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REVIEW: SKINFATHER – “None Will Mourn”

Situated by membership and sound in the context of contemporary rising Southern California hardcore, Skinwalker walk the edge along with bands like Power Trip as niche groups prominent among the hardcore underground but not yet broken in the mainstream of their appropriate genres. While the latter Power Trip has found its corner amongst the hardcore world with recent success beyond following the release of their latest record, the approaching three-year career of Skinfather seems to have walked the path of stagnation, having under their belt but two EPs and a record of inconsistent touring with prominence overshadowed by their peers, by the genre disconnect among their main fanbase. 2014 brings Skinfather’s debut record, None Will Mourn, to the front by way of Todd Jones of Nails’s  label Streetcleaner Records. Continuing the group’s evolutionary incline towards a more expansive death metal style whilst refining their hardcore assault, None Will Mourn is definitely the group’s finest work to date and just may be the group’s breakout record. Continue reading

MASS INFECTION Spreads The Metal Just Right

mass infectionBreak out the rubbing alcohol, here comes a MASS INFECTION for your ear holes. Nauseatingly good death metal from these guys as they shred, riff, blast and crush your body into nothingness. Listen to the song at Metal Mouth now and be sure to like them on Facebook. The album , “For I Am Genocide”, will be released April 2nd through Comatose Records.

BOOKAKEE Release A Bloody New Video For “A Night To Dismember”

a1879827289_10Bookakee first caught my attention late last year with their fine death metal release called “Whorrific”, a gigantic slab of Gwar meets Cephalic Carnage, then add more gore on top of it. Bookakee has a wild name and it fits their wild blend of death metal. Check out the video below for “A Night To Dismember”, which is very NSFW.

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Straight To The Point: Quick Review of SOKUSHINBUTSU’s “Holy Ground”

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Formed out of the remnants of the late and great Lapse and Eddie Brock comes Sokushinbutsu, a new Baltimore based group so accurately self-described as “not metal dudes playing death metal”. Presenting death metal strained through the filters of hardcore, powerviolence, grindcore and d-beat, Sokushinbutsu assault with a bite not ill-compared to the more recent iterations of Mammoth Grinder and Hatred Surge on their debut demo Holy Ground, albeit sustained with a bit more focus. In accordance with the aforementioned groups and in contrast to the dirgy death metal archetype, Holy Ground’s tracks run short and sweet with the majority of tracks running under two minutes, however, the tonality and vocals remain firmly ingrained in doomed out death metal, making the group’s excursions and diversions into their more familiar genres seem just that, extremely moshable “additives” to an already firm death metal base. Holy Ground is currently available for streaming below and free download via Sokushinbutsu’s official bandcamp here. Follow Sokushinbutsu through their official Facebook here and be sure to lookout for a tape version via Arctic Night Records soon as well as a full length from these maniacs on the horizon.


Rating: 9/10
Label: Self-released
Release Date: September 23rd, 2013
Favorite Track: “Nail Through The Immortal Hand”
For Fans Of: Coffins, Mammoth Grinder, Hatred Surge

23 Reasons To Play Grindcore: BUCKET FULL OF TEETH Discography Up For Free Download

Experimental powerviolence band Bucket Full of Teeth have put their entire output; EPs I, II, III, and LP IV, up for free/name your price download on their bandcamp. So now instead of scouring the internet for crap quality rips of their utterly revolutionary take on the powerviolence genre you can conveniently download high quality versions of all 4 of their releases in one place and since the band if offering it them free you can do so guilt-free.
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Antinumerology: MITOCHONDRION Debut New Track/Pre-Orders



Vancouver, BC experimental blackened death metal hounds Mitochondrion are currently streaming a mind-melting new track entitled “Insummation” off of their long-awaited EP, Antinumerology. Tight, discordant, and ripe with the group’s vitriolic militancy, “Insummation” is a well awaited slice of fine death metal and in my opinion, strikes the perfect balance between the group’s war metal-esque assault and eerie atmospherics. While the track itself has been a part of the group’s live repertoire for awhile and should be no stranger to followers of the group, the two-year gap between 2011′s Parasignosis draws blood with two additional new tracks to round out three on this latest EP( “137″ and “Antinumerology”), available for pre-order now as limited black or white vinyl via Dark Descent Records. Stream “Insummation” below, pre-order Antinumerology here and check out it’s awesome artwork above, done by Richard Friend (Loss, Father Befouled). 

Gods Of Sickness: MORBID ANGEL Announce 20th Anniversary Covenant Tour



Emerging out of the shadow of early 2000s nu-metal and shock rock, Morbid Angel are set on reclaiming their cool with their upcoming 20th Anniversary Covenant: 1993 – 2013 tour, in which they will be performing the legendary album in full along with an expected slew of old school hits. Ironically, Covenant was both the band’s greatest hour, holding as of 2003, the title of best selling death metal album by record of Nielsen Soundscans, and the birth of what has been widely regarded as their worst effort, the dreaded “I” album, with the band’s electronic musings starting with the Covenant’s Laibach remixes.  Peep the full tour schedule and a stream of Covenant below.  Continue reading

Weekend Nachos (Reid Haithcock www.bummercity.com) 600 pxl

Exclusive Interview: John Hoffman of WEEKEND NACHOS

My first encounter with Weekend Nachos was an advertisement for the album, Worthless, on the side panel of prominent metal blog, Invisible Oranges. But it was just that, an advertisement. At the time, I was an ignorant fuckhead attempting to present myself as a sophisticated underground death metal hipster. Luckily, that transformation never fully occurred and in a move of self-rediscovery to reclaim all I had lost in my egotistical musings, I turned to hardcore. Aiding that transition back to the mosh was none other than Weekend Nachos, a band whose brash juxtaposition of the ridiculous with an inane amount of vitriol and hatred would lead them to become one of my favorite bands ever. I recently had the chance to interview John Hoffman, lead vocalist and prominent song-writer of Weekend Nachos, to talk about the band’s upcoming record, the Weekend Nachos theme park, Attack Attack, the one time John met Robert Englund, the ethics and function of labels and more. Check it all out after the jump. 

-Eric Nguyen, CrypticChasms

Weekend Nachos (Reid Haithcock www.bummercity.com) 600 pxl
Photo Credits to Reid Haithcock, http://bummercity.com

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Exclusive Interview: Bo Lueders of HARM’S WAY

Based out of Chicago, IL, Harm’s Way are one of the hardest hitting and original bands in contemporary hardcore today. Initially surged with a powerviolence bite, the Chicago group eventually took a turn towards caustic metallic hardcore infused with the spirit of Merauder, Machinehead and 90s death metal, even stepping into industrial territory on their acclaimed 2011 sophomore LP, Isolation. The group’s relative silence since then has recently been broken with this year’s March announcement of the group’s signing to Deathwish Inc. along with the announcement of a new EP for the group, Blinded. I recently checked in with lead guitarist Bo Lueders to talk about Blinded, touring in Europe, growth beyond the scene, Wolfnote, Bo’s new pop punk group, and more. Check it all out after the jump. 

Photo Credits to Danielle Parsons (http://dressingcold.tumblr.com/)

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CRUSH OPPOSITION: Stream GEHENNA’s “They Begged For A War”


While unfortunate legal issues have forced Gehenna to cancel all current tour outings(including all dates with Full of Hell and appearances at Maryland Deathfest and Chaos In Tejas), the Reno,NV war-mongerers have staked their claims for the near future of total war with the limited lathe-cut exclusive 7″ They Begged For A War. Limited to 40 copies, They Begged For A War unleashes three absolutely caustic tracks drawn from upcoming Gehenna releases, Deathkamp Of The Skull LP and First Blood Part II 7″ and can only be obtained at Chaos In Tejas 2013 by enacting the following commands:  Continue reading