quickly realized I only listen to a handful of album. So in order to be less redundant I’ve decided to limit myself to ten songs a week. Continue reading to find out what songs I am annoying my co-workers with this week.

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Stream DEATH GRIPS Live Performance At Tonight’s CMJ Showcase

Hip hop favorites Death Grips and Flying Lotus are performing tonight at an NPR showcase during this years CMJ festival in New York City. Luckily for all us non east coasters, NPR will be streaming the concert. So once the show starts (I am assuming around 9pm eastern time), you can head over to NRR’s page and stream the entire event live.

So it looks like I might have figured out what I am doing tonight. I mean I’ve already seen DFGRPZ 3 times but never while in my boxers, taking bong rips. This should be fun.

P.S. I’d like to add that Mitt Romney wants to cut the funding for NPR… Fuck that guy.

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— Josh Huddleston

World Of Wierd Ass Music Videos Pt. 2: DEATH GRIPS Releases Video For NLDW B-Side

I hope you guys coincidentally just ate some mushrooms because I have found the perfect video to trip to. Experimental hip-hop group Death Grips have teamed up artist Galen Pehrson to create the weirdest DFGRPZ music video to date.

You may notice that the track True Vulture does not appear on any of Death Grips prior releases, not even the new No Love Deep Web. The track is believed to be a NLDW B-side and was unofficially leaked to youtube a few days prior to DFGRPZ leaking the actual album themselves. Given the group’s affinity towards being mysterious, it is unknown whether the group leaked the song to a third party on purpose or if some random fan actually did find it using a hole in Anyway, the animated video for “True Vulture” can be experienced above.

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— Josh Huddleston

American Aftermath Exclusive: Watch A Full DEATH GRIPS Set From Last Years Fun Fun Fun Fest


Last November I attended the wonderful Fun Fun Fun Fest in downtown Austin, TX. The act I was most excited to see (not including Danzig playing The Misfits songs :sigh:) was undoubtedly the hip hop phenomenon known as Death Grips. The group played two shows; one night and one day. The footage featured in this article was taken at the night performance.

The bill for the show that night was originally B.L.A.C.K.I.E, Trash Talk, Death Grips and Kool Keith. However, due to some personal issues Trash Talk was unable to perform. Normally, that in and of itself would ruin any show for me, but this was fucking DFGRPZ, and not only that, it was my first time to see them. It’s probably a given due to the amount in which I fan boy over these guys, but the show was fucking amazing… Don’t take my word for it, watch the rest of DFGRPZ set after the jump.

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World Of Weird Ass Music Videos: DEATH GRIPS Release Odd New Music Video

Death Grips and odd music videos go hand in hand. I mean, have you seen their video for “Takyon” or “Guillotine”? The band have put together a new music video for their off-the-wall song “World of Dogs” from their new record, NO LOVE DEEP WEB. The music video is a collection of cycling clips that include burning garbage, someone operating a mechanical saw, a dying roach, a shadowy figure in front of a Ferris wheel and others. It’s what you’ve come to expect from Death Grips; weird. Check it out below if you feel like wasting three minutes.

-Lane Oliver


By Lane Oliver

Earlier this year, experimental hip hop trio Death Grips announced their signing to Epic Records and the inevitable release of two new albums this year; The Money Store and NO LOVE (now NO LOVE DEEP WEB). The Money Store marked a slight change in style from the overly obnoxious industrial raucous of Exmilitary to a more “accessible” (in the Death Grips sense) traditional hip hop feel while maintaining the overall chaotic nature of their music. The Money Store grew on me substantially since I initially reviewed it and I have come to the realization of just how catchy and perplexing that album is. NO LOVE DEEP WEB was scheduled to be released in the fall but according to Death Grips the label pushed back the date until next year. Death Grips bypassed their label’s contractual obligations and released the album for free a few days ago. Whether or not this was purely a publicity stunt is beside the point. NO LOVE DEEP WEB marks another stylistic mask that Death Grips dons for yet another bewildering release.

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No Love On The Deep Web: DEATH GRIPS Is Back


As most of you should be aware, hip hop noise makers Death Grip defied their record label, Epic, and leaked their new album “No Love Deep Web” on midnight two days ago after Epic refused to release it “until some time next year”. Shortly after the leak, the bands official website ( was completely removed from the web. No real statement was ever made from the band other than an ambiguous tweet that stated –

our sight just got shut down- BASIC AS FUCK.

Hipster news media outlet Pitchfork have reported that they have spoken to Death Grips drummer Zach Hill and he is claiming Epic was responsible for the shut down. Epic, on the other hand, denied any involvement.

Well here we are one day later, Thirdworlds is back on-line and guess what, it looks better than ever! The site has been completely updated. It now features a cool collapsible navigation menu that allows you to easily stream all their albums and a sweet interactive portion. The “retrograde” tab on the site features a web-based drum machine of .Gifs that play short samples from different Death Grips tracks.

It seems a little odd to me that the website was removed then completely updated that fast, but whatever, It’s pretty cool. I know I totally just wasted an hour dicking around on this. You should go check it out then listen to “No Love Deep Web“.

It’s Finally Midnight In California: Wake The Fuck Up and Download DEATH GRIPS New Album, “No Love Deep Web”

Holy shit! It’s finally fucking midnight in California which means we can now all die happy because we have heard Death Grips new album, “No Love Deep Web” before all those filthy whores label executives. This amazing group has stuck to their word and in true DIY fashion have leaked their new album because their label, Epic, was unwilling to release it this year like the group originally intended.

I’m not done listening to the album yet but it’s everything you’d expect from Death Grips, and by that I mean, it’s totally different from what you were expecting. You can download “No Love Deep Webhere and stream the album above. Make sure you don’t sleep on this shit, it’s bound to be one the best albums of the year, and chances are it could be taken down any minute.

A lot of fans were originally bashing the groups decision to sign to Epic, some even were using the term selling-out, but with moves like this, it is clear Death Grips does what Death Grips wants. Respect this band, they are the future of music.

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— Josh Huddleston